Big Brother Canada 2: Veto Plans In Week 3

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Later today in the Big Brother Canada 2 house the Veto Ceremony should be held where the winner of this week’s PoV will announce plans to either use the power and Veto one of Ika’s nominees or keep things the same to roll on to Thursday night’s eviction show. Read on for the latest on what we expect to see happen.

Over the weekend we found out that Ika had won the Power of Veto during the comp on Saturday. That means she holds complete control over this week’s nominees.

So what is Ika going to do at today’s Veto meeting? Sounds like nothing at all. She’ll most likely keep her nominees intact and set for the next eviction even though she’s been getting plenty of support from Adel to go for a bigger plan.

We’ll have the Veto Ceremony results shortly as the HGs may be actively holding it now. Spoilers will be posted as soon as we confirm the results.

If Paul and Heather remain on the block, which HG would you want to see voted out?