Big Brother Canada: Week 7 Nomination Anticipation

Rachelle is a hot dog on Big Brother Canada

We have a new Head of Household in the Big Brother Canada house and that means new nominations are soon to follow. After the HoH results came in it was no big surprise who would be targeted next for eviction.

Read on to find out who is coming up on the block this week.

So the Big Brother Feeds returned after last night’s crazy Double Eviction and we found all the HGs gathered around Jon, the new Head of Household.

As soon as we knew a Sloppy Seconds member had won the targets were obvious. Rachelle and Sabrina are going up on the block.

The Sloppies confirmed this and even reiterated their earlier plans. Rachelle is the main target and Sabrina goes next unless Rachelle wins the Veto.

We’ll get the official Big Brother Canada spoilers on Saturday morning, but for now you can consider this as officially non-official as it comes.

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  1. I would rather Sabrina go home however Rachelle is more of a physical threat so I understand why they want her out first.
    The only complaint that I have now is that with everyone leaving the house (Ika, Andrew, Sarah, Kenny and either Sabrina or Rachelle to follow), the house might start to be boring to watch, I guess only time will tell!
    I look forward to the day when the remaining houseguests will have to turn on one and other…who will come out victorious?

    • The house is already boring…its became about one alliance way too soon, the fun of BB is taking a side and watch two or three groups going at it. Now, as soon as the HOH is decided and the VETO played, there nothing left, no strategizing…Rachelle will go out, Sabrina after, then Arlie (thank God!) if he dosent win the HOH-Veto. Alison the only wild card left. Hope the ratings goes down in flame and they dont change the next season in a popularity contest like they did this year…
      And by the way, what up with all the people saying Sabrina is horrible and call her Gremlin, Cow or even worst for being a drama queen. I dont really like her either but stop the name calling, u look like 15 years old kids. You should not type something behind your keyboard that you would not be courageous enough to say in person. Yeah, i know, i’m dreaming…

  2. For my own entertainment, I would like to see Jon and Arlie scheme against each other. The girls are majority, they can do some damage. Anything can happen at this point….we’ll see.

      • She has some interesting options and if her Veto is used the right way, it can really f***ed up somebody’s game….that’s a “must see” episode.

        • If I was her, I wouldn’t gamble anything, unless you were to count post BB opportunities, like how Gary and Peter are getting paid by production to talk about the show.

    • And they tell us ”always expect the unexpected”. Yeah right. Its more expect the production to always find new way to screw the game of Big Brother. After BB15 Us, that was just horrible, specially with MVP twist, the show seem to go down and down. I have the impression that an new Evil Dick would never be able to win now, they would find a way to get rid of him if the public is not behind him.

    • I stopped watching after the live feeds went down when canada was HOH. Watched BB Australia 2013 and it’s top knotch. We’re getting ripped off!

  3. Is everyone forgetting Adel still has his special Veto? So Allison isn’t the only one with power. Adel told the others that his power was only for two weeks, but he lied, it’s still good. He can remove anyone from playing in the Veto and sub himself or someone else. Sounds good to me, I guess he is saving it incase he gets put on the block.

    • I forgot that adel was even in the house…He seem like a really cool dude and nice guy, but he such a boring and a bad player.

    • Why bother subbing? That can leave a target on his back. Especially when he’s not likely to get backdoored and out of the house.

  4. Anybody watched feeds today? The Alliance is starting to crack. Everybody is scheming. Trust is being question. Arlie is starting to get nervous. Hello!.of course !..Alisson is working out for this girl. She’s gonna flip the house.

    • Yep, and i’m loving it! Right now im watching Sabrina shovel popcorn into her mouth like it’s her last meal and talking at the same time. The girl is a multitasker.

    • ZZzzzzzz. Predictable and boring. Just wanna see Jon win now and get it over with! Bring BBUs and get Arlie out ASAP! The new Peter who isnt good at the game and isnt like by anyone…

      • If it’s boring, why are you following online blogs? I’ve only ever been bored with big brother during the Final 3-4, when there’s literally nothing going on. If anything, this is the most exciting time in the house, everyone knows that next week either Rachelle or Sabrina will likely be on the block, but SOMEONE in the sloppy seconds needs to sit next to her. The slop pies are done just as soon as they started as they need to turn on themselves. I’d rather see an alliance imploding then an alliance running everyone else out.

      • Boring? This is the time where players in the alliance will strategize to get to the Final. It’s the most exciting part. If you’re a real fan of Big Brother, you should appreciate that…even if your favorite players are out.

  5. This is mirroring the last season of Big Brother US. All of the power players are going to be gone by the Jury or shortly after and you’re going to be left with a bunch of washouts who won a couple of HOH comps, essentially hung out and cruised through the rest of the season, and claimed to be a great alliance when all they did was win at opportune times and lay around all day to ensure no real game moves are made. It’s been this way for the past two years of BB US (save for Dan) and now we’re heading for the same damn thing. At least in previous seasons where one alliance dominated, you had Keesha or Brittany to make it interesting. This is Nerd Herd 2.0. Who the hell is looking forward to a Final Four of Heather, Adel, Jon, and Neda? EEEEEESH

    • When I think power players in BB, I think players who actually make it to the show’s jury phase, those who made moves that can advance themselves through the game and eventually give a lasting impression game-wise.

  6. I love big brother canada. It look real. Big brother us seems like production has too much interference. It’s too much drama with us big brother and it seems unreal. Big brother canada please keep it this way. I love this final group. I’m betting Jon and Neda will be the final 2. I also love Arlie. For adel what a come back. What a player adel is wow.

  7. While the nominations may seem obvious, does anyone know if they’ve actually been done yet? Normally by now we’d know the Veto players, maybe even the veto winner itself.

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