Big Brother Canada 3 Offers New Nomination Ceremony [PICS]

Big Brother Canada 3 introduced a new Nominations Ceremony method last night that gives the process a whole new, digital approach while mixing in its steampunk theme.

Big Brother Canada 3 new nominations ceremony
Big Brother Canada 3 new nominations ceremony – Source: Global

Bobby Hlad, the first HoH of the season, had the chance to christen the new nominations “machine” last night when he headed inside the vault to make his picks official. There in the vault he was greeted by a large smart screen that displayed all sixteen of the HGs though Risha Denner was grayed out as the first evictee.

To help build the drama in the BBCAN3 episode editing there was a “Shortlist” at the top of the screen where Bobby dragged four of the HGs’ portraits. We heard from each of his four possible picks in their DR sessions expressing concern or pending surprise.

From the Shortlist Bobby made his official two picks before hitting the Nominate button which opened up a canister on the side of the screen. Of course this oversized looking fuse was purely for show, but he picked it up and carried it back to the living room where the rest of the HGs awaited him.

Dropping the canister in to the machine the gears began to whir and spin. This played up the Big Brother Canada season’s steampunk decor but made for a visually entertaining approaching. Pulling back one lever at a time the nominees’ faces were revealed to the house and each took a seat on the little red sofa.

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Overall I thought the new nominations process was pretty cool. I liked the touch screen method with the Shortlist area which hopefully did have his actual secondary considerations. The gear grinding machine was a little silly and reminiscent of Big Brother US’ turn-key-display but I’m not sure how else they could easily transition to the big screen for announcement.

Of course I’m still partial to the old key block of yesteryear which we’ll likely never see again anywhere, but this was fun and I appreciated BBCAN working to try something creative and new this season.

What did you think of the Vault and its nomination ceremony?