Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

The Power of Veto results are in for your Big Brother Canada spoilers after another late and another very long PoV competition was held in the house.

Read on for the latest spoilers on the PoV and what the HGs are planning to do next. These events won’t air until Wednesday if you’re waiting for just the show’s schedule.

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Jon won the Power of Veto!

Jon celebrates

There was some drama leading in to the Veto comp because Adel used his special power to remove Allison from the comp lineup so he could play instead. Adel’s power has now been played and is out of the game.

When the Feeds came back from more than five hours down we found out Jon won. That gives him all the power this week. Well, nearly all the power.

Soon after we knew the results there started being talks of changing things up. Oh yes. Jon and Neda talked with Rachelle and Sabrina about cutting a deal and going after one of their own.

The new backdoor target? Allison. Oh, how convenient. See Allison’s Red Veto was going to run out after this week’s Veto Ceremony and now it’s coincidentally going to be needed despite all the previous planning by the Sloppies that their next two targets would be the Gremlins.

Move along, no production influence to see here.

What do you think of the Veto results? Are you glad Jon won the Veto and is considering making a deal to set up some drama at the Ceremony on Monday? When Allison goes up she’ll use her power, come back down, and Jon will have to name a renom. Who would you like it to be? We’ll keep watching and let you know what’s going to happen next!