Big Brother Canada 3: Power Rankings Week 2

Big Brother Canada 3 said goodbye to Sindy (with an S) and Week 3 on Thursday and even though there’s already been another eviction to go down secretly since, it’s time to take a look at the Week 2 Power Rankings.

As always, keep in mind these rankings are based only on the episodes and not the Live Feeds.


BBCAN3 Week 2 Power Rankings

1. Zach. This guy is stacked at the moment. He’s got his Newport gig going with Jordan. He’s got his budding showmance with Ashleigh. And he’s just sort of being followed and looked up to and before anyone knows it, he’s going to be soaring to the end.

2. Jordan. Even though he calls himself the brains of the Newport alliance, I think he’s falling lower than Zach because how he’s playing the game is a little more out there, so he could become a target eventually. But right now, he’s making all the right moves. He’s got his side deal with Kevin and his real deal with Zach. He should be able to get out of any binds easily.

3. Kevin. OK, so Kevin was nominated this week by Bobby. But he won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. He then turned around and won the following HOH. So that gives him a lot of power and easily puts him in this No. 3 spot. But as we know, power is fleeting in the Big Brother house. So Kevin might be on top this week, and out the next. But I think Kevin is sly enough to keep himself in the game for a bit at least.

4. Bruno. Huh? No really, think about it. Bruno is laying low and taking it all in. He’s planting bombs and walking away and not looking back. Right now this is the perfect strategy to get someone deep into the game. I don’t know if Bruno has what it takes to play like this the whole time, but if he does, he could be unstoppable.

5. Ashleigh. When we get to the middle of the rankings, things alwaysget a bit tricky. It comes down to little things and who is aligned with the right people and who isn’t making too many waves. I think Ashleigh is a good candidate for No. 5. She’s got Zach falling for her and she’s pretty charming over all. Out of the girls, I think she might be in the best position.

6. Willow. Like Ashleigh, Willow isn’t making any waves and is doing a decent job with her social game. So if she keeps this up and then starts winning competitions later, she could be a contender.

7. Pilar. I think one of the best things to happen to Pilar was being saved by Canada. She went from being on the block to being in a pretty solid spot. For now.

5. Johnny. Even though he started out seemingly annoying people, Johnny’s social game isn’t bad. He’s using the token gay card pretty well. And he’s not bad at competitions either.

9. Britnee. This spot could be a little high for Britnee, but she sat on the block all week long and then didn’t have a vote cast against her. So I think that says something in itself.

10. Sarah. I don’t really think Sarah is in immediate danger, but she got lumped in with the girls that were busted by Kevin for targeting the guys. So even if she’s not the target this week, she lost a lot of points even for not checking the bathroom for anyone to overhear their conversation.

11. Godfrey. His name has been coming up a lot as a target and he’s not exactly playing a strong game at the moment. So I don’t think Godfrey deserves a much higher spot.

12. Bobby. Kevin nominated Bobby (we think), and Bobby won that first HOH and got some blood on his hands already, so right now his game is sort of rock bottoming. The girls have talked about going after him as well. He’s played hard fast and it shows.

13. Naeha. The guys are after Naeha. And if things play out as planned, she’ll be gone on Sunday’s instant eviction episode. But Kevin likes to take risks and Naeha might have struck a deal with Kevin after his secret instant nominations. So anything can happen.

14. Graig. Even though Graig isn’t a candidate for eviction, he’s still on many people’s eviction list. Unless he comes into some power, he’s not going to be around very long.

How would you rank the Big Brother Canada 3 houseguests?