Big Brother Canada 11: Digital Dailies Highlights (03/15/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/15/23)




The Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies has — thankfully — shifted to focusing on more game talks, less fluff. This is great because there has been so much going on these two weeks that we’re getting lost relying only on the Big Brother Canada episodes. Thursday’s BBCAN11 Digital Dailies is a good example of this.

There were a couple of main storylines going on with them. One of them being tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 eviction. John Michael has been the target all week, but yesterday’s Digital Dailies offered a bit of hope. Today’s Digital Dailies squashed that hope.

The second storyline involves the men’s alliance and its upcoming demise. We got some context but needed a lot more to figure out why all this happened. Let’s dig into the highlights from the 3/15 Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies.

The Men Target Their Own

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/15/23)

You can’t just put a bunch of alpha males in an alliance and expect it to work. Pretty Boys and The Brigade worked because they weren’t all alpha male types. Simply calling Hope, Jonathan, Zach, Rob, and Ty alpha males is a generalization. And honestly, we haven’t gotten to know them well enough to label their personalities. However, there are similarities that unite most of them, including big egos, competition beast potential, and wanting to be desired by the BBCAN11 women.

These personality similarities and differences have caused conflict among the group. Kuzie and Rob had a long conversation where they discussed Hope. Hope has apparently gotten under some houseguest’s skin, especially Jonathan. Rob talked about not being the one to take out Hope, but if that’s what other people decide to do, he has no control over it.

Furthermore,  Rob got really honest with Kuzie. He told her about his fears about Zach trying to control the house and game. He also let her know that if JM didn’t go this week, Renee would have been next. Kuzie shared back. She disclosed that she’s unsure about Santina because of being left out of the loop. It appears that Rob knows he could become a target for the men and  has been working to build stuff in other places

Rob’s fears seem to be justified because Zach and Ty discussed trying to get Rob out as soon as next week. They even want Hope to take him out just to further embarrass him when someone who doesn’t even want to be there (Hope) stays longer than him and takes him out. Ty and Zach have had a vendetta against Rob for a while. We don’t exactly know why but with Ty, part of it may be jealousy — as we saw with Thursday’s episode. 

Zach and Ty versus Rob seem to be coming this week, and this is good for everyone else.

JM Is Likely Leaving Tonight 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/15/23)

John Michael talked to Santina about possibly working with her if she keeps him in the game. Santina, however, has no intentions of keeping him. She consistently mentioned not wanting to go against the house. According to Santina, the house wants him gone. John Michael later in a conversation with Kuzie points out that Santina can influence people to keep him if she really wanted to.

John Michael also believed that he had five votes and just needed one more to stay. However, Santina’s unwillingness to keep him seemed to inflate his hopes. Santina also told JM that she just didn’t see them working together as a possibility because she would now always fear that he would try to get revenge on her for the backdoor plan.

JM was genuine about trying to work with Santina if he stayed because he firmly believes that Santina was influenced by Zach to make this move. He knows he would need her as a number to get out Zach. Daniel and JM had a game conversation where JM warned Daniel that Anika and he may be next to go home.

Kuzie, Daniel, and JM also talked about how Dan didn’t really campaign to stay. He offered them nothing or said nothing valuable to them. This convinced them that he was already working with someone and not here to play hard. 

Later, JM just kind of vented his frustration to Daniel about this situation and how he did want to work with the women plus Daniel, but Santina took that away by nominating him. Hearing JM talk also made Daniel frustrated with Santina. JM also gave Kuzie permission to vote with the house if the votes aren’t in his favor to stay.

Anika Is Not Blinded By Zach

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/15/23)

Watching yesterday’s Digital Dailies, I did fear that Anika was drinking the Zach kool-aid. However, she had a conversation with Ty where she had doubts about Zach the most within the men’s group. Of course, he tries to spin her to look at Rob as a potential target. He also asks her to tell him if she hears something shady about Rob. The man is obsessed.

Surprisingly, Ty sort of spins his conversation with Anika a little to Zach. He downplays her doubts about Zach and focuses on how he made her look at Rob. He is either trying to protect Anika a little to work with her in the future, or he truly believes that her doubts about Zach aren’t that big of a deal.

Zach, The Not-So Mastermind

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/15/23)

Everyone has their eyes on Zach, except Ty at this point, and maybe not Dan — who may not even be playing the game. The only problem is that the players have talked about their fears that they wouldn’t have the votes to get out Zach. The misconception that Zach is untouchable right now may help him go further. However, if enough people get together and talk about it, Zach could be in trouble. So far almost everyone has talked about Zach believing that he’s running the game.

They all see his game but they also seem too scared to go after him yet. If Ty, Dan, Jonathan, or Zach win HOH tonight, it may be a predictable week of getting out someone like Daniel, Vanessa, Renee, and maybe even Rob. However, almost anyone else might make an unpredictable move. Hope is included as anyone because both Rob and Ty believe they can control him. However, he seems to be someone open to not sticking with the men’s alliance — at least that’s what it seems from the few times he was on the Digital Dailies. 

Friday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies may be the first one I’m excited to watch. Not just to find out who won HOH but to see if Zach or Rob may become the target this week. 

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