Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Double Eviction & Next HoH

Get ready for the next TWO evictions tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 as we return to a normal round of voting by the house unlike last week’s twisted events, but then buckle up for round 2!

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

We’ve got Dillon and Emily on the Block after Kevin declined to use the Power of Veto. Nine votes and no chance of a tie-breaker by William leaves the house in control of who will be evicted first tonight during the big Double Eviction event.

Oh my oh yes we’ve got a Double Eviction show tonight as first we’ll see either Dillon or Emily sent packing but they won’t be the only one to go.

William is about to be the outgoing HoH so he’ll be vulnerable but the rest will have the chance to win safety as the next HoH as part the rapid pace of events. A quick HoH comp followed by noms, Veto, and then a second vote. It’ll zip right past us.

Remember to avoid social media this evening if you want to make sure it’s a surprise. These shows are taped in advance, nevermind all that “live show” baloney, so the spoilers get out early and will spread. I’ll be waiting patiently to find out what happens as it happens so get ready to join us for the fun.

Who do you want to see evicted during the second vote of the night? Share your picks below.

BBCAN5 is tonight on Global at 8/7c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


  1. Thoughts:
    – Depending on who stays one of them needs to step up their game
    – Neda is pretty much Vanessa of this Season. She’s overconfident but is untouchable. As nasty as she’s been she’s in a good position so far.
    – Can a newbie actually use their head? Please? Emily has so far and she’s probably going home. What ever happened to smart newbies like Paul or Ian.

  2. Will Neda’s safety end tonight? The first five HG are usually not on the jury; if that’s the case then her safety may end with the first eviction. I hope so b/c I want her to go in the second round.

    • I’m very curious about Neda’s safety too. That’d be high stakes if they made her vulnerable at the DE’s second round.

      Yeah, I wish they did “live shows” as actually live. After 5 seasons of pretaped I think it’s safe to say they never will.

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