Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Who Won HoH Last Night?

Another week of Big Brother Canada holding out on us. Thursday’s episode ended before the conclusion of the second Head of Household competition so we were waiting for the Live Feeds to reveal what was going on inside the house. Finally the Feeds returned from the competition and we now know who won HoH.

Heather shows off her talent

With Sarah and Kenny out the door everyone left but Neda, the outgoing Head of Household, were allowed to play in the competition. The players had to use a balancing board to roll six balls in to small dugouts in the board. It’s like that labyrinth game where you roll the marble through the maze. Yeah, I’d hate it.

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So who pulled off the win? Read on for the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers

Jon is the new Head of Household!

Jon on Big Brother Canada
Jon on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

What do you think of these results? Are you happy with who won HoH and who do you think will be going up on the block? We’ll likely get those nominations on Saturday.