Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Following Ika’s Big Brother Canada nominations yesterday the Power of Veto competition was held last night and we now know the spoilers for who holds the power this week.

The Veto Ceremony will likely be held on Monday so there’s still some time for the Veto winner to make a decision on what to do. Read on to find out who won the PoV.

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Ika is in complete control of the Big Brother Canada 2 house this week. She’s got both the HoH and Veto wins after last night’s comp so whatever she decides to do will settle the final noms of the week.

The house is split over whether or not to evict Paul or Heather. Considering there isn’t any real discussion on alternatives I think it’s safe to say Ika will not Veto one of her own noms to place a renom on the block.

Come Thursday night’s eviction show we’ll see either Heather or Paul evicted from Big Brother. The guys are leaning toward getting out Paul while the girls want to see Heather gone.

Also worth noting, during the competition Heather hurt her knee and came back later with crutches. Well that can’t be good.

If you were Ika and controlled by the HoH and PoV, what would you do? Is there a better target she could go after this week?