Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Who Won HoH Last Night?

Heather on Big Brother Canada 2

Tonight’s BBCAN2 eviction show ended without revealing the Head of Household results! So who won HoH tonight? We’ve got your Big Brother Canada spoilers right here so read on to find out or skip this post to wait and see what happened on Sunday’s show.

When we last left off the HGs were all competing, including the last HoH Rachelle, in a knockout style “true/false” comp. So far Adel, Kenny, Sabrina, and Allison had all been eliminated, in that order. Now we get to find out who outlasted the rest and walked away with the crown.

Who Won Head of Household Tonight?:
Heather! The Feeds returned to us finding the HGs hanging out in Heather’s new HoH room, enjoying her spoils, and checking out her pics.

You can even read Heather’s HoH letter from her boyfriend Will from when the cam zoomed right in on it.

Wow wow wow. Okay, so we can immediately start thinking about where this is going as the house prepares for Saturday’s nomination ceremony.

What do you think of all of tonight’s results? Andrew is gone and we have a new power inside the house (instead of you, Canada). Are you happy with how it all turned out?


  1. All right Heather let’s see what you’re made of! Don’t believe Sabrina cause she”ll blindside you. Stick with what you said. Put Sabrina up and maybe Rochelle & backdoor Kenny!

  2. Yay Heather!! As of right now I think she’d put up Rachelle and Sabrina with an option to backdoor Kenny! That’ll be great! With Sabrina being the evicted house guest.

  3. Omg…I am so so so so happy…I knew she could do it, now it is her chance to put up Sabrina and Kenny…so another one of the fab 5 is gone, yaaaaa

  4. I’m so happy for Heather, even if her voice is annoying she didn’t deserve to be bullied time after time. Let’s see who wants to be her best friend now……Yay for the underdog!

    • Yup every one was so incredibly mean to…well eveyone except Adel, Jon, and Neda. I am just so happy that she and her “alliance” is safe for another week, but im mostly happy that Adel gets to stay another week!!…. YAY GO HEATHER!!

  5. It’s PERFECT !.It’s funny how Heather became so popular in the house now Everybody wants to talk her

  6. Unfortunately, a dog that has been kicked so many times will go to their abuser and I am afraid that is what Heather will do! She will forget what those meanies did to her because she is so craving a need to be accepted and that pack mentality will hon in and swallow her blind. Just watch…she will then in turn become just like those who treated her just like trash.

    • She may but usually that would be for someone who was completely ostracized but she has had Adel, Neda, Jon and sometimes Arlie as a group with her. I think she’ll be strong and stay faithful to her outsiders alliance, especially because she knows Canada wants Sabrina out.

      • Heather is ok. We’ve seen how she handled Andrew’s rudeness . I think she can hold her own. The two cry babies in the house Slobrina and Sarah, they need help lol

  7. Why do so many people hate kenny, he seems like hed be an amazing guy. Get Allison, kenny, jon and Neda And they could dominate the house.

      • How so? I’m asking because when i look at Kenny he seems like a person that cares more about being a good person than hurting anyone. He tries to win and hes disappointed when he doesn’t but the man cried when Arlie told him that he felt like Kenny thought he was better than him. Kenny, jon and adelle seem to be the most genuine people inside the house. But that’s my opinion, so I’m asking please elaborate on how you think Kenny is pompous?

    • As a player, Kenny plays well. The only thing I dislike though is that he gets overcome by his emotions very easily that it makes him say stuff that he doesn’t really mean.

      So far, he’s the only remaining physical threat who can win physical/endurance comps. He needs to adjust his strategy to get him further if he intends to go all the way.

  8. WAY TO GO GIRL! Finally some awesomeness brought back to Alberta here! I really believe she will put up Sabrina and Rachelle. I honestly thought heather was duh duh but she is one smart and tough cookie! All I could think was they keep putting her up but she keeps coming back! GO GETT EMGIRL!

  9. Wow… Way to go heather !!!! I am so happy she won… People in the house have not been nice to her … What is sarah gioing to say now??? I like to hear her say i hate you heather now …. I am soooooo happy for you heather … : )

  10. The production screw up the First Five so bad, that lame. Now, we just get the other side, who are the fan favorite, to pick them up one by one instead of the opposite. Imagine the house left with Nada, Heather, Adel and Jon. Here come the boring show….ZZzzzzz Did not like Andrew, dont care that he gone but the production and ”Canada” did all the work for the side of the house that is more popular. Can’t u just let them decide the outcome of the game. Imagine if Gary would have won last year, after coming back, with some éliminations left, LOL.

    • They screwed themselves. It was a twist not in their favour but if they had stuck together and fought harder as the strong alliance they say they were they could have gotten someone to flip instead they rolled over and let the outsiders win. If not for this twist we would have had the First 5 pick off everyone one by one and how is that any fun? It’s really not and everyone loves a good underdog story!

      • And it would have been nice for Andrew to be civil at the least because no one likes a man calling women as “b!tches”.

        • I agree, the comment to Heather for not picking Kenny for the POV had me appalled. I was so glad to see him go!

  11. By the way, the underdog are now Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle…. The other gang clearly have the majority. And please get Arlie out ASAP!

  12. Hated the Canadian HOH week. Let the players play. Canada ruined the week ny doing the dirty work for cowardly players

    • As Peter said last week on Side Show, there will always be a twist every now and then to shake up the game. If we let it as it is, we might be seeing the same people running the house to the ground for another week.

      Canada having the power to nominate for the week is a well-overdue wake-up call for the other players to start making moves that’s best for their interests instead of staying low and let others make the decisions for them.

    • “Canada” as ‘HOH’ was nothing more than the BB production team running the show. They devised the plan to manipulate the outcome of the game. Is the voting real ? I doubt it. The “voting” is never verified by an independant source. Production has probably “picked” the player they want to push to the end (i think this year, thay player is Adel)… last year it was Gary they tried to give the win to (what an idiotic move : to bring a player back into the game when the house was down to the final four…

      • A show where we can see live footage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week cannot be scripted. We see everything! The twist may have been a way to switch power but I think it was great, as a viewer I wouldn’t have wanted to see the First 5 completely run the show the entire time, that would be boring! And in a way we did see the voting results… the poll on this website like others all had Sabrina and Andrew in the lead, there was no way for them to have rigged it.

      • BBCAN is a hybrid of the Dutch and US format thus the public vote has a great deal of influence on the game than in BBUS.

        The show has absolutely no obligation to show on the air the results of public voting that have already taken other than the verification it gets from an independent source and production people whose names you see in the credits after every show are in charge of that.

        Plus, Endemol who licensed the format to Shaw Media is the one making sure every Big Brother show around the world goes by the basic formula. Production can manipulate the game any way they want to, but the only thing they can’t manipulate is public opinion. Even if the BBCAN site utilizes a poll using PollDaddy, results on who Canada puts up for eviction would have still be Andrew and Sarah.

    • Twists are part of the game. They’re not cowardly, I think Canada putting Sabrina and Andrew on the block helped them to not be scared (as anyone would). The “invincible” alliance isn’t as invincible as they thought. We think it’s so easy to go after the big targets but they’re in the house, it’s their BB life on the line. It’s harder than we think.

    • You are so right. Imagine playing monopoly and someone not part of the game gets to choose who gets boardwalk even if a player would have it. Let the players play, big brother isn’t a popularity contest. If that was the case evil dick, Dr will and so many more would not of won

  13. As for Heather’s HOH, I’m really hoping she not let her emotions get the best of her and put Rachelle up for eviction. Yeah, Rachelle made her a target and a have-not but if she must then make sure Sabrina or Kenny gets up as well.

  14. Oh crap, there’s also the hidden veto lying somewhere inside the house. If it falls to the wrong person, it could really screw Heather’s nominations.

    • So they just took a hidden veto and put it somewhere random in the house? I find that odd. Maybe, the TV in Heather’s HOH room will point to it on the camera as a clue?!

      • Scary thought that will be. Likely it has to be earned like a regular veto so a task to get it might be involved.

        Speaking of, how I wish weekly tasks are a regular thing again in the US version. 🙁

        • That would definitely make more sense so hopefully!

          I agree! It would make BB much more enjoyable! BB US has become way more about the showmances, ugh

  15. I’m glad the underdog gets to be top dog this week. Whether one of her noms finds the hidden veto or not, she has a number of other non-alliance members to put in their place. No matter how you look at it, the big dogs that think they are running the show gets a reality check.

  16. Can someone clarify something for me? When Ika chose to shred the houseguests letters and Kenny and Andrew blew up, did Kenny yell to Ika to “Shut her Servant Mouth?”, if so , how did that not get brought up?

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