Big Brother Canada: Week 7 Nomination Anticipation

Rachelle is a hot dog on Big Brother Canada

We have a new Head of Household in the Big Brother Canada house and that means new nominations are soon to follow. After the HoH results came in it was no big surprise who would be targeted next for eviction.

Read on to find out who is coming up on the block this week.

So the Big Brother Feeds returned after last night’s crazy Double Eviction and we found all the HGs gathered around Jon, the new Head of Household.

As soon as we knew a Sloppy Seconds member had won the targets were obvious. Rachelle and Sabrina are going up on the block.

The Sloppies confirmed this and even reiterated their earlier plans. Rachelle is the main target and Sabrina goes next unless Rachelle wins the Veto.

We’ll get the official Big Brother Canada spoilers on Saturday morning, but for now you can consider this as officially non-official as it comes.

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