Big Brother Canada 3: Johnny Spills The Beans To Zach

Late last night with few options left to help him in the Big Brother Canada house Johnny decided to try a new tactic with Zach: reveal everything.

Johnny Colatruglio looks worried on Big Brother Canada
Johnny Colatruglio looks worried on Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Talking with Zach Johnny explained how the night before he had worked through the alliance scenarios in the house and saw what was really going on. He warned Zach that Sarah has a fantastic Big Brother mind and will be working with Brittnee to come after him. Johnny explains that Sarah will put him and Kevin on the block if she gets the chance with an HoH win.

All of this information gives Zach pause as he appears to be considering the situation, but will it be enough to keep Johnny in the game? Johnny pitches this information as an opportunity for Zach to have another player on his side instead of keeping someone who would definitely be coming after them.

Do you think Zach could shift the house to keep Johnny this week? The sequestered Houseguests will be up for another over-marketed-promotional Twist and one of them will be heading back in to the game, but the rest of the House doesn’t know that. Could make for an interesting situation if Johnny gets Sarah evicted and then she heads right back in to the game.