Big Brother Canada 3: Week 6 Power Rankings

With Big Brother Canada 3’s sixth week down, we’ve only got four weeks left and 10 houseguests. So expect things to get a little crazy. But not as crazy as this week’s Power Rankings. This game is all over the place and it’s making the power rankings hard to get a grip on.

One week, it feels like someone is playing a great game, then the next they’re gone. One week it feels like someone is playing horribly and a definite target, and then they win a comp or don’t even get nominated. What I’m getting at is, there’s no person playing such a solid game that they’re 100 percent in the clear. I think there’s someone who comes close to that, of course. And there’s also a clear dud of the season. Figure those two out in my rankings below.


As always, the rankings are based on the full previous week and do not include spoilers from the Live Feeds. 

Big Brother Canada 3 Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Bruno. It’s still Bruno. Of course Bruno is on the opposite side of the Diapers alliance, but is still trusted by Zach, who is basically king of the Diapers. Bruno has just had the best overall game so far. But if his group doesn’t come back into power, it’s going to dwindle and he could be at risk very soon. And even if he doesn’t find himself at risk soon, it’s going to be very hard for him to convince anyone to take him to final two.

2. Zach. It’s becoming clear that Zach is by no means a fan favorite, but he’s still playing a pretty solid game. He’s controlled a lot of the game and made some moves that have positioned him and his alliance(s) pretty well in the game. With all that being said, he is still a target and if someone can get him out, they will. But I’m not basing these rankings on targets. People who are targets are often those playing the best game. And if he was playing undetected, then he’d definitely be No. 1 in these rankings.

3. Kevin. So Kevin is in the Diapers alliance with Zach, Pilar and Ashleigh. And they’re all good at competitions and yada, yada. We all know that Kevin is being edited as a mastermind and it would be easy to be annoyed by that and discount him in a power rankings list. But I do think he’s doing a good job in the game. I think his main flaw is a showmance, since showmances win BBCAN and are a threat. But so far, it’s not hurting his game that much. His girl just spent the week as HOH, so there you go.

4. Sarah. I’m putting Sarah ahead of Pilar this week despite the Pilar winning HOH because Sarah has a great social game and up until now, Pilar has been a waste. So Sarah, by far, is the only one really working on jury votes and multiple ways to get to the end. Everyone else has like one solid plan and if it fails, there aren’t any strong backups. Sarah has options and that makes her a smart player.

5. Pilar. So Pilar moves up a lot this week because of her HOH win and because of her alliance. Even though she kind of wasted her HOH on Sindy, but since everyone wanted Sindy out,  she didn’t get any serious blood on her hands and that was smart.

6. Willow. Right now Willow is in the middle of the rankings, kind of like she’s in the middle of the game. Her name has been tossed around, but right now she’s not anyone’s main target. This is the kind of player that can get to the end then flip on that switch and win the game.

7. Britnee. I think Britnee has made some strong moves and has served as a pawn well, but I don’t know how I could rank her any higher than this at the moment. I think there’s still some potential there with her, but I’m not going to give her any extra credit at the moment.

8. Godfrey. So Godfrey moves up simply for winning the Power of Veto and using it on himself. He’s managed to escape eviction a couple times now and that counts for something. But I don’t think he has what it takes to last much longer.

9. Ashleigh. I’m going out on a limb here and putting Ashleigh this low because I could see her being the sacrifice for Zach to break up the showmance and alliance. She’s already been talked about as being possibly more dangerous than Zach because she is what brought the two showmances together. I will admit, however, that out of all these rankings, this is the one I’m the least confident on. I think Pilar will regain this spot later, but right now I’m just going with it.

10. Bobby. What are we going to do with Bobby? He keeps being useless and wait until you hear what he’s done now. No spoilers, of course, but it definitely backs up why Bobby is and has been last on the rankings list.

How would you rank the Big Brother Canada 3 houseguests?