Big Brother Canada 11: Digital Dailies Highlights (03/08/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are no more. This means that we have to rely exclusively on Digital Dailies. Tonight, Big Brother Canada 11 dropped the first Digital Dailies that covered  (03/08/23) in the house. It was the fifth day in the Big Brother house and many things happened over the course of less than a week. This includes the alliances forming and targets and alliances being set. 

The first set of BBCAN11 Digital Dailies features about two hours and a half of footage from Wednesday. These clips were clearly spliced together to give an overall view of what’s currently going on in the house. And despite this only being a very tiny portion of this week’s activity, we have enough information to figure out some of the current Big Brother Canada 11 action.

Here are the highlights from the March 8 Digitial Dailies

A New Boy Band Forms

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

As per usual, we have another all-male power alliance. These Pretty Boy-wannabes include Zach Neilson, Terrell “Ty” McDonald, Roberto “Rob” Lopez, Jonathan Leonard, and Hope Agbolosoo. There was mention of a sixth member but didn’t name him or her. The men seem to be already counting their money, but I am not confident they have the longevity that they believe they have.  First, as we saw on the second Big Brother Canada 11 episode, players like Claudia Campbell already suspect an all-male alliance. 

On the Digital Dailies, we saw Vanessa MacTavish and Kuzivakwashe “Kuzie” Mujakachi discussing not being fans of Zach. They can already see his game and how he’s going around the house trying to be friends with everyone.  They mentioned the saying “a friend of everyone is a friend of no one” to describe him. Vanessa and Kuzie also discussed forming an all-female alliance, but they were slightly worried that some of the women may prefer to work with the men. However, they still want to maybe try to make that happen.

Hope may also be making a target for himself. He spoke with Head of Household Santina Carlson about his worries about everyone not staying true to their deals.  He seemed to believe that Santina might be targeting him or planned to nominate him. It appears that Santina is also working with this male group. Renee Mior also seems tied to it but maybe not in an official alliance way.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

Hope’s conversation with Santina made her feel less confident about him, but Zach tried to smooth things over by saying that Hope is just emotional and will eventually get himself evicted, which seems like a not-so-bad observation. Later, Rob and Ty had a talk with Hope to calm him down.

Hope admitted that the game is harder than he imagined. He thinks that is why his behavior has been all over the place, but now he wants to calm down. He trusts that the men can make it far. Hope also mentioned having a girlfriend but not wanting to disclose that information to anyone who doesn’t ask, including Claudia, who may have a crush on him.

John Michael Worries About Being A Target

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

John Michael “JM” Sosa told Kuzie that he fears that he may be Santina’s real target. The way their conversations have gone has made him worried about her trying to take him out. He also seems to be talking a little too much, because that has gotten him in a bit of trouble. He told Kuzie that he would play hard and call out Santina for breaking a promise by nominating or backdooring him. He spoke about really wanting to win the Veto.

Apparently, Zach got upset by JM pledging to win the Veto. He may have also mentioned using it if he won. This made Zach just generally uneasy about him, but JM tried to smooth things over and backtrack on the Veto conversation. We don’t know Santina’s plan yet, but it is starting to seem like JM may actually be a backdoor target for her if the opportunity presents itself. 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

Kuzie gave Santina some information about her conversation with JM. Basically, she warned Santina that JM would call her out for nominating him if she does this. In this conversation, it seems like Kuzie was trying to gain some trust with Santina and also either help JM from going on the Block or push him closer to it. I couldn’t tell which outcome she wanted, but I assume to try to make Santina rethink the possibility of nominating or backdooring him.

Santina seems to be firmly in an alliance with the men and trusts them. They are likely using her to further their game, but she seems more serious about this alliance than them, especially if none of them see the Block this week.

The Maybe Nominations

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

We already know that Renee is going on the Block because she placed last in the competition. We know that the second nominee will be Dan Szabo. This is how the conflict between JM and Zach started. JM told Dan to make sure he uses the Veto if he wins it. This is the obvious move but Dan talked about being confident that he wouldn’t be evicted. Zach also assured him that he was safe.

We don’t know who else will be nominated but it could be Anika Mysha because Kuzie mentioned Dan and Anika not really talking game with Santina, and them being safe nominations for that reason. However, Santina and Kuzie had a conversation in the HOH room, and Santina implied that her initial nominees may not be her real targets.

She also said that she hadn’t made up her mind yet on who she wanted to go. It seems that the nominations haven’t happened yet, so Dan may not be nominated, but because he seemed so fine with being nominated,  it basically guarantees he’s one of the three nominees. The final nominee will likely become clearer when we get another Digital Daily, which I am assuming will drop at the end of the day on Friday. 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

The Digital Dailies are limiting what we see but this first one gave us a good overview of what’s been happening in the game. You can watch it for yourself on the official Big Brother Canada website. There are a few bits that I left from the highlights because they weren’t really game related, but they give you a look at some of the interactions and friendships forming.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, we’ll be able to give you the official nominees for this week. 

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