Big Brother Canada 2: Week 5 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada is back tonight on Slice starting at 9PM with the latest events from the house picking up where the nominations left off and the Power of Veto picks up! By the end of the night we should have the official Veto results and be ready for Thursday’s eviction show.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

There’s little mystery for Feedsters and the HGs on who will be evicted next so check out our preview discussion on those votes to find out who is going home next this week.

Find out how to watch tonight’s Big Brother Canada show even if you’re outside Canada. Streaming is free and easy to use.

If you can’t wait for tonight’s Big Brother Canada 2 show to see what happened with the Veto then check our our spoilers board, the best place to check whenever you want to know the latest on the major events in the game.

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  1. Last night from the feeds, Arlie revealed a lot of stuff to Jon and Adel about the other sides game plan I know he’s playing safe on both sides and doing a good job, I still wonder where his loyalty is. It will be tested on the next HOH

  2. I liked Sarah in the beginning. But shes turned into Helen 2.0. She plays the mommy card, cries over leaving her kids and schemes against everyone behind their back and loves them to their face. I can get with the last part but tears are a sorry tactic when cornered. As for Jon, i think he’s playing a bit loose and free with his acquired knowledge of the other HGs. He’s beginning to show up on the radar. As for who will go home….most likely Andrew. But at least Sabrina had a scare thrown into her today (via Jon) as to her safety. Until Helen 2.0 started the waterworks to avoid a confrontation from Sabrina. They should have named this season “House of Tears”.

  3. I still think Rachelle has a good chance of at least making F2, simply because she’s in a unique position where any “game” move she makes in the future will be viewed as her only being someones puppet. Even when Sabrina leave, Rachelle will likely let someone else control her decisions.

    Arlie may be a fanboy, but now that he’s starting to play everywhere, he could be in trouble. It will only take one member of the remaining F5 to spill the beans on the entire alliance to turn the tables on the others and see who sits where. I’m predicting Sarah will be the one to crack, putting Arlie in a tough spot.

  4. Dear Andrew, you were crying and moping about the fact that Canada put you up and you were wondering why. Well, if you end up leaving on Thursday, I hope that you read this message and go watch today’s episode and the way you approached Heather. You are a big fat bully and many of us dont like you very much for that very reason. Goodbye, we will not miss you.

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