Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

New Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the week 6 round of nominations. The new Head of Household has made her choices for who will be in on the block and face possible eviction.

Big Brother Canada 2 nominations
Big Brother Canada 2 nominations – Source: Slice

The Feeds are back from the latest Nomination Ceremony so we now know who is officially up on the block and how the house is reacting to those choices. Read on to find out what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada house.

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No big surprises here after Heather talked with her allies and decided on these nominations. Earlier on Friday it looked like Heather would go with Rachelle & Kenny but she was talked back from that plan because of fears that if Allison was off the block she could save Kenny if she won Veto and they’d both be safe. So instead Heather changed things up and went with a stronger pair of noms.

Big Brother Canada – Week 6 Nominations:

  • Allison
  • Kenny

Heather wasn’t going to let Rachelle off the block that easy though. She told her last night that she’d be nominated just to mess with her head after Rachelle got the house on punishments for sneaking snacks.

The Veto competition should be coming up soon so we’ll get a much better idea of what the final noms could end up being before the Ceremony on Monday.

Do you think Heather made the right picks for her noms? Share your thoughts!

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