Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Will Gino Nominate Kyle This Week?

Big Brother Canada 10-Gino and Marty
Screenshot by BBLiveUpdaters

The latest Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers may make you scratch your heads. Believe me, I am with you. For those who have been closely monitoring Big Brother Canada 2022, you know that Kyle Moore royally screwed up last week. He was in a good position in the BBCAN10 house but then crushed all that by making so many bad game moves that we still can’t believe happened. It seemed like Kyle would escape immediate consequences when one of his close allies (and someone who also found themselves on the wrong side of the vote) won Head of Household. Steven “Gino” Giannopoulus winning HOH seemed like the best thing for Kyle, but maybe not so much.

Gino started the week by nominating Martin “Marty” Frenette and Jessica Gowling for eviction. He was fine with either of them leaving. Then Marty fulfilled the prophecy and continued the streak of nominees winning Veto, and he won the Power of Veto Competition. Tomorrow he will use the Veto to take himself off the block. Gino debated who to nominate, but was leaning towards Tynesha White or Betty Yirsaw. Gino had a lot of game talks today, and they’re leading him down a different path.

Particularly, conversations with Summer Sayles, Haleena Gill, Hermon Nizghi, and Marty started to put this backdoor in motion. Gino started to realize that the house would continue to associate him with Kyle as long as Kyle remained in the game. He also knew if Kyle won Veto, he would likely go out next. Kyle is easily the target of most of the house, so unless Kyle wins HOH or Veto next week, he would, most likely, be heading home. Gino started to believe that by nominating and basically ensuring Kyle’s eviction that that would kill anyone associating him with the marked man Kyle.

He also thought that with Kyle gone he could form an alliance with Haleena, Josh Nash, and Marty to go after Hermon, Tynesha, and Moose Bendago. He thought with Kyle gone he could also start to rebuild trust. Marty also told Gino that he would never work with Kyle, but wanted to work with Gino and Jacey-Lynne Graham. Marty and others also told him about all Kyle’s game lies and how he found himself one of the victims of a blindside last week. Gino spoke to his showmance partner Jacey-Lynne and she was right on board to get Kyle out this week.

Now, this is a very bad plan for Gino. First, Kyle is the house’s target. If he goes, then that shield is gone and people could start to look at the one showmance in the game. Essentially, Gino could move up the target ranking with the house with Kyle gone. I do believe that Gino will be able to form an alliance with the players he wants, but it will be short-term. The minute they get the chance, Gino is gone. Nine players also just flipped the house without telling Gino or Jacey-Lynne, which means that both are already at the bottom of the house, and the majority may have no problem turning on them again. 

Kyle is a sloppy player but he’s not Gino’s problem to deal with, so this may come back to bite Gino later. I do think this move helps Gino get a few weeks further in the game–may be making it to the jury–but it doesn’t get him anywhere near the finals. We still have nearly 24-hours until the Power of Veto Ceremony, so Gino could change his mind on nominees, but at the moment, Kyle will be going up and likely out this week. Gino also wants to wait to tell Kyle until 30 or 20 minutes before the POV Ceremony, so Kyle is about to be the victim of a blindside two weeks in a row. 

What do you think of Gino nominating Kyle this week? Good or bad move for his BBCAN10 game?

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