Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 7 Nomination Results

The latest spoilers for Big Brother Canada are in and we’ve got the details on who was nominated by the new Head of Household as we prepare for a busy week with more action than the HGs expect.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

The plans for nominations were set quickly and made even easier for the HoH this morning when one of his planned noms volunteered to go up on the block.

Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 7 Nominations:

  • Bobby
  • Brittnee

There are talks on all sides for what they want to happen. Bobby and Bruno would love to see things flip on Zach and have him backdoor’d, but would Kevin seriously consider that? Sarah might soon have to decide if she wants to ride this out with Brittnee or make an obvious flip to align with Bruno and Bobby. Oh then there’s Godfrey who could end up being the big target yet again.

This part is apparently “round 1” with a normal nomination and eviction process albeit at an accelerated speed. Then part two of the week will give us a set of triple nominations and double evictions. Arisa said we’ll be getting a triple eviction, and not the double eviction we expected, but it does sound like it’s exactly what we expected. A single eviction first and then a double eviction to follow soon after.

What do you hope will happen next? Veto Competition should be coming up soon and that can settle a lot of discussions once we know for sure if one of these noms will come down.

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