Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: The House Scrambles

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Anthony

Since Victoria took power on Big Brother Canada 12, things have been a mess. It’s been a fun mess at times and a chaotic one at other points. The target switching has sent many people spinning, especially Victoria’s former allies Bayleigh and Donna. The BBCAN12 Digital Dailies from March 17 and 18 (posted on March 19) highlight how the blindside shook the entire house. Even Todd, who has basically been staying out of everything and playing a chill game, became slightly upset by the turn of events.

It also makes me wonder if Anthony and Victoria have misted the Big Brother Canada 12 cast this much or if we’re just not seeing enough conversations. Hopefully, we’re just not seeing enough conversations. It’s almost ridiculous how the other houseguests have fallen under their spell. This Digital Daily opens after a Big Sisters meeting to discuss how Donna got on the block. Apparently, Kayla, Avery, and Lexus cited not feeling included in the alliance because of Donna and Bayleigh’s close relationship as their issue with the pair.

Victoria ran with this narrative. She used this detail to make it seem like the other girls sort of pressured her into nominating Donna. She claimed that Tola was going up on the block until the women showed their concerns about Donna. Some would say Victoria tried to paint herself as a victim manipulated into this move. 

Big Brother Canada 12 Donna and Victoria

However, She did have some doubts about evicting Donna this week. She needed reassurance from the Hotter Chocolate alliance that this was the right move. They said it was. Meanwhile, Bayleigh was trying to figure out who to trust and what was happening. The Hotter Chocolate alliance told Bayleigh that they trusted her and that their issues were with Donna. 

Many players came to comfort Donna. She was emotional but also trying to figure out how to stay. She decided to campaign with the argument that Elijah would be the ultimate pawn all season if he didn’t leave now. Anyone sitting next to him will go home. People need to realize the danger of keeping him as a pawn. 

Elijah also (seemingly) made sure to enter rooms where Donna was trying to campaign. Therefore, killing her momentum to campaign against him. We had another Anthony and Bayleigh discussion on whether they can work together.

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Anthony

Bayleigh still doesn’t trust him and Anthony said that that’s her decision because he’s trying to work with her. The conversation gets a bit heated. Bayleigh later discusses it with Victoria. She admitted to Anthony that Donna and she were trying to get him out.

Because of that, Bayleigh isn’t sure she can work with him, but she would like to (at least that’s what she tells Victoria).

The most interesting part of this scramble is that Dinis and Vivek are possibly the only houseguests awake. They realized that Anthony and Victoria must be closely aligned. Vivek also thinks Anthony may have been the main person orchestrating this move against Donna. Vivek is a little scared of Anthony’s power now. I think they want to try to keep Donna this week, but it’s still unclear if the women are going to flip to keep her.

Bayleigh wants to still try to save Donna, but Avery shuts down that idea. Kayla may or may not be giving Donna false hope that she has her vote. Donna’s game seems done but the houseguests seem unsure about the decision.

Big Brother Canada 12-Donna and Denis

It’s not like Janine’s eviction where the house was unified. Donna could still save herself. It depends on how the next few days play out. 

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