Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nomination Anticipation In Week 6

Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2
Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are rolling in for the new HoH’s nomination plans and this looks set to be a very fun week. We missed out on the HoH noms planning last week thanks to production’s twist, but that entertainment is back and we’re enjoying every bit of it.

Read on to find out who the new Head of Household is targeting for eviction and who is set to go up on the block this week.

Heather has been having lots of talks with her allies, though everyone is trying to put themselves in that role. Last night Sabrina told Arlie Heather told her that Kenny and Allison would be the targets and she wouldn’t use a pawn this week. This morning that plan has changed.

Kenny and Rachelle expect to go up on the block and have been working to get Heather to shift her targets over to Allison and Sarah, respectively. Those attempts aren’t working too well.

Heather told Jon, Adel, and Neda that her main target is Kenny and she’s planning to nominate him alongside Rachelle. The Rachelle nom is a pawn move and seems to be payback for Rachelle’s nominations the other week.

Adel pushed for Allison & Kenny, but Heather is set on Rachelle & Kenny. Adel is worried that if those two aren’t on the block from the start then they risk being up against all three of them (Sarah, Allison, & Kenny) again next week.

Should Allison, Sarah, etc. win Veto and save Kenny then she’ll renom and target Sabrina. Heather has a lot of options as backups to Kenny going. She considers Sarah as a near equivalent to Kenny in the game and is also ready to see Allison gone even though she likes her in the game.

Adel and Neda continue to push for Allison & Kenny. Heather seems to be considering this option and might change her mind, but if not then we won’t be surprised to see Kenny & Rachelle on the block this week.

Update: As of late Friday Heather is now switched over to going at Allison & Kenny although she told Rachelle she was going up just to screw with her. Hah!

If you were HoH then who would you nominate for eviction?

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