Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations – Update: Shortlist, Not Noms?

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

As part of the surprise Instant Eviction week on Big Brother Canada 3 the new Head of Household, Kevin Martin, had to make an immediate decision for his nominations. Want to find out who Kevin put up on the block? We’ve got those Big Brother Canada spoilers below.

According to fans in the audience for last night’s taping (update: HW as well) Kevin was informed this would be an Instant Eviction, but he’s not allowed to tell the other HGs. What makes this really messy for Kevin is that after his noms were set in stone there were big talks and deal makings in the house that appear to directly conflict with his original plans.

Update: Very interesting update from overnight that indicates Kevin might have picked his Shortlist, not his two nominees, while the audience was there on Wednesday night. See the image below. In that case Bobby and Naeha may have just been two of the four names. Then he could have done the downselect later after his deal talks with Naeha. Interesting!

Rumor has it that these are Kevin’s nominees, but results aren’t official until Sunday night.

Update 2: The rumors were close! The noms were Brittnee & Naeha and not Bobby & Naeha.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 3 Nominations / Shortlist (?):

  • Bobby Brittnee
  • Naeha

After Naeha’s display in the HoH competition I don’t blame Kevin for putting her up. “The guys” already wanted her gone and being a comp beast pushed that agenda right along. But after he made these noms Naeha came to Kevin and Jordan with an offer to work together that was very convincing.

So now it looks like Kevin wants to work with Naeha but he’s already put her on the block and he can’t even tell her that’s happened. Hopefully for his sake he gets to explain all that later, but will it be too late? Nominations and the Instant Eviction will all be revealed on Sunday’s BBCAN3 episode.

Update: So if Naeha was only a Shortlist pick rather than an official nominee I’d say there’s a very good chance she would not be nominated. Naeha and Kevin seemed to come to an agreement on Wednesday night that they could work together to go after the bigger guy targets in the house. This could make for a surprise nomination and eviction round of action!


  1. Has the feeds returned last night after eviction? I’m a bit confused because I’ve read in a fansite’s recap that Kevin had yet to make his nominations before he went to bed. That or unless he made his noms already in the privacy of the DR.

    I would have thought that with the instant eviction looming, he would have been put on the spotlight right away nominate right at that moment.

    • Depends on the nature of an instant eviction. In BBUSA, whenever they do one to determine a final 4 or 5, they all have a chance to play for POV.

      But there are cases where the instant happens right after the most recent live eviction show, everyone proceed straight away with an impromptu nomination ceremony and the eviction process itself.

      • I don’t get why they are doing an instant eviction now. It seems so early in the game. Also, if Kevin was forced to nominate immediately, it seems really unfair to his game play to force him into this position. I might be a bit of a Kevin fan, it seems.

        • There was. It could have been called differently but indeed there was. Back in BB14, Julie announced that Day 1 will also be an instant eviction as part of that season’s coaches’ twist.

          After three groups gained immunity from eviction, Dan was forced to evict one of his own set of housemates, resulting with Jodie’s exit after only less than a day of isolation from the outside world.

          Again instant evictions varies in nature.

    • If you go to the Global Big Brother Canada site where you watch live feeds(and are signed in), it will allow you to pick your choice of noms for eviction and who is evicted but will not allow you to pick for POV winner for round 1. Round 2 allows you to pick for all 4. HOH, Noms, POV & Evicted. So I’m guessing there will not be a POV for instant evic.

  2. according to global big brother site we can’t vote for veto winner because there won’t be a comp for it. Sources say he has already picked his choices and it seems the houseguest don’t know that yet.

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