Big Brother Canada: Week 8 Eviction Prediction

Shield alliance on Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada one HG will be evicted while another will head inside to play again as part of the latest PowerShift twist. We’ve been watching the Feeds and know just what to expect on the front side of tonight’s action.

Either Peter or Talla will be evicted after the Veto Ceremony changed up the Peter/Andrew nominations. There are just two votes tonight which means we could get a tiebreaker by Jillian, but we won’t.

When the votes are cast we’ll be saying goodbye to Peter and his YELLING DR SESSIONS. Yeah, I’m not going to miss those at all. Both Andrew and Emmett are going to vote to evict Peter and avoid forcing a tiebreak vote from the HoH. This has been the plan for awhile now, but Peter had held out hope for Emmett and Jillian’s support until this morning. Jillian broke the news to Peter and he’s been taking it okay, but has definitely not given in.

Peter is warning Jillian that she’ll lose his vote, Alec’s vote, and Gary’s vote if she does not persuade Emmett to keep him. He’s being tough on her, but can you blame him? It’s a lost cause, but he’s got a few more hours to push on her for his safety.

Do you think Andrew and Emmett should vote out Peter or Talla? We’ll be live blogging tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode when it airs on Slice at 10PM ET, but keep in mind that there will be spoilers out there ahead of the show. Avoid Twitter if you want to keep those a surprise for tonight’s show. We’ll see you back here tonight!


  1. Talla should go home…its time they pulled her life jacket…she is a floater and doesn’t deserve to stay. What are everyones thoughts on who is coming back tonight?

  2. Talla has done nothing this season what’s so ever she doesn’t even deserve to be in the final four

    • True, but then isn’t she the perfect person to take to the final two? No matter who sat next to her, she would never win.

    • I agree with that !!!! I don’t know what Peter was thinking when he didn’t save Topaz on the Double Evict. Force one of the core 4 to go out the door. That was his downfall. Had he done that and still lost everything this week, Topaz would be the one more likely to be headed out the door this week.

  3. Peter is being super annoying about all this. Plus saying that Andrew/Talla have done nothing game-wise when he hasn’t either just makes him look like a sore loser.

    Also telling Jillian that he will taint her votes will probably make Emmett more likely to evict him if he’s in F2 with her lol.

    • Sooo agree with you, everyone underestimates Andrew for some reason, when he has impacted the game as much as Jillian has.

      • Peter’s only game move is to make his stupid Shield gesture. I have visions of Peter as an old, old man, still crossing his arms and grunting. How he is any more worthy of staying than Talla is a mystery to me. Sure, Talla is annoying, but at least she isn’t holding onto an alliance that has existed for weeks.

    • Not to mention how annoying she is. She doesn’t shut up. And flying off the handle over nothing. Then she goes on and on and on. Enough of Talla.

    • Yea man, she should be winning everything and putting a target on her back. Sure, she has a prime position and doesnt have to win anything to make it far… but screw that! Some BB fans dont seem to understand BB…

      • hahah I understand that but she not playing to win the game no one would vote for her. You see it every year people who do the floater strategy make it really far, but then just get evicted at the end or never win the game. Wait K I think Jun is the only floater winner out of guess now 14 seasons of big brother. Still, yeah its a strategy to get far, but your not going to win that way

        • Both she and Allison were floaters of the game in BB4. Their strategy was to be in side alliances with the more powerful players and allow the rest of the house to target each other until it’s only the two of them left. That way, they could avoid being targeted and let the others think that they’re no threat.

          The only thing they had to worry about is which one of them has the most beef against the members of the jury which could cost them to win that season.

          I think Lisa was also a floater of a winner in BB3.

  4. I still think that the power-shift should come about before the vote and let Gary vote too. It would certainly shake it up, Peter stays and Tala goes and Emmett could migrate to team Gary and Peter… That would make me laugh for sure… Jillian wouldn’t suspect Emmett’s withdrawl from showmance mode . That would make me laugh cause she’s making some shady deals thinking she’s outsmarting everyone… In an effort to get to finale two…

      • Although they “own” the game, Emmett’s still a snake! Jill’s been playing his game she better make her own moves soon.

        • I really don’t understand when people say she doesn’t play her own game. She made the decision to be in an alliance with Emmet for her own game. And is using that Alliance to further herself in the game. At work do you just not listen to other employees opinions? Of course not because their a team just like Jemmet, just like Chilltown, just like the brigade, just like every other alliance. You use that alliance up until a certain part in time. Look last episode made final two with Andrew she lied but Andrew def taking her. She been playing the best game out of anyone so far!

          • Also, she evicting Peter tonight if Emmet makes it a tie when Emmets wants to keep Peter!

          • It would have been so interesting if Jillian had put Emmet on the block. Now that would have been the best back door ever, and probably would have won her some votes with the other players. What a shame.

          • yes, BBfan I agree she’s playing a good game but I hope her feelings for Emmett don’t get in the way of her own game. I notice when she talks with Emmett she acts so wishy washy and he seems very controlling about game decisions, she tells him she’ll take him to the end. Yet when she talks to Talla she has said she’ll never win against him in the F2, and doesn’t want to go to the end with 2 guys (F3), so that being said I hope she gets rid of Emmett when she can – before he gets rid of her! Although maybe the jury would vote for her instead of him, who knows!

        • Emmett was disqualify many times and he is still playing the game and to make matters worse,when he is caught he argued with Big Brother.I would let him pack his bags and be in the jury house.

    • All I know is that I’m going to laugh my a$$ off tonight just seeing the shocked looks on those two when the game switches up again

  5. I actually didn’t mind Peter and I give him props for actually trying to play the game. But in all honestly I think he takes to much credit for stuff he didn’t do at all. He was basically AJ except won a few comps. If you look at all the times in the DR where he said i’m a very influential person, and then he goes and tries to maniuplates the hoh or someone. That person DR session right after is basically, I don’t buy at all what Peter saying but there bigger threats right now and i’m not worry about Peter. But hen Peter takes complete credit for saving himself lol. Seriously, he really hasn’t done that much in the game to impact it.

  6. it sucks that Jilian and Emmett have made it together this far..big mistake that they were not broke up earlier..would love Peter and Alec to have taken it but they both screwed up too many chances..hoping Gary takes it all

  7. The complaining is so odd. They are not playing to entertain us. Them bringing Talla to the final four is the best move they can make. In the end, floater vs. competition winner with friends in the JH, who wins? Talla vs. Jillian and Talla vs. Emmett and Talla vs. Andrew. Who wins? Jillian, Emmett or Andrew. They have a much greater chance of making it to the final three if they bring Talla to the final four instead of Peter. Talla will bring Andrew to the final two so she’s good for him, and Emmett and Jillian have no chance of losing to her over Peter. They are doing what is needed to win and they rightfully don’t give a damn at who we want gone.
    Last time I checked, people complained over the eviction of Danielle, Kat, Suzette, AJ, and such because people were getting rid of floaters instead of actual competition like Tom, Emmett, Alec, Jillian, and Peter.
    With that, I hope Peter goes, I think he’s going, I will be happy when he goes, and, if for some reason Talla goes, way to go Nova Scotia, you’re screwed, especially if Alec returns.

  8. People seem to forget what a “floater” is. A floater isn’t someone who doesn’t have an alliance and is on the outsider… a floater is someone who aligns with whoever is in power at the time -_-

  9. Peter’s right. When the season is over people will just look at him as the nobody who didn’t make a big move (veto Topaz) when had had the chance. If he did, he could align himself with her and she would most likely go before him. I love how Gary will walk in right after he walks out, such delicious irony.

  10. boy is jillian and Emmet going to be surprised and worried when they see Gary walk in I hope the get taste of their own mediceine dirty dirty players those two I can not belief she is a teacher. Game or not there there is only so much you can fake

  11. Great big brother Canada …everybody lies and cheats …it’s the name of the game ….Go Jill …Go …..Who ever wins …I enjoyed every minute ….of this show …

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