Big Brother Canada: Week 10 Nomination Anticipation

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

This is it. The final set of nominations for the season. After this we’ll be awaiting the season premiere of Big Brother 15 in late June for the next set of noms. Unfortunately these nominations won’t be dramatic and are entirely predictable now that we know who is holding the power as HoH. Read on to find out who will be on the chopping block and what will happen next in the BBCA house.

Last night after the eviction episode ended the Head of Household competition concluded and Jillian walked away with the win. Shocking, right? She’ll have three options to pick from later when she announces this week’s Big Brother nominations. Gary, Talla, and Emmett are all that remain as options. See where this is going?

Gary and Talla will be this week’s nominations for eviction. A no brainer, but also no real indicator of who will be the final noms.

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The final nominations will be set by this week’s Power of Veto. The holder of the Veto can entirely change up the game’s landscape and become the sole voter this week.

Some have said this week’s HoH is inconsequential, but I’d disagree. Jillian’s win gives her safety and a guaranteed seat in the final three and a spot in the three part HoH competition that goes with it. That’s huge. But the Veto will be just as big if not bigger.

We’ll keep watching for the official nomination results plus the Veto outcome. Stick with us all weekend as we watch and enjoy the pending end of the Feeds as they shut down on Sunday at noon!


  1. way to go girl , only problem I think is losers in jury house will vote Gary or Emit over you . They don’t see the great game you played, they don’t see their own lies. Hope you go and get it all

    • I know right Jillian deserves to win Big Brother she played a flawless game. The jury is just bitter because they got played. If Jillian doesnt win its a damn shame

      • Getting in front of the jury without pissing them off is the only way to win. Too many lies, or backstabbing WILL cost votes at the end. Bitter jury syndrome, sour grapes juries are par for the course. Of the four left in the house, I think Jillian has the least chance of winning, pity…

        • Are you just saying that because Dan lost to a bitter jury last year? If you watched most of the seasons of big brother their has been many winner s who back stabbed the jury and still won. BB 2 Will BB5 Drew BB7 Boogie BB 8 Dick BB 10 Dan BB 13 everyone hated Rachel and still won. And Dan only lost last year because he won before and wanted someone else to win. You can never know with the jury their been so many instances where the jury votes in a way you don’t expect.

          • I think Dan lost because he won already and because he basically swore on his family members.. But BB14 still had a bitter jury

      • Jillian really needs to get rid of Emmett and quick. He is the one person that everyone in the jury
        house will vote for, not her. She did ALL the dirty work in the house, not Emmett. He would not hesitate to turf her butt out the door if he thought it would help his chances but he knows that she has burnt many bridges in this game and you are so right, that jury is bitter. I for one don’t want to see Emmett win. She can majorly argue against the turd(Floater Talla) and the unfairness of Gary being back when others had a shot to go back in too.

    • Yeah and I just don’t think the jury likes her personally either. Its stupid how Peter so upset that Jill lied to him when he talks about how Dr Will and Dan is his favourite people. But to be honest I think Emmet has played the overall best game. He has won a bunch of comps like Jill but he is by far playing the best social game and manipulating everyone to be in an alliance with him.

  2. Rooting for emmet and talla. Emmet because he payed the best game socially and physically. talla cause it would be unpredictable

    • I hope Talla wins and goes on to be a huge superstar in the entertainment industry……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………NOT !

    • Talla does NOT deserve to win. She is so selfish and such a loud mouth. She hasn’t won a thing. She seriously should be on the outside, looking in honey and they should have done that a lllllllllllloooonnnnngggg time ago.

      I vote for Em or Gary (actually Gary 1st. then Em 2nd) to win – cannot stand when Jill whines and talks in her baby voice!!! She just loves herself and she is making sure EVERYONE KNOW IT!!!!!

      GO GARY GO!!!!

  3. Knowing how production likes to play the game from behind the curtain, I’m wondering is there will be a “pandora’s box” or some other surprise, so they can assure that Gary is in the final two.

    • Anyone one who has followed BBUS knows the veto comp Gary won is known for being rigged. buttons not working during the game, it is obvious that it’s choice by production was to give Gary veto to ensure him F4 and more tv time. Production wanted either Talla or Andrew out so Gary could stay.

      Sorry but Gary just doesn’t entertain me. Emmett’s mocking him does.

  4. jillian did NOT play a flawless game. winning comps doesn’t make you a winner. it means that you can make it further, but her social game was horrendous, and that’s what will set you apart from everyone else in the end. and I think peter’s point wasn’t so much that she lied, but that she made no effort to cover it up. She did it so frequently and so poorly, and that is why her social game is terrible. I think Emmett should win because he was really strong, both socially and in comps.

    • As is obvious from them being in the jury house, even the Shield’s strategy falls behind Emmett’s. Emmett’s social game far leads his comps. If he makes F3, I would put him at the same level as Dan G for influence over others.

      • yeah. I was rooting for The Shield (because i’m a west coast girl myself and I despise Jillian) but they weren’t exactly brilliant social gamers. Emmett was truly leaps and bounds ahead of everyone as far as social and physical ability goes. Thus, as I said before, he deserves to win.

  5. If she puts up Talla and Gary if one of them win pov she will have to put up emmit and they can vote him out. I want Gary to win bbc so badly

  6. Team Gary all the way! Jillian has lied and cheated her whole way
    In this game! The Jurry isn’t bitter they want revenge. Jillian is going to be voted out just like Dan because of all the

  7. I was just watching the live feeds and Gary is in the HOH room and it seems like he is HOH! Something happened

    • He found the superball of prosperity, which gave him the right to become instant HOH AND the power of veto in the upcoming eviction. (he found the ball right were production hid it, in his make-up bag)

  8. Gary and Emmett were in the hoh room just now (live feeds) with emmett in a tuxedo ???? Then the feeds went off. Is this the first BB Canada in-house wedding ????

    • he is sleeping with jillian in the HOH room, its just after 12 am and the whole house is asleep….. yawn / boring / snore

  9. Too bad they didn’t get Talla out!!! For being 26 yrs. old she is seriously the most IMMATURE, ANNOYING, SELFISH, LAZY and SELF CENTERED Person!! I have never witnessed a person who takes Absolutely NO responsibility for her actions than Talla does. She is constantly saying “It’s NOT my Fault….It’s NOT my fault” and then she will put words in other HG’s mouths!!! If she isn’t in the spot light 100% of the time, she either pouts or complains!!! It’s really NO Wonder the other HG can’t STAND her!!! She thinks they all LOVE and ADORE her as does all of Canada but, the truth of the matter is, not only do the HG’s NOT Respect her game, they can’t stand her constant talking, screaming and selfishness. I know A LOT of Canadian’s and USA friends who are also so tired of her and her ways. Even her supposed BFF think she should have gone home instead of Andrew b/c as Jill’s said “She doesn’t deserve to be here…She hasn’t Won ANYTHING!!! I have to agree. Talla once said she has learned a lot from being in the house….it’s just really too bad Maturity, Selflessness and simply Listening WITHOUT interrupting weren’t some of the skills she acquired!!

    • Oh thank you!!! Well put! Her voice drives me nuts, she is constantly talking, even when alone in a room, very aware of herself. I think she is pleased as punch with herself and thinks she is this unique, funny, cool girl but she is coming off as a drunk, low class fool. She is a floater alright, a turd, you know, the ones that you want to flush but they just don’t go down. I can barely watch After Dark now because she is so sickening to watch.

  10. Here’s what I’m hoping will happen.
    Jillian puts Talla and Garry on the block. Garry wins VETO and takes himself off the block. Emmet gets put on as a replacement nominee. Garry nominates Emmet and he is evicted.
    This is the only way Jillian can win without getting blood on her hands. She needs to take Talla to the final two and she will have a decent chance of winning. She takes Garry then Garry wins.

    • Emmett is play near Dan G. level and you want Gary to win? No one, not even Peter knows as much about whats going on as Emmett.

      Even if Emmett does not win, he is still the best player. This show is not about who is the best, as we see from bbus14 anyone can get screwed at the F4. (as HOH Danielle still got screwed by Dan)

      BBCA stole Emmetts position in F3 by giving a free pass to Gary.

      Withour Emmett, Gary is just comes off as a cry baby.

      • I agree Emmet by far played the best game this season. And Dan didn’t win last year because he already won the game before ad the jury wanted to see a new winner.

  11. Best case scenario (though my faves are already gone): Gary wins Veto, Emmet goes home followed by an endurance competition and it ends up being Talla & Jillian in the finals!

    I’d love to see how the Jury House votes given those two choices: Do you pick the floater who probably still doesn’t understand she’s on a television show (but I’m sure she’ll get it eventually), OR, do you pick the single most scheming, lying, strongest competitor?

    I haven’t enjoyed the inaugural BBC for a few reasons:

    #1. For a bunch of ”experienced fans” of BB, the house guests couldn’t even recognize the need to eliminate the power couple early on.

    #2. Production interfered a LOT in this season (and yes, it is part of the game, but within reason, otherwise it becomes gimmicky and starts to reek of favoritism).

    #3. and finally… My faves (Alex, Peter, AJ) were all voted out relatively early in the game.

  12. Wat the hell is the super ball of prosperity cause if its real and gary got it this show is fixed not knly does this guy gwt evicted brought back now ur basically giving him a bi all the wat to the f 3 thats horse sh** thats not fair at all since i have been watching no one has come back that late complete crap gary ifbu win this there will be a lot.of happy people for u and a lot of pissed off canadians for bbc to me emmet ahould win the whole thing and fav player hes has the best social physical mental game he has been controlling the whole house for like the last 6 weeks pretty much hope the superball is fake

  13. As the season winds down, and looking down the road… I can only hope and pray the BB Canada doesn’t succumb to the mold of BB usa and start bringing back returning players in the future. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who would like to play the game and to bring back an experienced player and throw them into the mix is just nonsense. I don’t think I would want to see any of this seasons players again.

  14. Wat is the superball of prosperity is it real cause if it is that is fakeu bring this guy back at f 4 then he magically finds the superballwhich gives him a by to the finals ur basically saying the show is fake and the only way emmet will lose is if bbc gets him out if superball is real i will prob stop watching cant stand gary hes a whiner and thats who can votes back cmon ppl wats wrong with u aj did not even get to fight for himself gary did and still got evicted bbc is fake if gary wins

  15. The last feeds only show three, will they be back up? They were not on long enough to draw any conclusions other than only three were together in the hot tub area, with no sign of the fourth.

  16. I don’t understand why people think the game is fixed in favour of Gary? BBC announced there would be a vote by viewers to decide who would be brought back into the house and anyone could vote as often as they wanted. If Gary’s supporters were organized and got out more votes what is there to criticize? He has full privileges just like US Big Brother – when house guests were brought back they came back with full privileges. As for Emmett he’s cheated and cheated and cheated. Jillian has lied and backstabbed – I think thats what hurts her in the Jury House. Talla doesn’t even know what game she’s playing and shouldn’t still be there – but does that reflect bad playing by Jillian and Emmett? As far as the jury is concerned it seems to me Alec, for example, was accepting the errors he made that resulted in his being evicted. My peeve was Andrews whininess – be a big boy: you could not have believed both Jillian and Emmett were going to keep you. What will be, will be. I watched the feeds last night but could not learn anything from them. My apologies for going on so long, sincerely. I will accept waterer decision the Jury makes – they deserve credit for wanting a worthwhile player to win, not settle their grievances.

    • I believe the Chicken George voting scandal in BBUS1 was a key ingredient to why BBUS has moved away from public votes that would affect the game that drastically.

      The selection of players gave Gary better the 50% chance to get the votes if he was in the jury with any combination of players. We call this stacking the deck. Something done before the game starts that benefits one player over another. Canada wanted a way to keep the gay because in BBUS they always go out.

      One major control over the game is favoring thin females in endurance comps. females in general with social comps.

    • If your only problem with Emmett is that he was DQ due to rules. Do you watch basketball? You get 4 fouls before you are out of the game and only for that game. It would not take you out of the season.

      Others also ‘fouled’ but all your mind can see through your hate is Emmett.

    • Why do people hate on Emmet for that still? He didn’t win the competetions when he got DQ, so move on already. Cheating when you successfully break the rules without getting caught. He got DQ and is still in the game at this point without cheating. Who cares, he there because he wins compas and has the best social game in the house.

  17. Jillian has Lied and lied throughout this game, Emmett has cheated and lied, the fact neither of them really evicted any threats other then Andrew, they went for weak people instead that isn’t very good gameplay, and only reason they’re in the end is due to the “relationship” in the hoh bed and shower…wonder how they will react to finding sex vids of them all over the internet…..I Hope Gary wins this, he has been most honest, and himself. If you cant be yourself and win a game then why should you win, comps mean nothing its your heZart and personality over all, and Gary has won alot of comps aswell;p….GOOOOO GARY!

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