Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

New Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the week 6 round of nominations. The new Head of Household has made her choices for who will be in on the block and face possible eviction.

Big Brother Canada 2 nominations
Big Brother Canada 2 nominations – Source: Slice

The Feeds are back from the latest Nomination Ceremony so we now know who is officially up on the block and how the house is reacting to those choices. Read on to find out what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada house.

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No big surprises here after Heather talked with her allies and decided on these nominations. Earlier on Friday it looked like Heather would go with Rachelle & Kenny but she was talked back from that plan because of fears that if Allison was off the block she could save Kenny if she won Veto and they’d both be safe. So instead Heather changed things up and went with a stronger pair of noms.

Big Brother Canada – Week 6 Nominations:

  • Allison
  • Kenny

Heather wasn’t going to let Rachelle off the block that easy though. She told her last night that she’d be nominated just to mess with her head after Rachelle got the house on punishments for sneaking snacks.

The Veto competition should be coming up soon so we’ll get a much better idea of what the final noms could end up being before the Ceremony on Monday.

Do you think Heather made the right picks for her noms? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Good for her! Didn’t think of putting Allison up, but that makes sense. Thought she would have put Rachelle & possibly backdoor Sabrina if needed. I can’t believe Rachelle screwed up Heather’s HOH & B.B. punished everyone for it. I don’t think Heather should have been punished for something that wasn’t her fault…..

  2. Oh man I don’t think this was a good move for her she doing Jon side and Arlie dirty work. If I were Heather I’d put up more floater type players like Neda and prob Rachelle or Adel. If she gets rid of Kenny or Allison she taking out the other side targets then she be the next one why not nominate some floaters and let those 2 sides duke it out while she watches. If she pisses off Jon with Neda nomination and he wins hoh next week he d still go after the bigger targets then her cause their after him. Same if Kenny side won.

    • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. She’s in an alliance WITH Jon, Neda, and Adel. Why would she put up her own alliance? This whole game she’s had no one on her side until now, obviously the wrong move for her is to nominate her alliance and get them on her bad side. If she wants to go far in this game, she has to remain loyal to the alliance for protection and support, and vote them out only when there isn’t any other option. Even if she nominated her own alliance this week, and next week her alliance goes after people other than her, the fact is that she won’t have an alliance anymore for the rest of the entire game because Kenny’s side of the house already hates her, and so will Jon’s side for nominating one of his allies and backstabbing him. She would have nowhere to run to and would be screwed, and her target would increase because she would be hated by not one, but both sides of the house. Plus, voting out weak “floater type players” is a stupid game move already. You’re supposed to get big targets out, not small ones. Kenny is a HUGE target. How can you say that there’s a better nominee than Kenny at this moment?

    • Yeah ! Put one of her ally on the block so she can feel very secure the next HOH comp.LOL…OMFG !!!!

  3. As HOH, all her decision making and reasons behind it really impressed me. If anybody had seen her conversation with Allison today on live feeds, It was an eye opener on the kind of person she really is. They shunned her and laugh at her voice, but she’s smarter than all the girls in the house. lol

    • I think it’s ridiculous how these girls are making fun of her voice. Seems like these girls are in high school again or something.

    • She’s definitely the smartest girl in the house and she’s not petty and all about the drama. I respect her so much!

    • Agree. Cannot believe the 1st5 alliance are so oblivious (minus Arlie). Rochelle says regarding Heather, ” how could she think she has the votes; I don’t get it ?” They reply, “because she is stupid”. They actually think that Heather cannot count. Come on! How oblivious and completely delusional!!!

  4. Oh, had to say that I had high hopes for Allison, I thought she was going to go in guns blazing as she’s such a huge BB fan but she’s disappointed me in every aspect. Even before the nomination ceremony she was campaigning for votes and crying (wanting to go home) instead of trying to get Heather to maybe change her votes. Why are these house guests so easily defeated before Veto?!

  5. The fact that she’s the first person to put up a member of a powerful alliance in the house so far makes her the smartest person in the house this week. Now that Ika is gone and Rachelle and Sabrina are so tight, the “stupid girls” alliance is done. Heather just made the biggest move this season out of anyone by putting up an actual powerful player. As of right now, based off this move alone, if Heather made it to F2, I don’t know who else could beat her.

  6. Good choices. And well thought out. Knowing full well that there are twists and turns in BB, all noms up to this point have been emotionally based. Unlike Sabrina, Heather is fairly quiet. Which leaves her time to observe and strategize. Maybe if some of the others were to stop feeling entitled and talking just to hear their own voice, an actual strategy might come to them. But that’s NEVER going to happen for Sabrina. Verbal diarrhea is her strong suit.

  7. Heather has to be very carful with what she has done..I think Allison would have worked with her..she should have put Kenny and sabrina up..Allison I think would have stayed to her word and wouldn’t pull Kenny off where as now if sabrina wins veto she will pull Kenny off only because she knows Kenny is a strong player and Allison really isn’t stronger..Heather doesn’t realize she is doing Jon’s dirty work..she thinks its her making the choice’s and she is doing a big move but its not her…Heather I thought u where so smart but I can see ur not..Allison tried to tell her they don’t have the number’s and she will see what happens when heater ends up on the block next week…

    • Jon is in Heather’s alliance. I don’t think she’s doing Jon’s dirty work but the dirty work for her alliance and herself it’s in a sense what she has to do to stay loyal and make it farther. I think this is a great move! Heather talked to everyone and didn’t put anyone up because of emotional reasons. Allison was never on her side until she was HOH, she cannot be trusted while Heather has a group of loyal people (so far) on her side.

  8. the only reason i don’t like this is because i really like both Kenny and Allison. it really was a good move but i’d rather see Sabrina up there instead of Allison. hopefully one of them wins veto and Sabrina goes up as a replacement nom… and get’s voted out… but i’m not holding my breath… LOL!

  9. Heather and Neda have dignity, and that’s what makes them better than Slobrina, and all the others. Neather for F2!

  10. I dont like sabrina, kenny and sarah!! I lost all respect for allison … In order for her to make a friend she had to make out with andrew … Shows how strong her character is!

  11. Some people are saying Heather is doing what Jon/Adel/etc(soft alliance) wants her to do as far as nominations. Granted, she’s probably being used, but the nominations are good for her own game and she knows that. Believe me, she’s not stupid. I have been watching feeds, and this chick is so tuned with the game. I just hope she goes far. At this stage of the game,…she’s doing fine

  12. Sabrina is not a good person. I hope she doesn’t even make it to jury house. She is a bully and Canadians don’t like bullies. Bbc2 u have to interfere to show that to the world.

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