Big Brother Canada 3: Zach Re-Spills Johnny’s Spilt Beans

So much for Johnny’s last hope. Sunday night he turned to Zach and revealed everything he knew of the house alliances and what might happen if Sarah was to take control as HoH. Johnny’s hope was this information might shift plans and keep him in the house. Doesn’t look like that’ll happen.

Sarah, Johnny, and Zach on Big Brother Canada 3
Sarah, Johnny, and Zach on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

After sitting on the information for a day Zach went to… Sarah. Yep, that doesn’t look good for Johnny. Zach let her know that Johnny had revealed all their gummy bear driven discoveries as they had mapped out the Houseguests the night before.

Zach promised Sarah she was safe and Johnny’s attempt to flip the vote had not worked. He asked that she keep this information quiet and just let things ride out.

With just over a day until the next eviction there is still time for something to happen, but at this point the best Johnny can expect is a little fireworks and drama if Sarah decides to act on this information. Do you think she should or would Sarah be better served just keeping her head down until Wednesday night?