Big Brother Canada 12 News: Weekly Roundup 1

A lot has been happening in the world of Big Brother Canada 12 since the houseguest reveal. Because there is a lot to recap, I wanted to create a post where you can find all the BBCAN12 news that you may have missed. Depending on how things play out over the next few weeks, these weekly roundup posts could become a regular part of the show’s coverage.

These weekly roundups will include things happening in the house and news surrounding Big Brother Canada 12. So let’s do a recap of the things you may have missed from the week. Some stuff is already posted on the Big Brother Canada Network site. Other stuff that happened throughout the week may have seemed too minor to create a full story. 

Let’s do the roundup.

Houseguests Revealed And One Leaves

Big Brother Canada 12 revealed the names of the 12 new houseguests. However, at least two houseguests will remain a mystery until the premiere night. However, there are some interesting rumored names. A few days after the cast reveal, Ibrahim Appiah left or was removed from the Big Brother Canada 12 cast list. Tola Eam replaced him. We don’t know what caused the cast switch.

Arisa Teases Theme and House

Some photos of the Big Brother Canada 12 house have already been revealed. And now we know the theme is Hollywood North. Host Arisa Cox will officially unveil the complete house design today on The Morning Show.

The Digital Dailies Return

Unfortunately, Big Brother Canada remains devoted to its plan to remove the Live Feeds. Instead, the Digital Dailies return for a second year. In a short clip from Global News, shared by Big Brother Maple on X (formerly known as Twitter), Arisa explains that the Digital Dailies will be longer and “juicier” than the previous season.

According to the Big Brother Maple, the Digital Dailies will also be available through Pluto TV. Recently, they launched a 24-hour channel devoted to the hit reality TV show. Hopefully, they will also consider streaming the BBCAN12 episodes as well.

The Big Brother Schedule Reveal

The recent BBCAN12 press announcement confirmed the schedule for the Big Brother Canada 12 episodes. It goes as follows:

  • Tuesdays at 7 pm EST
  • Wednesday at 9:30 pm EST
  • Sunday at 9 pm EST

During the premiere week, the schedule is slightly altered. Here’s how to follow the first week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 5 at 7 pm EST
  • Wednesday, March 6 at 10 pm EST
  • Sunday, March 10 at 9 pm EST.

The Big Brother Canada House Tour

Today, Arisa gave The Morning Show and exclusive look at the Hollywood North-themed house. It’s a pretty design but not my favorite of the BBCAN houses.


The only major change from the norm is that the Wednesday episode airs a half hour later than the normal schedule.  This should catch you up on all the need-to-know Big Brother Canada news. 

Make sure to join us tonight at 7 pm EST for the first BBCAN12 episode. Then come back daily for all things Big Brother Canada 12, including more weekly roundups.