Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 29 Season 1 Finale (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada Topaz vote

There was plenty of drama, planned and unplanned, last night on Big Brother Canada. The 2-hour season finale was filled with surprising competition results and the most shocking vote screw up I’ve ever seen.

The final three, Gary, Jillian, and Emmett faced off in a three-part Head of Household competition before evicting one last HG to join the jury. Watch it all play out plus see the return of every HG from Big Brother Canada season 1.

If you missed last night’s season finale then you must watch it now. Read our detailed recap of what happened at each step and who won what competitions.

This is likely to go down as the biggest flub in Big Brother history.

Big Brother Canada Episode 29 Season Finale:

Well that was nuts! What do you make of all of that?


  1. I am done with BBC. The host should had done like during the entire season during evictions asking each house guest who would be evicted….this time should be asking each one who would be the winner vote instead.
    Jillian won but will never be the winner! She will be always remembered the HG that won by a
    mistake and as for Gary, this loss will be nothing compared the success that he is getting.

    • That’s the way votes have been cast for 13 years on BBUS. I’ve always expected someone to finally screw it up, but like Arisa said, they do explain how those votes work. Topaz just made a costly error.

      • Yeah, I’ve always worried when watching BBUS that someone would mess up, and last night, I thought for sure Talla was going to finally do it and accidentally vote for Gary, because A) She’s a ditz in general, and B) She seemed confused as she was handling her keys. Didn’t expect to see it out of Topaz, but she wasn’t paying much attention to what she was doing because she was so busy gloating so in hindsight I guess it isn’t surprising.

    • IF she didn’t mean to vote for Jillian, she should have been listening to the directions given. It was said not once, but twice, RIGHT BEFORE THEY VOTED. And if Topaz has watched BBUS ever then she should have known the drill. They have been using that system for 13 seasons and it has worked just fine.

  2. I honestly can’t believe a player who has zero idea about this game at the beginning ended up winning the whole thing.
    Jillian didn’t even know Dan Gheesling like JEEZ woman!

    • Happens all the time. Jordan had no clue what BB was before her first season, she got picked up in a mall or something, asked to audition. She won 5-2 season 11. She admited that she had no clue what BB was. Saying someone shouldn’t win based on if they are a fan of something is stupid.

  3. It was very obvious to all involved that this was a mistake; by so closely ‘following the rules’, Gary was denied his rightful win. Such a disappointing end to an otherwise great season. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth to know that the winner of Big Brother Canada was denied their victory on a technicality. And to watch Emmett gleefully clapping at Topaz’s error made me sick to my stomach. Shame on you, Big Brother Canada!

  4. If they are following BBUS then this is the way it’s played. Listen to the rules! Gary was sweet and Jillian was a lying Little B but she played the game. This is what BB is about! Who can pull off competitions and best at playing people. Even if we don’t like her she played the game. I have watched BBUS from the beginning and I luv and hate it but I keep watching . You will too .

  5. Does anyone have any idea who tampered with the camera that resulted in the house getting all those punishments?

  6. out of everyone’s vote Topaz was the obvious one!! I have a hard time believing that she “accidently” voted for Jillian! BB has done a lot to screw people this season.. and I pray this was not one of them! Because that is sick!

  7. Flub??!!! … because one contestant didn’t pay attention to what she was doing … in reality tv, human error is a part of the game people often overlook … a win is a win … period! … the right person won and fate made sure that happened .. wtg Jillian!!! … best part of the season was hearing the comments of approval to our friends south of our border … keep watching like we watch you … awesome! awesome! awesome! my fav player was Danielle and this season would have been much better had you stayed much longer. Congrats to BBC and all 15 who made it on to a show we’d all love to be on. Peace, oot and that’s how we do it in Ca Na Daaaa !!

  8. What a class act by Emmett on his eviction!! So sad he didn’t win… should have been Emmett and jillian in the final. Bringing anyone back late in the game was NOT fair !!!

    • I was rooting for Gary, right up until he got evicted. When he came back that late all I could think was, “please evict him, he shouldn’t be there”.
      If you want to bring someone back fine. Isolate the first 6 evicted in the season (Kat-Suzette) then have a vote when the first person that should be jury gets evicted. That person goes home and someone from the 6 goes back in. Then jury starts to form the next eviction.

  9. I’m so disappointed that Gary was not the one to win this, poor Topaz was shocked, she could not understand what she had done. Gary was the one that deserved it the most. Was a good season, I loved every bit of it though.

  10. It was easy for someone to maie the mistake that Topaz did. they should keep it consistent or at the very lest have them say the name of the person they want to win the 100 k such as “I want {…….} to win the 100k” that way there would not be any discrepency.

  11. yes congrats Jillian …you deserved the win 100% ..I was never gonna watch Big Brother Canada again if Gary had won . When he came back in the game I thought was not fair…But Emmett was the fool , he should have not trusted Gary …


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