Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Will Another Kyle Moore Leave In Week 4?

Arisa Cox and Kyle Moore on Big Brother Canada 10 (BBCAN10)

Kyle Moore has been a major Big Brother Canada 10 topic for the last two weeks. Originally, he was the center of the show and house because he had one of the worst Big Brother Canada Head of Household runs in BBCAN history. Then he became a key figure for being the house’s main target, and the replacement nominee when ally Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos decided to put him on the block. In tonight’s episode, viewers saw Martin “Marty” Frenette win the Power of Veto Competition, and then Gino put Kyle up as the replacement nominee. If you’ve just finished the episode, you may be wondering if Kyle will actually be going home this week? We have some major Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers for you on that front. 

Kyle has been campaigning hard since he went on the block on Monday. We have to respect him for not laying down and quitting, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be helping him. In some cases, it’s just making players more annoyed with him. Jessica Gowling has also been campaigning pretty hard as well. If Kyle hadn’t royally screwed up last week, he may have had a chance to stay in the Big Brother Canada 2022 game.  It’s not looking good at all for his game this week.

It seems that Kyle will become the first houseguest evicted by a unanimous vote this week. It would take a Big Brother miracle or for Jess to really mess up their game tonight or tomorrow for them to go home over Kyle. Interestingly, the other Kyle Moore from Big Brother Canada 9 also went home in the fourth week of the game. There may be a Kyle or Kyle Moore curse in the BBCAN house.

Are you happy to see Kyle leave this week? Do you think he can pull a hail Mary and sway the house to keep him tomorrow?

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