Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Who Won HoH Last Night?

Heather on Big Brother Canada 2

Tonight’s BBCAN2 eviction show ended without revealing the Head of Household results! So who won HoH tonight? We’ve got your Big Brother Canada spoilers right here so read on to find out or skip this post to wait and see what happened on Sunday’s show.

When we last left off the HGs were all competing, including the last HoH Rachelle, in a knockout style “true/false” comp. So far Adel, Kenny, Sabrina, and Allison had all been eliminated, in that order. Now we get to find out who outlasted the rest and walked away with the crown.

Who Won Head of Household Tonight?:
Heather! The Feeds returned to us finding the HGs hanging out in Heather’s new HoH room, enjoying her spoils, and checking out her pics.

You can even read Heather’s HoH letter from her boyfriend Will from when the cam zoomed right in on it.

Wow wow wow. Okay, so we can immediately start thinking about where this is going as the house prepares for Saturday’s nomination ceremony.

What do you think of all of tonight’s results? Andrew is gone and we have a new power inside the house (instead of you, Canada). Are you happy with how it all turned out?