Big Brother Canada 3: How About That Triple Eviction?

Last week we were teased of a two-round set of nominations and evictions, but then just as quickly as it arrived it was gone before returning for another mysterious appearance this week.

Triple Nominations & Double Eviction on BBCAN3
Triple Nominations & Double Eviction on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Global’s official site had included the series of events in their predictions game for Week 6 but then the time came and went with nothing like that happening and the entries being removed. Now in Week 7 they are back but so far we haven’t seen anything on the Feeds hinting at how this would all play out.

The lack of details have lead to plenty of confusion as readers asked why I was mentioning a double eviction when Arisa Cox had promised a triple eviction. True, she said we were getting a triple eviction, but again Global is showing a two-round week with one eviction followed by a new HoH and a double eviction. We’re getting in to semantics, but a single + a double is not a triple eviction. Update: Per Adrian & James below, they’ve convinced me if all evictions are within the one show’s hour I’d go along with the expanded eviction. Had they done one on say Monday and more on Wed than nah.

With that in mind, I expected maybe the two part series of events would split up the week like we saw back in Week 3 of BBCAN3, but nope, not so far. We’re still heading towards Wednesday’s eviction with nothing funny going on in the house. Or is there?

As @Hamsterwatch has noted today, the HGs have begun speculating that hey, maybe it’s a double eviction before jumping to the possibility of a triple eviction. Other than the early arrival of the HoH camera there haven’t been any obvious hints. Perhaps some whispers in the Diary Room?

We could end up seeing a rapid fire of the single eviction plus a new HoH, Veto, and double eviction all take place on Wednesday. No matter how it goes down, this could get wild and boy do we need that kick in the pants for the Big Brother Canada season right now.


  1. It will be a normal eviction in we’d and then a triple nomination with 2 additional ppl leaving which equals 3 so triple eviction

    • If a Double Eviction is 2 people leaving in the same round, then a Triple Eviction would be…

      Week 3 wasn’t a Double Eviction when 2 people were evicted in two separate rounds of events.

      • I think it could be still be considered a double by defacto considering two people still left the house within that given week, barely a day apart.

        Given the 10-week run of this season, everything seems to be compartmentalized.

  2. I agree…they need to stir things up…showmances are making things too predictable… they have to start breaking those up…otherwise we know who the final 4 will be.

  3. This isn’t about Ashleigh, sorry guys, but if it were me, I’d stand on the swing not sit on it.

  4. It’s obvious the way it is happening by the global website. 3 people WILL be leaving withing the hour. It will play out like a normal double eviciton except HOH will nominate 3 Houseguests. 1 veto winner and then 3 nominees, houseguest will vote 2/3 on the block out. I’m 150% positive that is how it is going down.

    • It wasn’t obvious since in Week 3 they used the same Round 1, Round 2 layout for predictions and that had all events spread out over several days.

      Since we’re now down to the day of the event and the first round hasn’t been completed yet, this yes, it’s now easy to say it’ll all happen today.

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