Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 22 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 22

Drama was aplenty on Big Brother Canada last night with the Power of Veto up for grabs and more cheating and a disqualification. Shocking, I know. Maybe we should just expect that to come standard in competitions from one HG.

Watch episode 22 of Big Brother Canada in the video below:

Did Jillian make the right choice with her renom this week? Was there really any other choice?

We’re getting ready for the next eviction plus the big twist on Thursday.


  1. Well what can you say… Milkman is cheating again… And to top it all off… he cries about it.. What can you say… Once a cheater always a cheater….

  2. Felt sorry for Peter, after hearing his comments in the D.R…LaLa has got to go..she should not even be playing this game(which, I might add, she is not!!)

    • Where are you getting that? Talla is final 5 from floating, which is an established strategy throughout bb history. If i were in there, i would float…

      • Floaters usually last quite a while but no one wants to vote for a floater to win… the trick is to play hard without making enemies along the way. The best game stategy i’ve seen was the Brigade, where four people form a secret alliance and each member latches onto one other person so they can possibly have eight votes each time…

    • Yeah, I felt bad for Peter too. His comments like “he never really mattered” and all that started pulling at my heart strings. He and Alec were from my area. I think they are both smart. Jillian has made too many enemies in the jury house. She wont win this. Sadly, Talla will likely make final 2.

    • Why feel sorry for Peter? I like him and all but on live feeds before bed lastnight he was going through all the possibilities of how he screwed up his game but couldn’t figure out that if he had used his veto it would have changed his game. He even said he wants to talk to other BB players to ask them what he did wrong! I think Talla deserves more credit then she gets. Look how far she’s made it!

  3. Okay, 3rd DQ, really Emmett? Then again, Peter seemed to have it much worse, throwing frustrated-induced fits after not winning the veto.

    BTW, I like how the show brought in the classic Big Brother freeze task for this week’s rewards challenge. I don’t think BBUSA ever did that unless it was from their first season. The task in BBCan really gave us some nice touching TV moments, for sure.

    I’m hoping Jillian would go against what Emmett wants and get Peter out of the house. He’s not worth keeping.

    • …followed by an eviction of Talla although she’s such a utility player that there’s that remote possibility she might reach Final 2 just so the odds would be any of the remaining houseguests’ favor/favour.

  4. Once again even less reasons to like Emmet or Jillian. They’re not ‘bad’ people, but I can’t say I’d want them representing my family on national tv. Peter’s sadly going home, and the two guppies (Andrew & Talla) somehow believe Jillian’s promise of them being ”special” to her. Wow – guess we’re in for a Jimmet final afterall. I’m hoping Alec comes back and wins HoH straight up – hopefully Alec/Andrew in the final – won’t happen, but I’m hoping!

    • Why because there owning? I hate how people say stuff like that representing your family and all that stuff. Like their owning there in final five and people judge them for having a meltdown on big brother! It’s not like there visiting the president or something there stuck in a house and put on slop every other week and you know why big brother does that????? For them to blow up and create drama! Like frick and we sit behind on tv probably eating ice cream and drinking coolaid serve by servants judging them! So ridiculous. Give emmet a break he s a competitor at least he shows emotion and frustration and actually trying to win when you have people like topaz or other houseguests just walking in competitions. He just got caught up in the moment give it a break he got DQ and paid his dues move on.

      • Dusty I totally get what you’re saying, and I can respect that. I just have a really hard time understanding what you’re saying when you keep using “there” for everything. They’re = they are. Their = a possessive. There = a place. Sorry in advance for the english lesson.

        • lol sorry I was typing on my phone but i actually do get those mixed up sometimes so I thank you for the help! Thats my game I can dish it out and take some cronstructive criticism without flipping out unlike other people when they get called out on here!

        • Dusty, you really gotta read through your comments (and the ones you’re responding to) before you send out an opinion… It looks like Matt said already that they aren’t (which is short for are NOT) bad people – but rather they are making poor choices in how they represent themselves and their families. I agree with him. If I had to pick one of the houseguests to represent my family it wouldn’t be somebody who freaks out and denies cheating, nor would it be somebody who laughs and takes joy at lying to their ”friends” inside the house. Yes, lying and going nuts is part of the game (and BB Production sets it up as an easy choice), but if you’ve watched the show, not everyone makes those type of poor choices… I’m hoping Alec comes back and represents again!

          • Thanks Raymond, I appreciate the props, but it’s ok. Dusty may not have said it legibly but I do hear what he’s saying – I think he’s just confusing what I said with those that make broad sweeping judgements on how ”good” or ”bad” a person is (in real life) based on what we see on tv. I agree with him that I’m tired of those type of comments, which is why I started off by saying Jimmet aren’t ”bad” people, it’s just that they’ve made some really poor choices in representing themselves and therefore I’m hoping for Andrew, Alec or Peter to pull it through somehow! 🙂

  5. Jillian had shorts on when she answered the phone but, had changed clothes done hair and makeup befor going to living room. She had to look pretty for the camera.The rest of house guest all dad same clothes on

  6. No one should come back to play the game.They were voted out and should stay out. Not fair to the people still fighting to get to the end.

  7. Well jillbot n em fans might wanna rethink sending Peter home this week cause next week if talla n Andrew can pull their heads outta Jill’s butt for 2.2 with glitter boys help will be 3 against 1 in the next hoh n jillbots gonna go home!

  8. Sadly, Peter is going home. Even though he and Alec were from my area, I was rooting for the east coast alliance because I have a soft spot in my heart for NS. Talla is going to be kept around now because most people believe that they can beat her in final 2. The only person that Talla can beat in final 2 is Jillian. But wtf was that with the initial nominations. Talla is “too, too cute to go on the block”??? Really, Jill??? You can come up with a better excuse than that. She should have said that Peter and Andrew were threats and give them the respect they deserve. I’m glad Andrew pulled himself off. I hope he wins this. Sadly, I think I’ve lost respect for Jill and Emmetts game play.

  9. I thought it was funny when Jillian said that peter was a sore loser and told him to grow up for not winning the pov. Maybe you should’ve told your boyfriend emmet to do the same instead of letting him walk all over you.

  10. Best chance to evict Talla is F4. This presumes the returning HG is not playing but just hosting. Lets say Andrew wins HOH, Emmit wins POV or even Jillian. Then Lala goes out 4th.

    The other even crazier way is Alec reenters the game and is given 1 vote but then must leave. He votes Lala and then Emmit must decide to screw over Jillian and keep Peter. That would make for a pretty good hour tonight. BBAD would be epic after the HOH comp with Andrew and perhaps Jillian going ballistic. Then HOH was won by Andrew, Peter wins POV and evicts Jillian! Emmit the genius strikes again. Peter and Andrew play the last comp as Emmit crashes and burns getting DQ’d twice in a row! Andrew takes Peter and milkmance gets a giant FAIL! OK that’s my fun today!
    I don’t think the returning guest will have a vote tonight. They could have to compete against the evicted HG(Peter) to return to play the game. Double eviction next Thursday. Really depends on whether production has actually decided to let go of Peter or not.

  11. BB production seems to be all over the map with their rule about the HG’s helping each other during the POV’s… Emmett gets nailed for cheating a couple of times but i’m sure in earlier pov comps, the hg’s were helping each other out… sorry i haven’t had time to review the old shows but i’m almost positive that some players were giving advice to others on many occasions.

    • Yeah I think most of us can agree that the BB Prod.Team is really trying to fit in 15 seasons of BB-USA into one season of BB-Canada and it’s just looking like a train wreck! This is sad because in some ways the show would’ve worked out just fine if they had only been patient and let some drama naturally unfold (instead of dirty tricks like they did with Topaz). Heck I’m not even a supporter of Topaz but I totally think she got steamrolled by the production team! Now they’re trying to ”rebalance” things but it’s like trying to clean a muddy shirt by throwing more mud at it!

  12. Jillian and Emmett make me sick!
    Emmett whines like a baby, and Jillian is the poorest winner I have ever seen! Andrew or the returning houseguest (Gary??) better win 🙂

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