Big Brother Canada 2: Who Was Voted Out? Week 5 Eviction Show Results

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the next HouseGuest will be evicted during the show before a new Head of Household is crowned. Time to find out how Canada’s week as HoH wraps up!

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) and the official results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Kenny votes to evict Sabrina
  • Adel votes to evict Andrew
  • Rachelle votes to evict Andrew
  • Neda votes to evict Andrew
  • Allison votes to evict Sabrina
  • Jon votes to evict Andrew
  • Arlie votes to evict Andrew
  • That’s it. Andrew has been evicted.
  • Sarah votes to evict Andrew
  • Heather votes to evict Andrew

By a vote of 7-2, Andrew has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Andrew comes out front and there are lots of “boo’s” which Arisa tries to quiet. Do you think Andrew deserves a “boo”?

Tonight’s HoH competition is about the mug shots the HGs saw a few times this week. We grabbed lots of pics this morning. It’s a knockout type comp with True / False answers.

Who Won Head of Household tonight – ‘Big Brother Blindside’:

  1. Round 1: True – Kenny gets it – Eliminates Adel
  2. Round 2: False – Neda gets it – Eliminates Kenny
  3. Round 3: False – Heather gets it – Eliminates Sabrina
  4. Round 4: Buzzer fails so this round is skipped
  5. Round 5: False – Jon gets it – Eliminates Allison
  6. Grrrrrr… Big Brother cuts off the comp to save the results for Sunday.

We’ll keep watching the Feeds to see who won HoH and we’ll have the results soon.

Update: We’ve got the Head of Household comp spoilers right here!

Oh, and next week? Double Eviction!!

Are you happy with how tonight’s eviction? Who do you hope to see nominated next? Those results show be coming up by Saturday morning so stick with us for updates!


  1. What’s happening with the HOH competition? I’m so anxious and I’m in America so I’m not able to watch the show live. 🙁

    • Yeah, It would be nice if their feeds come on almost immediately after the show like here in US, but nope, not this one.

  2. I can hardly wait to find out who wins HOH! I’m hoping it’s Jon, Neda or Heather…..anyone of them would be good. Hopefully
    they’ll make a big move & put up Sabrina & Rochelle & backdoor Kenny.

  3. Watching BB after dark, in the bathroom you have Allison, Sabrina, Rachelle and Arlie talking about Heather winning the HOH. Suddenly camera shot on Rachelle who decides to go at it picking her nose, really going at it. So discuting this year the number oh houseguests picking their noses. Don’t they have kleenex in the house, maybe they should get a sponsor from a kleenex compagny. Sorry, I just had to express myself!!!!!

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