Big Brother Canada 2 – Week 5 Eviction Plans

Andrew & Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2

This week’s upcoming Big Brother Canada eviction appears so set and ready that HGs are already focusing on what they’ll do next week and who they want to target then. Now that the Veto Ceremony meeting is over there’s no question over who is on the block as the final noms and even for who is about to be voted out.

Read on for spoilers and details from the Live Feeds.

Jon decided not to use his Veto on Monday after contemplating that he’d save Sabrina. With that move Canada’s nominations were keep intact leaving Andrew and Sabrina as the voters’ two choices. They only need one choice though and that seems to be Andrew.

The house is ready to vote out Andrew and he should go overwhelmingly on Thursday night. Sabrina dodged a bullet inside the house even if she was the target most viewers wanted to see up on the block.

If you were in the house and voting this week would you vote to evict Andrew or Sabrina? Share your thoughts!


  1. Ultimately I want Andrew to go. By cutting the head off the snake, and with all the other cracks in the First 5, sending Andrew out will most likely cause the alliance to crack even further, which will only make things more suspencful. Of course, word around the water cooler is that Kenny recently came out to Sarah, so they’re staying tight. I do predict Sabrina will likely be the easy target for next eviction.

  2. Kenny is the most dangerous player there, but between Andrew and Sabrina. Andrew should go. Somebody should just glue Sabrina’s mouth.

  3. id rather see sab go but if not then she better roll out next week lets hope so ..she is such a big liar i watched the live feeds yesterday for a while and i could not beleive how much she lied to everyone and bullied out at heather .. she dont deserve to even go to the jury house .. BE GONE SAB as ika would say 🙂

  4. altho personally i’d like sabrina to go, andrew makes a lot more sense since he’s a big physical threat.

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