Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nomination Anticipation In Week 6

Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2
Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are rolling in for the new HoH’s nomination plans and this looks set to be a very fun week. We missed out on the HoH noms planning last week thanks to production’s twist, but that entertainment is back and we’re enjoying every bit of it.

Read on to find out who the new Head of Household is targeting for eviction and who is set to go up on the block this week.

Heather has been having lots of talks with her allies, though everyone is trying to put themselves in that role. Last night Sabrina told Arlie Heather told her that Kenny and Allison would be the targets and she wouldn’t use a pawn this week. This morning that plan has changed.

Kenny and Rachelle expect to go up on the block and have been working to get Heather to shift her targets over to Allison and Sarah, respectively. Those attempts aren’t working too well.

Heather told Jon, Adel, and Neda that her main target is Kenny and she’s planning to nominate him alongside Rachelle. The Rachelle nom is a pawn move and seems to be payback for Rachelle’s nominations the other week.

Adel pushed for Allison & Kenny, but Heather is set on Rachelle & Kenny. Adel is worried that if those two aren’t on the block from the start then they risk being up against all three of them (Sarah, Allison, & Kenny) again next week.

Should Allison, Sarah, etc. win Veto and save Kenny then she’ll renom and target Sabrina. Heather has a lot of options as backups to Kenny going. She considers Sarah as a near equivalent to Kenny in the game and is also ready to see Allison gone even though she likes her in the game.

Adel and Neda continue to push for Allison & Kenny. Heather seems to be considering this option and might change her mind, but if not then we won’t be surprised to see Kenny & Rachelle on the block this week.

Update: As of late Friday Heather is now switched over to going at Allison & Kenny although she told Rachelle she was going up just to screw with her. Hah!

If you were HoH then who would you nominate for eviction?

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      • Me too. I’m impressed as well. The whole house pretty much disregarded her as someone they could get rid of at any point and time. And in a very mean spirited way. Now she holds the power to do what Ika should have done. Only i think she has the wherewithal to do it. Just goes to show…be careful how you treat people. Some day they may hold your fate in their hands.

  1. I really do hope so that she sticks to her on nom plans. I’ll be happy to see Rachelle leave either way but it would be totally cool to see Kenny go as well.

  2. My nominations would be that ALL houseguests would be called to the diary room one at a time and given 5 points to nominate 2 houseguests, points would issued on a 1-4 or 3-2 format, TWO houseguest MUST be nominated and houseguests cannot nominate themselves (who would really), reasons must be given for why the player is nominating that houseguest for those points, and nominations could NOT be discussed AT ALL with the penalty for doing so being the player doing the discussion would either replace one of the nominees OR be evicted immediately, the top two OR three houseguests with the most points would be up for nominations, the POV competition winner would then elect to save one of the nominations AND selects who would replace that person BUT Canada would vote (via Facebook, texting and calling in) on which nominee(s) STAY(S) in the house. I believe this would HELP change a stale formula that both BBCA AND BBUS have run into, it would take SOME of the backstabbing off of the players, allow Canada a little more interaction and make for a slightly better viewing experience for all. I know not all of the lying and backstabbing and cutthroatness would be eliminated but at least this way it is a little nicer.

    • That seems quite confusing to be honest, and it takes away from the fact that it’s the Houseguest playing a game, and we’re simply spectators. This past week was a one time thing, and even then it gave the fans WAY to much power. Like Jon said in his POV speech, we know whats going on in there, and as a result, Sabrinas game is screwed completely (not that it wasn’t beforehand anyway)

      It’s Ok for Canada to give one houseguest a piece of power once in a while, as long as that power belongs to the houseguests. BBCanada has a history of screwing their own players with twists (the Topez incident, the Aneal eviction, the secret houseguest, etc), but this one was just too much at once.

      • It is true that Canada does see everything that is going on all the time which means that as a houseguest a player would need to be more social with other houseguests and not lie or sneak around behind other players backs, this format kind of eliminates the secret alliances of the whole house and allows houseguest to be more open and personable with each other in my opinion, an example Kenny might not have felt he needed to hide his sexuality as a game play maneuver and later be worried that hiding such a secret would hurt his “game”. Big Brother is suppose to be a SOCIAL game/experiment not a let’s lie and/or hide secrets to see who can get farther along before exploiting someone else game. Also with this format it isn’t so much that Canada has a lot of power instead Canada is voting on who they like better, who was socially more accepted. In all honesty the format I suggested is similar to the format that has been used by Big Brother Australia and seems to work well. I know this is just my opinion but I found myself slightly more invested in Big Brother Australia last year than in Big Brothers CA & US

        • By having the viewers make all the choices by voting for who they like, it would no longer be a game, but rather a popularity contest. If that were the case, I’d tune out.

          Also, lying is, and has always been a part of the game, you yourself said it’s a SOCIAL experiment, and socially people will lie to strangers if it helps then win boatloads of cash.

          • Read my above comment to Cyril Axel and weigh with your thoughts
            And I do agree that lying has ALWAYS been a part of the game, I just feel that can be something said for some positivity inserted into the game as well, right now I believe we are rewarding people for being negative all the time and treating other people wrongly. Again I refer to my comment to Cyril that not ALL cut throatness would be eliminated by going to a point nomination system nor would the need to campaign and maintain GOOD relationships with the other houseguest. I am merely suggesting a format that would get us the viewers a little more vested into the show by allowing US to name who is evicted of the two or three nominees that were nominated by ALL of the houseguests not just one person (with the exception of the POV winner selecting a replacement of one nominee, which is why I think three weekly nominees would be better than just two).

          • The first series of BB US was identical in format to BB AU. They revamped the show to somewhat similar to Survivor in hopes of getting better ratings as viewership was declining. I did try to watch the Australian version, but I didn’t finish it I was bored. As an American viewer, I enjoy the ruthless plotting, backstabbing, strategizing and drama filled atmosphere of the US version. Maybe because I’m so used to it.

          • I also tried watching the first few seasons of the original BB AU and yes it was a little boring (by little I mean totally) however they did take a 5 year break a few years ago and then came back year before last and last year with this new format with point nominations. While the ruthless plotting and backstabbing are now greatly toned down the strategizing and drama are most definitely there now (last years winner Tim who was a jerk and caused a lot of controversy in the house is proof of that). And so far they seem to being doing a lot better viewer wise if the last two years viewer numbers and Facebook followers and tweeters are any indication. I know I am just one among many viewers for all three Big Brothers AU, CA & US but as I said I felt more invested with AU last year then with CA (though I did still enjoy CA) but US last year was horrendous in my opinion. Which is why I suggest a format that takes from ALL three versions.

          • Oh I agree with you. I hate last years BB US….I might check out BB AU this time around.

          • My apologies for the spoiler, you should still watch the last two years of BB AU (even with my snafu of the spoiler for last year). I started watching BB with season 13 of US then went back and watched from season 8 to current, both of the last two seasons of AU and last years season one of CA and this year. While I understand getting the right group of people together is key to a good season of any BB, and all three versions have their pros and cons, I would like to see a season where dynamics were incorporated from all three formats, which is what I was trying to suggest with my original post.

        • It’s watching the reactions of this group people when put in a confined environment is why love Big Brother. I like Survivor even more because it’s more “cut throat”

          • Trust me, watching the reactions of the houseguests when CANADA decides who goes and who stays is just as shocking BECAUSE the houseguests have no control. And there is still an aspect of play between all of the houseguests because they STILL have to maintain “positive” relations with ALL other houseguests or risk aquiring enough points to become nominees AND they would still have to “compaign” with the POV winner to try and come off the block if they were a nominee before Canada’s eviction vote, there would also still be SOME cut throatness due to the POV winner being the one to name a replacement if said winner pulled someone off the block or their self if they were on the block.

          • Your’e idea is an interesting one. One that has some validity to it. My only thought is, if BB is a social experiment , not all social interactions (in real life) are positive ones. It would be forced/fake niceness in order to create a positive atmosphere. Granted that takes place NOW on BB but we get to see the TRUE feelings of HGs in DRs. In your scenerio, strategizing is down to a minimum. I prefer to see the scrambling and seeing who can step up and take control of the situation/their own fate in order to survive eviction. If Canada voted all the time how would we know we were doing the right thing if we’re only seeing the good side of a HG? It’s always the hidden personality and hidden strategy that we as the audience are privy to that makes it interesting. To take the power out of HGs hands as who to evict and give it to us (fans) is saying they are not in control of their fate. To have an actual social experiment, fights, blowups, backstabbing and lying would have to be included as well as friendships or camradarie. Otherwise all you have is a group of people sitting around singing kumbaya while hoping they look good to the dictator that has their fate in his hand. Let them make their own fate.

          • I’m not saying to not have the houseguests still share they feelings in the DR, they would still do that, there would also still be hidden feelings and strategy and fights because being cooped up in a house with 12-16 other people you cannot maintain a fake attitude/persona ALL the time. Eventually you would slip up, which may give a reason for someone alloting you points that week for nomination. Yes we the viewers/fans see all and (thanks to BB) hear all so while we would be voting to “save” houseguests from eviction on eviction night (the least amount of votes from the public to save is the evictee) again we are voting to save the best 2 of 3 nominees for that week. So on any given week if I was a jerk and got nominated but somehow survived AND somehow attoned through my actions, words or whatever for my being a jerk in the eyes of the remaining players then I may not get nominated the next week or someone else may get more points than me again saving me from being nominated in the following weeks.

    • Sounds like you want total outside influence to determine the outcome of the game… that’s idiotic. Too much interference makes the players hard work go to waste.

      • It’s not TOTAL outside influence since the houseguests would still be doing the nominating, it would just be ALL of them and not just one person. As I said with my below comment replies there is still a lot of work on the players parts to win POV, try to campaign to be saved if they are on the block AND didn’t win POV and to try to NOT be the player named as a replacement if the POV is used. Still work, Still social game play, Still drama, just not quite as much negativity being used or rewarding said negative gameplay.

  3. I am embarassed to be Canadian. This season’s contestants are dirty, foul-mouthed and their bodily functions are displayed on screen. Is this what they do at home. I’m glad the nose-picker is gone. They don’t seem to know that thier actions are disgusting.

    • I pick my nose sometimes, are you glad we’ve never met? These are real people. Real people swear. They fart. They lie. And I’m sure if you had cameras on you 24/7, you’d have a few bad habits picked up as well. To say you’re ashamed to be canadian based off the actions of real people in real situations is the reason I’m ashamed.

      • You’re right. Everyone has bad habits. And it would be difficult to not show at least one if a camera was on me 24/7. However, Andrew manages a restaurant. That is a health issue. He mentioned how he picks his nose all the time and enjoys it.
        I would be surprised if his restaurant didn’t get a little visit from the health inspector.
        BTW – When a person farts or lies, it doesn’t affect your health. But when a person picks their nose and then starts cooking you supper..mmm mmm that is a health issue.

    • That’s nothing, on last nights bbafterdark, 3 minutes in from the start, Rachelle picks her nose, examines it in her fingertips , then proceeds to rub it on her teeth…. yikes !!!

  4. Way to go, Heather! I love that she’s standing her ground and not letting anyone sway her choice in nominations! Good noms, for sure!

  5. If I was Heather I would nominate Kenny & Allison. But Rachelle is also a good option, that ensures that whoever sits next to Rachelle goes home.

  6. Sabrina or Kenny out the door would be killer! I love Sarah as a person too bad she’s with the wrong alliance šŸ™

  7. I’m so disappointed in Heather’s nomination. She picked Kenny and Allison, fair enough if Kenny’s her target then she should of put up Rachelle alongside… And we know the “social meter” hit 6mil so IF there 2 Vetos in play this week then both her nominations could potentially backfire HA well that’s an extreme scenario but it’s BB right? Expect the unexpected šŸ˜›

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