Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Double Eviction Tonight? 4/13/17

Buckle in for tonight’s Double Eviction on Big Brother Canada 5 as we get ready for the Dillon versus Emily match up in the first round and then who knows what comes next in the second of the night’s evictions.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

After last week’s anything-but-normal eviction show we’re in for another interesting night. I’ve actually managed to avoid the spoilers so far and if you have too then let’s get ready to find out which two Houseguests go home tonight on BBCAN5.

It’s Dillon versus Emily and from what we’ve seen so far this week it looks like Emily will be the one to go. The Vet guys think they can use Dillon, but after Kevin declined to use his Veto and give Dimily (okay, not a thing) a chance to stay together it looks like Dillon might go for revenge. Now that’d be interesting.

Another unknown for tonight is whether or not Neda’s immunity is over as Arisa Cox told us we were getting close to Jury, but just how close? Update: Yes! Jury starts tonight with the second eviction! Busy night ahead and plenty of possibilities. Let’s see what happens!

Round 1 – Eviction Votes:

  • Bruno: VTE Emily
  • Sindy: VTE Emily
  • Neda: VTE Emily
  • Jackie: VTE Emily
  • Dre: VTE Dillon
  • Kevin: VTE Emily
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Karen: VTE Emily
  • Ika: VTE Emily
  • Demetres: VTE Emily

By a vote of 8-1, Emily has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Arisa announces to the HGs that this is a DE and informs Neda her safety twist has ended as Jury begins with tonight’s second eviction.

Time for the second half of tonight’s events! Let’s see who is the next to take control and who heads to Jury.

Round 2 – HoH:

  • Round 1: Demetres & Ika eliminated
  • Round 2: Neda, Dillon, & Jackie eliminated
  • Round 3: Karen, Dre, & Bruno eliminated
  • Round 4: Both correct. Kevin & Sindy remain.
  • Round 5 Tie-breaker: Sindy is closer w/o going over

Sindy is the new HoH after guessing 22 while Kevin’s 190+ guess went over the roughly 150+ answer. She will now have to nominate 2 HGs.

Round 2 – Nominations:

  • Dillon
  • Jackie

Sindy is competing with her noms Dillon and Jackie against Ika, Neda, and Karen.

Round 2 – Veto Comp:

  • Jackie won the Veto

Round 2 – Veto Ceremony:

  • Jackie uses the Veto
  • Sindy names… NEDA!
  • Final noms are Dillon & Neda

Round 2 – Eviction Votes:

  • Kevin: VTE Neda
  • William: VTE Neda
  • Jackie: VTE Dillon
  • Demetres: VTE Neda
  • Bruno: VTE Neda
  • Ika: VTE Neda
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Dre: VTE Neda
  • Karen: VTE Neda

By a vote of 7-1, Neda has been evicted from BBCAN. She’ll be the first to join the Jury. WOW! What a night!

Round 2 – HoH: ‘Buzzkilled’

Endurance awaits the remaining Houseguests with all but Sindy competing. We’ll keep an eye on the Feeds and find out who wins control in the ever shrinking house.

The comp started off around 10PM ET and has all the HGs lined up at a buzzer. It sounds like each round will eliminate one HG and they won’t know when the moment comes to hit their buzzer. HGs can either go inside and wait at their buzzer station.

First round lasted about 70 minutes and ended with Demetres being the last to hit his button. He’s out. Big Brother is giving Feedsters a 5-min warning countdown before the alarm goes off. That’s pretty cool of them. Thanks, BB. So who will make it all night and be the winner?

Spoilers: Find out who won HoH last night in the endurance comp.

No we are down to just ten Houseguests left and little over a month to go in the season. Time to start knocking off HGs left and right to get us ready for the expected May 18th finale event!

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