Big Brother Canada Week 5 HoH Results

The Feeds had been out for more than a day by the time they returned early Saturday morning to reveal an early look at who may have become the latest Head of Household for Big Brother Canada. Read on for the spoilers or avert your eyes and await Sunday night’s episode.

Alec Beall on Big Brother CanadaAt first glance when we could see back inside the house after 1AM ET it appeared that Alec had become the new HoH but no nominations had yet been made.

Initial conversations indicate we may be seeing nominations for Suzette and AJ coming our way whenever the ceremony is eventually held.

We will continue to monitor the Feeds and update if those nom plans change, otherwise we’ll make it official when the ceremony takes place.

Are you glad to hear Alec became the new Head of Household for this week’s Big Brother? If you were HoH, then who would you nominate?


  1. The Shield remains strong. Suzette and AJ as noms seems logical. If they can convince AJ that he’s the pawn this week it might not be so bad. In the rare case that Suzette wins Veto, Alec could renom Gary and send him out. Gary is one heck of a player and The Shield/Quattro(Trio) need to act soon.

    • I agree. I know the house thinks Canada loves Suzette and that is why she was taken off the block last time. I think everyone was just rebelling against Tom and his bullying. I think Suzette should go. They have been talking in the house on After Dark that she has left 3 kids behind with her husband. And she doesn’t seem to miss them. She wants to go to jury. That doesn’t seem to be sitting right with the house. And I don’t blame them. She is there to win the money, but aint happening honey, so go home to your kids.

      • Suzette being saved has nothing to do with “Canada” as the votes are never used and the results are whatever BB production wants them to be… wake up, this is TV land, did you not notice that there is no verification process in place to tally the votes by an independant company (as they do in American Idol)… if there really was an arms length auditing firm conducting the “polls” you can bet they would be telling you that. On a side note, now that the interesting players are mostly gone from the house, no one would miss Suzette… i’m cheering for the longshot vampire !

  2. I’m pretty much done watching this show, its become way to predictable now. Unless BB does something dramatic to switch everything up where the nominees on the block can turn around and pick their replacement, I don’t see how this show will hold a captive audience as the next few weeks are going to be painfully slow as outcome is obvious.

    • I have to disagree with you as a vet watching BBUSA. See you have folks still in multi alliances. This week is a perfect example. Suzette is the Target according to the feeds and AJ the pawn. That’s not good for AJ…lol. So what do you think Gary will do when he becomes aware Suz is the target. He’ll go balistic. Then you have Topaz. Does she support Gary to save Suz or stick with Alec decision. Gary, Topaz plus Emmit/Jillian could be 4 votes to save Suzette. Emmit may have to make a tough choice as does Topaz this week.
      Yeah there is still drama and with so many floaters nothing is that predictable. Generally when your down to about 6 the game is easier to predict. Excluding BB14 and the “misting” by Dan. Now that was good TV. Danielle taking Dan off the block and costing herself a garunteed 50K in the process along with getting Shane backdoored.

      • that was super stupid… she is truly a southern bell… that danielle… o em g… that was rowdy and yes this show is so predictable… they will send suz out the door…meanwhile aj has done fk all

    • i totally agree… its so dumb, girls just go stupid when they go in there… are u kidding me… i am right irritated… first 2 weeks 2 female hoh’s 2 females walk out the door… u know it will be a man who wins this!

      • well i thought this was a game not a love nest or matchmaker game. canada really needs to start to doing things that make our shows stand out and not try to copy the usa so much. If alec was smart he would get rid of the next big threat that would be emmett , this is a game for money not a game to find a bedmate or a fuckbuddy. As far as suzette goes she has a family yes but she in there to win money to help her family really you people are going to condem her for trying to make a better life for her kids?? why becuase she isnt sleeping with the guys in the house she doesnt have a tv romance?? this is a game people the only one who has big enough balls to make a big move was gary , I watch it to see gary and he isnt scared to do the big moves and yet the man has the smallest balls in the house. Canada needs to stop sticking in the usa shadow they are trying to hard to be like them, they are keeping emmett and jillian in there becase they are trying to have a sweetheart couple like the usa again where it was jordon and I forget his name. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE LIKE THE USA. try something that makes us unique and stand out, If i wanted to watch people in bed and making out and getting ready to have sex i would watch a porn. alec if you were smart buddy emmett would be next to be out buddy you are in it to win the money for yourself your not helping someone steal that money from your hands. geeze

    • That’s ridiculous it never gets predictable because at some point everyone has to evict people from their alliance and that’s when it’s gets interesting.

    • EXACTLY!! The right casting is very important for the BB season to be successful and a memorable one. It’s week 5 and I don’t think there’s gonna be a villain or a villainess here. They all seem to follow what the HOH want. They’re all too nice. Alec and Peter are the only ones that’s strategizing. They’re kinda boring too. Come on! I wanna see some backstabbing,lying scheming and more of the Topaz ghetto…hopefully it will get better…

  3. Just a few of my thoughts. I think this week the noms will be either aj, Suzette or Talla as no one wants to bring out the big guns yet. The hoh needs to make some big moves there are way to many alliances. Hoh needs to remember that big brother can and will throw in surprises. We already seen them do it once and wekniw a second double eviction is coming. Peter is who I think may win as he seems to be playing the game very ads strategic. I would love to see big brother bring on some crazy twist. Like when the holder of the power of veto is given an offer of money to either keep the money and allow viewers to use the veto and on who.

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