Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8.5 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Canada

Here are your spoilers for the Big Brother Canada Veto ceremony this week. If you saw the PoV competition spoilers then this will be no surprise at all. Read on for those spoilers or skip this story if you want to keep the results a surprise for Wednesday night’s broadcast on Slice.

It’s a good thing Peter didn’t win the Veto again this week. He might not have known what to do with the darn thing after his last failed opportunity.

Luckily for us Andrew won the PoV and now you’ve got to do whatever it takes to make sure your Big Brother life is safe in this house, even if it means forcing a renomination of Talla.

Yes, Andrew took himself off the block and Jillian named Talla as the renom during today’s Veto Ceremony.

Either Peter or Talla will be sent to the Jury House this week. It should be Peter, but considering Jillian’s penchant for saying one thing and doing another we could see a tie arise and the decision to break it in Peter’s favor.

Who do you think will be going home on Thursday night?


  1. I disagree. Talla should be the one going home, not Peter. Yes, Peter has made some mistake BUT he’s only human and not perfect. Plus he may have a really valid reason for not saving Topaz; such as putting faith in Emmett to save face with him and not putting a target on his (Peter’s) own back since Topaz had such a large target on her.
    Talla hasn’t done anything in the game that gives her a reason to stay – She floated and used her alliance. Peter actually tried.

    • I agree she seriously done nothing, I don’t know if I’ve seen any player in the history of the game not really talk any game at all with people. Totally agree think Peter not using the veto might actually save him this week, looking like Jill and Emmet are going to create final 3 with peter.

    • To clarify, I’m not stating that Peter going home is what I want. It’s what “should happen” based on the current lay of the land. Like “the weather on Tuesday should be nice.”

      Perhaps I should have said, “viewers can expect Peter to be evicted on Thursday.”

      • Tella should go packing!! She is loud and cannot for the life of her self and the game finish a sentence or compitition!!!!!!

    • If Peter used that veto he would have been the replacement nominee. Its always wise not to use the veto unless your on the block.

  2. I am hoping that if there is a tie Jillian evicts Talla over Peter. Talla does not deserve to be this far in the game. She hasn’t done anything except be pretty fucking annoying. Peter, although not using the veto on Topaz was stupid, has won multiple times and deserves a chance to win.

    • I totally agree I want Talla out, she done nothing at all, I’m actually thinking its better for jemmet to keep peter espically since a jury member coming back (probably Gary). Peter not using the veto at first I was like wtf thats so stupid but thinking about it now it probably was a smart move. Jill would of won this hoh even with topaz in it probably, and then everyone would be pissed at Peter and he probably would be in the same spot now on the block but he probably for sure be going home, because Talla would keep topaz. And all he would of accomplished was getting evicted and saving topaz. But now since Talla and Andrew dont trust jemmet anymore, there a good chance Jemmet is going to save peter this week. I think in the end it was actually really good for him, because it gave him a way better chance at survival his week.

      • I agree with everything you said. I also thought it was incredibly stupid of him but I forgot the bond he had with Emmett since day 3 which is way stronger than I think anyone realized. Let’s just hope Jemmett do the best thing and keep Peter. All deserving people should be in the house and that’s definitely not Talla.

  3. I really hope Talla goes home! It would suck if they keep her and she somehow makes it to final 3 or some bs…totally doesn’t deserve to be there and she is reeeeeally starting to annoy me. I don’t like how in Sunday’s episode she said something like “If Jill puts me up this week she’s gonna be sorry cause I’m coming after her” kind of thing…who cares if you’re “coming after” them, you can’t even win an HOH.

      • Not phony?? Guess you wouldn’t call someone void of depth, superficial and only concerned with how she looks on camera a phony. I’ve never seen such a camera hog and drama queen in my life! And that doesn’t even address how annoying she is when she tries to talk coherently or speed talks saying the same thing over and over and over and over and… well, you get my point.

  4. I still think its unfair how an evicted houseguest (Gary) is coming back. Its like they said, “You will be evicted, but we’ll make you come back in a few weeks so you don’t have to be stressed, like what we did with Suzette when we took her off the block”.

    • I agree mainly because its so late in the game like he has a really good chance of winning they usually do that they ll have it before jury so it’s not like the person got a free ride.

      • Every pole I’ve seen has Gary plus about 15%. Second these poles are single vote. Where as the voting is 250 points per vote so multiple votes for your choice. Frankly I don’t think production cares who wins the vote I simply think Gary is coming back because it’s what production wants.

        • you can vote as many times as you want, just clean out your computers cache with CCleaner or any other cookie cleaner program, then vote again… over and over again…. i’ve voted hundreds of times myself

      • Polls won’t matter, BB production will do whatever they like as the voting is BOGUS… they use the vote / twist to justify steering the game in their desired direction…

  5. I hope Gary comes back and wins HOH and shakes up the house!! Otherwise Jillian and Emmett will coast to final 2.

    • I can’t stand Gary, there is something really weird about him… since when do men wear makeup and cover themselves in “glitter” ? He has some issues that need professional help.

        • Pretty much this. ^ If Gary wants to wear glitter wherever he goes; let him. He did all that in the house because he really felt free(as he said when he got evicted), and wasn’t judged by people like Sigmund or Joseph. So just let him be happy if it means being extreme.

      • I agree! My issue with him is that he’s being unnecessary and ridiculous. I’m not sure what he’s trying to prove. If he wants to be more feminine, sure go ahead, but since when do women behave to the extent that Gary is behaving in? That’s my issue. Neither Jillian, Topez or even Talla were at Gary’s extreme. It’s neither a male or female personality he has. It’s pathetic and unnecessary (again). Who brings glitter wherever they go?? I honestly think he is giving gays a bad name and reinforcing stereotypes.

    • dont need another glitter moment ,keep peter safe this week n bring back alec,,have peter or alec win hoh put up emmet n andrew n wipe out team stupid…east coast same thing lol

  6. The Suzette thing was SO rigged, because the day before the eviction they randomly introduced the power shift. And there was less than 24 hours of voting. Shouldn’t she have mentioned it the week before?

    So unprofessional.

    • Perhaps it shouldn’t be said in a forum such as this but in law enforcement circles, with a $100,000 at stake, the possibility of a fraud investigation is growing by the minute… stay tuned…

  7. I’m so happy everyone agrees that we want talla out she hasn’t won one comp and doesn’t deserve to win on the other hand Peter is an amazing player he deserves to win even though he didn’t use the veto it’s ok he didn’t want any targets I’m in teampeter always and forever

  8. Jillian and emmett should think about their families and how they feel about them acting like sluts on tv how would you feel if your daughter jumped into bed with someone she hardly knows. andrew was right when watching the video “your family is watching”

    • yeah, she’s a teacher, being filmed 24-7, you would think she would have more sense. She’s always looking in the mirror too. Just getting sick of “Jemmit”. I’m liking Andrew.

      • K what does being a teacher have anything to do about it. The thing they watches was the after dark stuff that’s not meant for kids or anything. And so what if she looks in the mirror all the time why do you judge her on that? And for above comment what you mean barely knows him they been in a house for like 2 months 24/7 non stop seeing each other that’s probably like dating for 8 months in the real world. And honestly their grown people I think being in the house for that long would make you start to feel uncomfortable and want some comfort if you know what I’m saying.

        • The problem is for that reason itself. She is a teacher. As a teacher (as learned in teacher’s college) she is a public figure, meaning that she cannot be having sex publicly. Whether you want to accept that Big Brother After Dark is public or not is your problem, but the reality, videos of her having sex is already uploaded onto Youtube, which can severely damage her career.

          It sucks, I know, but this is the fact. Just like politicians who are involved in sex scandals, this can really affect her career for the worse. I’m not talking about what her parents are saying, I’m talking about in terms of the school board she works with. Obviously this is not acceptable in terms of what her school board thinks.

      • Andrew’s ego far outweighs anyone else’s in the game. There’s a huge difference between confidence and ego. Andrew hasn’t really been loyal to anyone in the game unless it served his purpose. As for Jemmit and the mirror thing, she can only get near it when Talla isn’t around.

    • For this to have any value both Emmit or Jillian must evict the other to sit F2 with Lala. Andrew doing the dirty work F4 would be the obvious. Wins HOH as example then POV and lets Talla cast the vote to evict. Good by Emmit now Jillian must beat Lala in endurance or Andrew in physical. Can you just see Lala and Andrew in the final comp playing 7 questions? I think I’d die laughing.
      Any of the HG’s should want to sit by Talla F2. They all win the money. The problem is simply how to get there.

  9. Talla should be the won going home this week technically. She has not won a single thing, she has complained, acted like a child and does not deserve to be there. Peter is my favourite player of all the houseguests so i hope to see him safe for another week. The reason why i dont believe he will be safe is bc Talla is weaker then peter in comps so she does not pose a threat. also she is a vote in the jury house. if she leaves she will be even more mad at Jillian and Emmett

  10. i haven’t seen a pandora’s box yet, did I miss it or will it be the used to possibly bring back the juror member next episode… just thinking… I don’t see how they can justify arbitrarily bringing back a jury member this late without some other excuse (like pandora’s box)… BB canada production decision and twists are completely fucked up.

    • Don’t be so sure. With the way that these HG have been playing they would probably take the dumb route and vote for Talla. Plus, although it’s not likely, Talla could eventually be a threat by the end, an just acted dumb so that everyone could think she was a weak player. I still have the slight idea in the back of my head that Talla is waiting for the right moment or something.

    • Joy? Really? Far as I can tell the remaining players have no joy with all her tantrums, whining and diva drama queen confrontations. The laughter of others seems either at her rather than with her, or fake just for the sake of some peace from her voice complaining and rattling on incoherently.

      • Well she has brought many a laugh to our home. It wil be very quiet when she leaves and boaring to watch afterdark.

  11. 4 All u haterz out there….TALLA is the real shiznit….she’s goin all the wayyyyyy n knockin out all u eastcoast losers…..hahhaah…represent AB

    • OMG puh-leeeez! I’m from Alberta and Talla is so not deserving and is such an annoying screwup and drama queen that even I hope an eastcoaster wins.

  12. Jill and Emmet would be stupid to send Peter home. The next HOH would be Emmit,Talla,Andrew… meaning that its 2 vs 1 to get HOH, emmit probably will win it. But you got bad chances with Andrew and Talla. If you keep Peter. Then it favors Jill and Emmet as they would have Peter and Emmet going for HOH and just Andrew. Keeping Talla is the WRONG move 100 %

  13. Talla has just got to go. She does absolutely nothing and it would be awesome to see Jillian be good for her word. For once.

  14. Not really relevant what we think, makes sense to keep Talla. Seems like fans want to see the best competitors left but if you asked anybody outside of a pro athlete who you’d like to compete with for money, I’d pick someone weak.

  15. Guys, It’s not OUR decision. Even though she does not deserve to be there, it is THEIR game we are talking about. Peter is more of a threat than Talla. If they think further down the game…It is better to evict Peter because they can easily beat Talla in challenges.

    Now, they don’t know it. But Peter has a 50% chance of having an ally back in the house. Most likely Topaz.

    But it would make more sense to evict Peter.

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