Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada’s Veto Ceremony now the the Feeds are back from the meeting. The HGs gathered today in the living room to hear what the winner of this week’s Veto had decided to do with Ika’s original nominations. Read on to find out what happened and who will be the final nominees this week on BBCAN2.

When the Feeds returned we found the HGs splitting off in to private discussions. Ika had decided not to use the PoV which she won on Saturday and to instead leave her nominations of Heather and Paul as they were.

No surprises here. Ika is passing up on an opportunity to make a strong move and instead opting to go after Heather, who hasn’t really done much, and Paul, who isn’t really well liked.

It seems likely that Heather could be evicted on Thursday which is another missed opportunity for the ladies in the Big Brother Canada house to bind together and evict the guys first. Ah well. Maybe some other season.

What do you think of Ika’s Veto decisions? What would you have done with all that power this week?


  1. Bad move on her part. Should have made a big move while the other girls are still around to back her up. Now there is one less girl and it will be harder to get the boys out.

  2. This seems like a dumb move. You have a fear Kenny might beat you in competitions and in the finale, go after him and his aliance, before people on your alience are convinced to switch.

    • I agree, what was Ika thinking? I thought she was smarter than this and this will all come back to haunt her. A major opportunity blown.

  3. I think she made the right decision… by accident? She doesnt know that sabrina and sara are in solid with andrew and kenny so she might not have had the numbers to get one of them out unless they were both on the block 2gether anyways!

    • While this is the only possible good that came out of this, I doubt the First 5 will be exposed. If anything BBCanada has shown us this season and last, once the house gets a whiff of who is going home, they’ll ALL end up voting the same way. Once enough people in the house realize Heather is the target, EVERYONE will vote her out, and Sarah and Sabrina will be safe with the Alliance.

  4. I have a feeling we will be watching Kenny and Andrew in F2. As always, WHY would you want to keep the strongest players in the game? Yep, they have a bigger target on their back but what does that matter when everyone’s afraid to nom them. Everyone SAYS they will make the bold move. But when they win HOH all that talk becomes…just talk. Now i’m thinking the only possible way to evict one of the terrible twosome is a surprise double eviction.

  5. Looks like a another season of everyone voting the same, and everyone afraid to make big moves. Makes the show boring and too predictable. These houseguests need to grow some balls! Snorefest!

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