Big Brother Canada: Week 5 HoH Remains Hidden From Feeds – Update

Andrew on Big Brother CanadaThe Big Brother Canada week 5 HoH remains hidden from prying eyes on the Feeds as production has kept house activities hidden since late last night.

When the Feeds return we expect news on who has usurped Andrew’s throne as the Head of Household for this new and full week of competitions and events. The nominations should follow later on Friday or early Saturday along with a Veto competition over the weekend, per the routine schedule.

If you missed last night’s show then we’ve got the summary recap and the full episode depending on how much time you’ve got. It was a great episode and definitely worth watching if you can.

At last standing we had Andrew as the outgoing HoH following the eviction of Tom and Liza. Whether or not Suzette seeks revenge for her nomination at Andrew’s hands is yet to be seen, but I’m guessing she’ll get over it quickly.

Who do you hope is revealed to be the new Head of Household when the Feeds return? It can be anyone but Andrew, so get to guessing and share your thoughts in the Comments section below! In the meantime we’ll keep an eye on the Feeds and report any news as it’s available.

Update – @BigBrotherCA announces the Feeds will remain off until tonight:


  1. Why hide the feeds?!?!! Well, when have they ever shown challenges on the feeds? Exactly…NEVER. Plusthe feeds are free, I feel Big Brother Canada is doing a great job with the live feeds.

  2. Whoever gets hoh is going to be quite interesting because everyone main targets are gone now hopefully some new alliances form. I could see Emmet jumping ship to a diff alliance.

    • Sorry but your incorrect on targets. Most HG’s are targeting Emmit and/or Jillian. Unless either wins HOH or perhaps Gary HOH I think that’s whose going up. I think Alec and Peter would both nominate Emmit(as a pawn…LOL) and then backstab him.
      Also interesting how no eviction has had a close vote. That tells me a couple bullies are intimidating everyone. Gary being an obvious one. With Liza gone a floaters going to win this season. They’ll get Glitter out before 5 along with Alec and Peter plus Emmit. Someone off the radar like AJ may win this and that would be hillarious. I’d even give Suzette a shot but the 3 part final has the 1st 2 challenges as physical. Then again production has catered to Suz every need to stay in the game. Part one could be 7 question on new mothers things you should know. If she loses that comp then part 2 might be 7 question on aboriginal communities in BC. If she loses the 1st 2 of the 3 part comp they’ll make up a a powershift that only production can vote on and eliminate the jury vote to get her the well earned win. LOL

      • Actually you are wrong. If you watch BB after dark you would know the Alec and Peter are working with Emmit and Jillian and actually said they would not mind being in the final 4 with them. They are after Suzette (again), maybe this time they will actually get her. They are also after AJ and Talla, they promised Andrew they would not put him up this week. They all know who the floaters are and are after them. Peter and Alec will avoid getting blood on their hands as long as possible.

        • I haven’t missed a single BBAD in it’s entirety. You have to understand how BB is played based on US influence. Emmit becomes a target to Peter and Alec based on this old tested thinking. “We can’t beat Emmit in the final.” Ther final 2 deal is with each other. It may be 2 early to get rid of Emmit but these 2 will stab him in the back unless Gary gets Alec out for putting up Suzette.(I’m writing this after the feeds are bach up) As I wrote elsewhere going after Suzette has consequences. Gary will not be happy. Target then becomes Alec and Peter. Perhaps Topaz convinces a Gary HOH to go after Peter to keep her options open. Gary next week just needs 3 votes as HOH to break the tie. Lets say he gets Topaz and a floater plus Emmit. Peter might be the 1st in the jury.
          @Dusty I do realize that Emmit may not be the initial target with Alec HOH but they will backdoor him eventually IMO.

          • I have watched the US version since the first season, I understand how it works. I also understand that Peter and Alec are very smart and they know they need Emmett. They need Emmett as a shield just like Emmett needed Tom as a shield. They said the other day that they don’t mind being in a final 3 with Emmett because it will be 2 against 1 and they think Peter can beat him in an endurance comp (like lumber Jack and Jill), he could have beat Jillian in he wanted too. They also think that Alec can beat him in a physical one and they both think they are smarter than him. If Alec puts Suzette up and she takes herself off then Gary is going up and they don’t have to worry about him. The house is more with Alec and Peter than Gary. If Alec and Peter want Emmett out, they will get somebody else to do it they will not do it themselves.

            I really hope that a floater doesn’t win this game, I really hate when that happens. So many people would love to be in that house, if their just going to sit there and do nothing (or sleep) they can go home and do that.

      • I also think your wrong on that just because of the last hoh comp no one picked Emmet to play till he had to thus okay with him winning. Plus Peter would want to stay with the remaining alliance in Alec and Emmet because he has no one other then them

  3. Stop crying about the feeds being off…. It’s FREE… BBus you got to pay… Stop being like TOM and LIZA… cry babies…

  4. 😀 On the ‘LIVE’ feeds ~ you can watch the same ‘LIVE’ feeds tonight!! None of it is ‘LIVE’ ~ not even the show itself. I don’t know why they advertise it as ‘LIVE’.

  5. People have to stop complaining about the feeds! People have been complaining about the US feeds for years and nothing has changed since then. What makes you think complaining about them now will fix your issues you have with the feeds! I don’t see the issue regarding the feeds anyways, the first time I watched them (back in season 9) I thought the same thing, but now I’m just used to it, no point in complaining or whining about it as nothing is going to change about them! I like the fact they keep some stuff until the show airs on TV!! But that’s just how I feel about it anyways!!

  6. Yep–time to forget about this show–will be boring now anyway–and the live feeds are never or rarely on even before this week! I really thought Canada could have built a Rep. For doing BB the best!

  7. I take it back–i do think it is A lot better than the American version thus far and I do appreciate the free live feeds!

  8. I hope Suzette wins HOH, and that she’s smart enough to put up Alec, Topaz or Peter! I am sick of seeing that poor girl get nominated for eviction week after week on the block and I cant stand Topaz ! She is way too self absorbed and thinks shes got this in the bag by riding off of Alec’s coat tails. Honestly this show is starting to get boring as you can tell that the strategy is to pick off the weak players; Suzette, Gary, Talla, AJ, Andrew, Jillian etc.. in that order. Snore !!

  9. WHY do you post a tweet from BBCA from a week ago (March 22)? Not very good reporting if you ask me! Also why don’t you post any videos from the bbca live feeds? Didn’t you catch what was leaked? Or do you just get this info from other BBCA sites?

  10. there is nothing live about the live feeds… i try to watch them and they are usually offline. today is saturday april 13 and there hasn’t been a live feed all day. and that has been from 6am to now 3:15pm

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