Big Brother Canada Twist Results: Who Was Voted Back In?

Big Brother Canada - PowerShift Twist

What a crazy week it’s been in the Big Brother Canada house and tonight it got even crazier. Your votes were tallied and the results from the PowerShift twist were revealed. Read on to find out which HG was voted back in to the house.

We told you a week ago who it’d be. Gary! Gary Glitter was voted back in to the house and boy was he shocked when he found out during Thursday’s eviction show.

Gary Glitter's back

Our poll with over 23,000 votes accurately indicated Gary would win this twist. Arisa noted that Gary won by less than 5% which we believe means Alec just barely missed his chance to get back inside the house.

Gary was immediately herded back in to the house and shocked his, once again, fellow HGs with his arrival. Yikes, this has to have Andrew worried considering he’s the one who sent him packing earlier this season.

Are you glad it was Gary voted back in or would you have picked a different HG?


  1. way to unfair ,should let the people who lasted have the final vote , gary should not have come back or let all others come back as well .Big Brother is going to turn off alot of people and we will just stop watching,

  2. Putting house guests back in the game is retardly unfair to the guests who are trying to play the game. Producers are interfering way too much. I don’t even care to watch anymore, THX!

  3. It is not fair to the guest who have been playing the game. They all got voted off fair and square while playing. I did not even bother to watch since I heard someone was coming back.

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