Big Brother Canada 3 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Following last night’s Head of Household competition there was no delay in putting together the next round of nominations, but as Arisa warned, this would be no regular week in the Big Brother Canada 3 house.

Kevin prepares for nominations on BBCAN3
Kevin prepares for nominations on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

The cliffhanger HoH results were revealed on the Feeds and it didn’t take long to find out who would be going up on the block, but it wasn’t until this morning that things got a lot easier for the new Head of Household.

Kevin is in charge of the game this round and gets to put two more players up on the block. He was immediately discussing going after Bobby with Brittnee on the block beside him. Then as a backup, Godfrey could be used as a renom. Nothing surprising there.

This morning Kevin relayed a modified version of this to Bobby and Bruno. Kevin told them he wanted Godfrey out but would use pawns to make it happen. Bobby blurted out that he’d volunteer to go up on the block.

Kevin accepted his offer and there we go. Bobby and Brittnee will be nominated today.

Without Bobby knowing for sure he was going up, this sounds like a terrible idea for him to volunteer, but if he suspected he was being targeted for eviction then insuring he’d get a chance at Veto is a smart move. Either way, he’ll likely need that power to make sure he isn’t the first Houseguest evicted this week.

As for that triple eviction, we’re waiting for the HGs to find out something is going on. Currently the predictions game on Global’s site hasn’t been updated to show their plans for next week. We’ll keep you posted.