Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 2 HOH Results

Santina’s Big Brother Canada 11 week 1 Head of Household reign was kind of all over the place. She was confused and easily influenced. This led to her getting out someone who could have been an ally in the BBCAN11 game. Santina’s Head of Household actions may be an example of what not to do as an HOH.

Santina was working firmly with one side but seems to be starting to regret her decisions. The Big Brother Canada 11 house seems to be quickly diving. This makes This week’s Head of Household win is crucial because it may allow the battle to begin and allow people to pick sides. It may also weaken one side. The house divide seemed to start to favor a women versus men alliance, but Thursday’s Digital Dailies showed that the divide might be Rob vs Zach/Ty. 

Because Big Brother Canada decided to eliminate the Live Feeds, we had to wait for Friday Digital Dailies to see who won the power. Depending on who wins it, the first move could be made to take out one of the big male players. 

We saw the Head of Household Competition start at the end of Thursday’s eviction episode. It involved a lot of endurance and stamina. The houseguests had to grab a ball, run up a slide, then slide down it while trying to score points. They had to do this for an hour. The player who scored the most points and the end of the hour would become HOH. Based on how physical this competition seems, it would favor a physically fit houseguest or someone really good at scoring balls.

BBCAN11 Week 2 HOH Results

  • Dan won Head of Household!

Dan is proving himself to be a bit of a potential competition beast. He’s one of the few players that may play things safe and not cause wave with his nominees.

How do you feel about Dan’s win? Who do you think he will nominate. Let us know in the comment section.

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