Big Brother Canada Week 8: Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight on Slice at 9PM ET/PT with its weekly Power of Veto competition and ceremony episode. According to whispers and pieces we’ve put together on the Feeds there was yet another disqualification for cheating. Gee, I wonder which HG might have done that.

So along with all that drama we’ll watch this week’s Power of Veto competition and follow-on Veto ceremony. One HG will have the power to overturn the HoH’s nominations and force a renom, if the holder wants that to happen.

The Veto competition and ceremony have already been held in the house, but tonight’s show will get you all caught up. Of course you can just check our spoilers page for all those details in one spot.

Of course the big story this week for Big Brother Canada is the latest PowerShift twist which is sending one jury member back in to the game to compete for the chance at the big prize money. Yep, one HG will get to skip over week’s of competitions and re-enter the race. I’m sure that’ll go over great with the remaining HGs, right?


  1. Anyone who is watching the lives fees know which one of peter and talla is looking like there going to get evicted?

      • I agree it will be Peter unless Emmett persuedes Jill otherwise, then we’ll know for sure whose game she’s really playing! I’ve been watching live feeds all day today and Jill’s been changing her mind about who she’s voting off because there’s a lot of triangulation going on. Eventually I hope Emmett goes because he’s too controlling but you don’t see it unless you watch the live feeds and I hope Talla finally wins something like the next HOH!

      • Emmit was making headway before sleepy time. He may vote Peter just to put Jillbot in a bind. It would be truely terrible game play for Jillian to keep Peter.
        On the feeds Emmit was saying keep Peter they are garunteed top 3. No you are not. Peter or Andrew win HOH and the other wins POV 1 of E/J is going out the door. Peters problem is how does he get to the final comp to play 7 questions. He is in deep if he keeps Jillian around F3. She’ll own endurance. Andrew or Emmit win physical depending whose left.
        Alot of presumptions for everyone left. I’d almost love to see Lala go but it hurts Andrews game so I hope it’s Peter.
        Lastly the voting is closed on the POWERSHIFT. Wonder what they are going to do with it. Rumor on the net has Gary with close to 50% of the votes. I think if Gary had 1% he’s still going to be chosen.

  2. After watching tonights episode I want Emmett gone so bad. He’s a cheating little baby and really showed his true colors. Talla is a complete waste of time as a competitor and even though I was never a fan of Peter I felt bad for him in regard to the comments he made about wanting to matter. Out of all of them I really hope “Uncle Andrew” wins it all!

  3. Good job to Andrew for winning the POV! But it sucks that Peter is going to be evicted from the looks of it 🙁

    Andrew deserves to win.

  4. I like Jemmet a lot and been rooting for them to win but idk Andrew is really growing on me he is hilarious I’m wanting him to make the finals.

    • And what’s up with her “not wanting to be on the block”! Who does want to be up there? You are right,she has never even won anything!

  5. Ughh I’m so sick of Emmett and Jillian! Emmett needs to stop cheating and then acting like it wasn’t his fault. Well buddy, if you did it three times, then we can’t help but notice the pattern, can we? I like Andrew but hes’s an idiot to even think Jill would take him to final two. She’s not really thinking game right now as she’s a bit blinded by love. But still out of all the houseguests left, I am now officially rooting for Andrew.

    • What really got me was Emmett having the nerve to say he “didn’t hear the rules” I’d have much more respect for the guy if he just owned it but instead he then acted like everyone should feel sorry for him. Really childish. And excellent point, 3 times caught cheating!!

    • I agree! They are so cocky and she is an airhead-he is playing her like a puppet. She is like a 12yr old with a crush! They both need to go!

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