Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction Prediction Vote Week 4 [POLL]

Another Big Brother Canada eviction is heading our way on Wednesday night’s BBCAN3 so who will be out the door next? It’s time to cast your vote.

Big Brother Canada 3
Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Last night the show ended with a cliffhanger for episode-only fans where Bruno had a choice in the Vault. He could swap out his two nominees for two new nominees and nominate a total of four players this week or he could let things ride. As the Veto winner and HoH he had all the power and all the choices.

If you’ve been following along with our spoilers then you already know what happened and who the final noms are for this week so no need to pretend like it’s a mystery.

The HGs’ vote won’t be held until Wednesday afternoon so there’s always time for some flipping and you never know. Who do you think will be voted out this week on Big Brother Canada? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts.