Big Brother Canada Season 1 Finale Recap

Big Brother Canada

It all comes down to this. Tonight we will find out who won Big Brother Canada as the Jury comes together and makes its decision.

Before we get to the falling confetti and balloons we’ve still got a little matter of one final eviction as part of the ultimate Head of Household competition this inaugural season has seen.

We’ll be here live recapping the results so stick close for spoilers as they happen!

Big Brother Canada episode 29

We’re getting a live Q&A from host Arisa to the final 3. She asked what was their favorite moment and Emmett said “when I beat Jillian in the endurance competition.” Did he just reveal the results to round 1 of the final HoH comp?

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 1:
The comp is called “No Blood On My Hands.” HGs have to balance with a bucket of fake blood over their head. Last player standing (and balanced) wins the battle. Jillian says this is a “boys contest” because it’s very heavy. Yep, that’s tough against someone like Emmett.

Jillian was clearly resting the pole base against her belt buckle. I’d call that cheating. Doesn’t matter though because she can’t hold on and drops the bucket. “Blood” goes everywhere! After more than 4 hours Gary wiggles and drops his bucket. Emmett takes Round 1.

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 2:
Round 2 is set up like a circus and is called “Big Brother Big Top.” Jillian and Gary must race to drop rings in the right order of the season’s HoH’s while navigating an obstacle course. This looks exhausting.

Jillian goes first and feels “horrible” about her time. Gary is out and ready to go. Gary falls in to the ball pit along the way and gets a 30-sec penalty. Emmett reveals the times and we find out that Gary has won Round 2.

Gee, maybe Emmett should have kept Talla, huh?

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 3:

The last round pits Emmett and Gary against each other. The winner decides who to evict and who goes with them to the final two. The challenge is to answer questions about the evicted HGs, just like we’re used to seeing in BBUS.

  • Round 1: False – both get it right
  • Round 2: True – both wrong
  • Round 3: True – both get it right
  • Round 4: True – both wrong
  • Round 5: True – both get it right
  • Round 6: True – Gary gets it right and wins

Gary wins by 1 point and is the final HoH. Gary will decide who to evict tonight.

Hah! I guess Emmett should have kept Talla.

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Competitions:

  • Part 1 goes to Emmett
  • Part 2 goes to Gary
  • Part 3 goes to Gary

Big Brother Canada – Final Eviction:

  • Gary votes to evict Emmett

Hilarious. Emmett really, really should have kept Talla.

Gary will head to the Final Two with Jillian as Emmett walks out the door.

Emmett evicted on Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada – Final Two HGs:

  • Gary
  • Jillian

The Jury takes the stage and Arisa lets them guess who their finally member will be. Most think it’ll be Gary but hope for it to be Jillian. Yikes, that sounds like Gary is about to take this vote by storm if that many Jury voters don’t want Jillian in the final two, much less than winning it all. Gary by a landslide, anyone?

Gotta say, during the Jury Q&A we see Peter call Jillian an “idiot!” This guy is a childish jerk. What a petty child of a man. She beat you, repeatedly. Get over it, Peter.

Reportedly there was some drama over “mistake votes” during the jury votes. Remember, this was pre-taped and not live like we were told it would be.

We’re down to the voting. AJ says someone has made a $100K mistake. “Integers,” he says. Alec says he’s sorry “The Sheyld” lost but is “happy he’ll win.” Topaz says her vote is “150% secure.” Peter says he is voting to “prevent injustice.” Andrew says he is “voting with my heart.” Talla says she’s “voting for the person who played the opposite of my game.” Emmett has the last vote and says, “you should only ever have one life in the Big Brother game.” And with that, the voting is done.

Okay, I’m trying to interpret those comments. I’m thinking this will be 4-3 and not a landslide like those initial Jury comments made me think. Jillian didn’t make any decisions tonight, so could AJ mean Gary picking to evict Emmett? If so, that’s a vote for Jillian. Alec, Peter, & Topaz are clearly going for Gary. Andrew will go w/ Jillian as will Emmett. The opposite of Talla’s game would be Jillian, right? (loud and boisterous?) If I’ve read those right then Jillian may win 4-3.

We’re still waiting to see what these mistaken votes are all about. After a season of voting to evict (voting against) did someone in the Jury screw up and vote “against” instead of “for” a winner?

Big Brother Canada – Jury Votes:

  • Emmett votes for Jillian
  • AJ votes Gary – oops, then my guess is probably wrong
  • Talla votes for Jillian
  • Alec votes for Gary
  • Topaz votes for Jillian – wait, whaa??

This is HUGE! Topaz jumps up and comes across the stage in protest. Yep, Topaz voted “against” instead of “for.” Arisa keeps saying she can’t do anything but Topaz won’t go back to her seat. Arisa cuts to commercial. Hmm…

Okay, back to the show. Arisa shows film footage of Topaz voting for Jillian. They are not going to let Topaz change her vote and must continue on with the vote.

  • Peter votes for Gary
  • Andrew votes for Jillian

Jillian wins Big Brother Canada! Wow, what drama! Arisa says Andrew was the deciding vote, but Topaz’s silly mistake was the real deciding factor her tonight. That’s incredible!

Are you happy with how this season of Big Brother Canada turned out? Next up we’re jumping back to Big Brother 15 in the US so join us for that on Facebook and Twitter for even more fun this summer!


  1. Did they just spoil the part 1 and part 2? Emmett said he beat Jill in the endurance comp, and Jillian said she can’t compete.. Hmm..

    • Hah, I missed Jillian’s comments but heard Emmett’s. Then yes, they successfully ruined the first 50 some mins of the show right off the bat. Tonight’s finale is pre-taped so why didn’t they edit that out?!

      • its pretaped? well that explains why on another board someone said exactly what was gonna happen BEFORE the show even started concluding that jillian would win because topaz voted as if voting someone ‘OUT” and not someone to “win”

  2. Peter is a frickin idiot biggest baby ever dude she won frickin like half the hoh comp who needs a frickin social game and Emmet had her back on the other ones why does she need to explain something other then that when that’s her strategy. Your favourite players are Kirby and Dan for crying out loud suck it up she owned everyone. If Gary wins this biggest joke ever honestly so stupid.

    • 100% agree I really don’t want Gary to win. In the end Emmett had to many people who didn’t want him in the final 2. Andrew, Talla, and Gary would have screwed him over in the end.

    • omg THANK YOU. You’re my hero! Peter is such a jerk! WTH. She won everything. Of course she deserves to frikin win over Gary. I’m so pissed. Peter, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that you have lost my respect. I’m just appauled by your attitude. You’re the biggest sore loser in the BB history.

    • I totally agree. I really liked Peter during the show, but the second he got evited that all changed. Peter, you are a classless sore loser. Jillian deserved that win 100 time more than you or Gary !!!!

      • Totally agree!! I liked the shield a lot at the start until he got evicted to then turned into a complete baby.

  3. I think it’s beyond unfair that Gary gets to be in the final two. When I voted for him to come back, I did it with the belief that he’ll probably be voted out right away and in the meantime, the game can just get a little more interesting for the duration of that week. Never did I imagine he’d make it this far.

    I think most of the jury members are utterly bitter and they will cast a vote against Jill rather than for Gary (especially Peter who seems almost angry and is scaring me a little. I can’t stand him or Alec). I love Gary but I don’t think it’s fair that he might win.

  4. I have no problem with Gays but Gary’s plea is just wrong. The jury question able Gary being a role model totally stage. Production knew Emmett would win they just had to arranged him getting evicted.

    • YES! I’m so happy!!! what a joke to the season finale though I’m extremely happy jill won but wow such a disater. Honestly, her mis voting probably saved the repuation of this show it would of been a joke if gary would have won

        • How doesn’t she?! Her and emmet won 5 hoh in a row thats never been done in this game before. Gary got evicted got outside information took a vacation for a month then got brought back into final 5 how does he deserve to win or even get 2nd place prize?

        • She deserved to win. If Jill would’ve lost, it would’ve been because the jury was bitter as hell, not because Gary deserved it more.

        • Jillian did deserve to win. It’s sad that certain Jury members would vote against her simply because they are jealous that she is a better player. Thank god Topaz is an idiot..

    • They will have video of her vote……Bet she just did not understand the rule about voting-for compared to voting-out..

  5. OMG am I the only one who just had their mouth drop about the Topaz vote…..UNREAL, but in the end its her own fault for not understanding the rules….

    • Karma hits BBCA, DQ people during comps so they have to give Jillian the win because of the rules. You have got to love it!

  6. I hope in the future NO BB season brings back a player that has been in the jury house. Its no doubt that Gary knew how the vote would go in the house and he was given an unfair advantage.
    That should be written in stone for any future BB seasons…

      • No they dont! They have never brough back a jury member to final 5. They ve brought back 2 people who where evicted early in the game in only 14 seasons of big brother!

      • they did that with Kaysar Ridaha on American Big Brother Season 6, evicted day 33 and voted back on day 40

        • Nope, BB Canada was the first season that any Jury member was back in game…Fact, google it… 😀

    • A twist always make the show better. BB is not a fair game, is not meant to be. The Big Brother is the owner of the game, he can do anything and the HouseGuest just have to accept and learn how to play with the twists. I really think that huge twist was the thing that make BBCAN better than BBUSA.

      • Yup agreed!!! I have watched the BBUSA and I strongly think BB CANADA really is more suspenseful and well done. I am not a TV person ever, but I am totally hooked on Big Brother!

    • Agreed on the jury house, it’s interesting in that you get insider information and that I think is why Gary took Gillian thinking she had 4 enemies in the house, it is unfair but that’s not my problem with Gary coming back it just wasn’t very much fun to watch. The whole coming back in the same season is just boring. Bring him back for season 2 but not in the same season.


    • WTF are you serious Gary was out of the frickin house for almost a month!!!!! Jill and Emmet won frickin 5 hoh comps back to back thats never been done before, and gary gets thrown in there into final 5 give it a break if Gary would of won this show would of been a joke

    • Wow, way to throw race and homophobia into this. This is absolutely a ridiculous statement – obviously Topaz screwed up her vote and screwed Gary out of the money… and being realistic, production gave Gary more chances than anyone else, so get off it. He lost fair and square; if Emmett had accidentally voted for Gary instead of Jillian, it would be the same thing. Just because it didn’t go your way doesn’t mean you should throw out a such a hot topic when there are real world problems surrounding those issues.

    • Oh god, people like you just sicken me. There’s no racism or homophobia here, there’s just producer meddling. Why is it never as simple as producer meddling anymore?

    • Gary didn’t deserve to win. Yes, he was going to win and lost on a technicality but I’m glad that happened because if anyone deserved this, it’s Jill. She played a great game. I’m just sad I didn’t do my happy dance when she was announced the winner cuz I was still in shock.

  8. This is SO messed up!! Gary SHOULD have won and it is all because of Topaz’s mistake!! Jillian does NOT deserve to win – she won because of a stupid mistake!! The fallout from this is going to be HUGE!

  9. Wow, I’m so confused and don’t know what to think. Honestly, my jaw is still on the floor. But once I get over this, I’m gonna celebrate because JILL you deserved to win!!! Be proud!

    • Jillian played a good game but if you think about it she was always in the group with the most power. Gary was always at a disadvantage and had to fight to save himself quite often. Both of them worked, but Jillian was lucky to have been in the “in” crowd for most of the game, and Gary was lucky to have been voted back in. Alec was right on in saying that Gary won a popularity contest. Essentially, in the house Jillian won the popularity contest because her name was barely ever mentioned to go on the block.

      • It’s not lucky to be in the “IN” crowd, it requires social skills and right move. And Gary couldn’t help himself, he was evicted and then saved by the public. Gary came on too strong as a huge threat from the get go, he should have laid low. Being nominated for so many times and still survive doesn’t prove you’re better than something who haven’t been nominated at all. All in all, I think Jillian deserves it (even only because of Topaz’s stupidity).

        Excuse my English, I’m from Vietnam but I love watching Big Brother. Can’t wait what Canada has in store for Season 2.

  10. I think that’s amazing. Yes – Jillian wouldn’t have won if Topaz didn’t mess up her vote, but really, she’s the one that should win out of the two. I really don’t agree with the twist and Gary coming back so I think that it’s good she messed up! And I never liked her anyway. She just solidified her stupidity in my books.

  11. Omg!!!
    I can’t believe this is Canadian TV wow!
    This was so dramatic. I don’t wanna give spoilers but everyone knows who should have won!

    • Not Gary because he shouldn’t of even been there in the first place Peter was right justice was served.

      • BB has brought back players many times its part of the game so yeah he did deserve to be there. winning comps doesn’t make you a winner, it makes you a winner of comps but you also have to have social that’s why many people have thrown comps. gary won she won because of a mistake and she will go down in history as winning because of an error!

  12. Biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my entire life. Topaz is the biggest idiot ever! I will never be watching Big Brother Canada again. UNLIKED. Back to the regular Big Brother

      • It’s not that she BROKE the rules, she didn’t UNDERSTAND them. Funniest moment ever in BB history

        • I agree haha but honestly how is this any different from Emmett not understanding the hoh comps and getting DQ for.

        • I don’t know why everyone thinks that Topaz didn’t UNDERSTAND the rules. That does not appear to be the case. When Topaz kept saying, “someone switched them!”, it was clear that she understood that she was to have voted FOR someone to win. She thought she had put Gary’s key in, and someone had removed it and replaced it with Jillian’s. She knew she had to vote FOR who she wanted to win, so she did understand the rules. Her mistake was picking up the wrong key. She was so busy hamming it up for the camera and saying “150%!” that she didn’t realize she was picking up Jillian’s key instead of Gary’s.

  13. setup, be fake, will never watch big brother canada again beg set up GARY SHOULD HAVE WON HANDS DOWN!!!!!

    • it was a setup and the voting was fake, the rules werent’ enforced against gary, so all in all, GARY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN BROUGHT BACK INTO THE HOUSE AFTER HE WAS EVICTED !!!!

  14. Yes, Gary got the raw end of the stick but Jillian deserved to win. Gary shouldn’t have returned, he had 2 lives and knew where the jury votes were going.

  15. Jillian wins because her alliance knows how to vote. Gary loses because his did not. History repeating itself? remember Topaz’ HOH her alliance did not fully vote with her.

  16. BB you know Gary won and so does Jillian that’s total bs and unfair. she said it right away as soon as it was pulled. its very easy to mix up when your nervous. not fair to gary at all! bringing him back again does nothing e
    ither as he will just be a target. There should of been a recount not everyones vote was shown

  17. The right person won. It was a travesti (no pun intended) that gary was there in first place.

  18. Most surprising vote other then the Topaz-screwup was AJ voting for Gary. He was the only one who I guessed wrong…

  19. What Really? I wonder if that was an act from Topaz, how can she live with herserlf if she really made that mistake? I would have burst into tears. Hmmm interesting. Glad the seasons finally over becasue it became too predictable but it was a good Canadian first season. Next.

    • Yeah! I thought that maybe it wasn’t really a mistake, because she didn’t cry. Maybe secretly she thought that Jillian deserved it, but had to act like it was a mistake, so Gary won’t hate her?

      • Naw that can’t be. She made herself look dumb on national tv…no one would do that as a ploy. From now on where ever she goes in Canada she will be remembered for this, so no way was it done purposely.

      • that’s exactly what I was thinking and also she couldn’t have screwed up and picked the wrong key (well maybe…) because whenever they used those keys it was to keep someone safe, not the other way around. Why would she think pick the key of the loser? I think she was so “happy that Gary was still in the house” but that didn’t mean she wanted him to win. I don’t think she admitted to picking the wrong key either, did she? I wonder if we’ll ever know.

  20. Holy cow…that is one final episode I will definitely not forget anytime soon.

    To me, this ending is very bittersweet. The winner was crowned..but really, is she the actual “winner”? Jillian knows she only won because of an error, and Gary knows he lost because one of his closest friends in the game made a terrible move that cost him thousands of dollars.
    I can’t even…wow…

    • The same thing can be said about this entire game, Gary shouldn`t of even been there, instant eviction with AJ, Aneal getting fucked by switching nominations, entire house watching topaz thought process. The deserving person won, just sucjs that Emmett didn`t get 2nd place prize.

      • I agree entirely with what you’ve said for the most part

        I initially really liked Gary. He was a great social player and showed that he was a physical threat as well, however bringing him back into the competition as late in the game as he was (plus the fact that he wasn’t sequestered that whole time) gave him an incredibly advantage against other players. He was safe for weeks while others fought for their lives, and for that reason I don’t think he deserved to win.

        Well, this can stop people from saying production wanted Gary to win I guess xD

        • haha yeah no kidding it would of been terrible if Gary would of won, I was rooting for him from the start until he got brought back. this ending been such a joke lol Never seen anything like that.

      • It’s a possibility, but I doubt it
        Topaz was more of an emotional player from the start, and I can’t see her voting against Gary with all her previous comments…
        that, and I don’t think she’s intelligent enough to pull off a stunt like that 😡


  22. I am a Big Brother fan, I watch the American Big Brother and in a couple of seasons they did brought back a someone by American Choice, Gary coming back was nothing new, it just he made it to the end.

    • Yeah it was new! In the american one they didn`t bring back a jury member who learnt outside informaition it was someone evicted in the first 4 weeks!! huge difference!

  23. bad ending to a bad season of big brother. Horrible twists throughout, and a brutal miscue at the end. There will be no season 2.

  24. Peter is an idiot and alex put your shield away, you look like an idiot as well. You were voted out way too early to have a gimmick! You both werent that good as players!

    • Agree totally! Peter did nothing this entire game, how is Jill an idiot she in the final 2 for crying out loud!

  25. No way was this win in the right. I say they let canada do a re vote, that person will be true winner. There may be a chance that Jillian really would win. This is completely unjust.

  26. Now that is funny. Really …. really … funny. Topaz proved early in the game that she was thick-headed and shallow-minded. …and this just proved it.
    Jillian def deserved to win. The jury members getting all bent that “o0o0o Jillian liiiied” is a friggin joke – who doesn’t lie in this game? Although it would have been nice to see her make a few decisions of her own, rather than doing Emmetts every bidding.
    Next season, I hope you have a few ‘older’ more mature houseguests in there. Watching stupid people gets old fast.

      • I was hoping for Jillian….but
        There should not have been room for error in deciding who is the winner! The game is over! the producers should have had a way of voting which a mistake could not have been made! or if one was made to correct it ASAP! Mistakes are made…but making Gary pay for it is wrong! The producers are at fault. Gary should win – even though i was hoping for Jillian!!!!!

        • Big Brother US has always used this exact same voting system (jurors inserting the key of who they want to win into a box), and so far as I know, there has never been an error made before. There was really no precedent for Topaz making this error, so don’t blame the producers for it.

  27. It really sucks for Emmett that he got this far then Gary comes back and gets to the final 2 totally unfair.

    But then again he’s the dumbass that didn’t keep Talla instead.

    • yeah imagine an alter past. Emmett evicts Gary. Talla, Jill and Emmett are final three. Either Jill or Emmett wins final HOH (cuz let’s face it, Talla wouldn’t have won) and then they take each other to the finals. Then jury members would be forced to vote for either one of them. And then whoever wins wins. Yay happy ending, no contraversy.

    • was not Emmett’s fault that Jillian was at a disadvantage in the endurance comp, (stage by BB to save Gary) if she had Emmett could have dropped and beat gary in the next.

  28. Watching stupid people gets old fast.

    I agree alot of the players were young dummmbasses. BBC Do yourself a favor and get some players for next season with some depth.

    • I agree the casting was very poor. All the players were of the same genre… Please, no more natives or gays ! You don’t have to always be politically correct and have so many minorities represented.

  29. “crrrry oh my name is gary ohh im a fag.. people beat me up when i was a little fag… please vote for me even tho i only won like 3 comps and had to get voted back in… sniff sniff” JEMMETT = Rulers of BBC!!!!

  30. I too hope in the future BBC do not bring back someone from the Jury house. Its just not fair to the rest 🙂

  31. Emmett should have been in the final two over Jillian and Gary. BB Canada does not know how to bring people back. You wait for the first four or five people before jury get voted out. Then you let Canada decide of those four or five people who gets a second chance. Voting back in a jury member has never been done on any Big Brother season in any country. That was a first with Canada’s version. If the show gets brought back and decides to do a public vote to bring someone back again then wait for the first four out sequester them then bring them back that way they compare notes with each other. That was the unfair part about this season. I liked Gary a lot but when I saw the vote to bring him back after he talked to other jury members I thought thats unfair. They should have been sequestered from one another. I will watch the next season if there is one. To me EMMETT was the true winner of the season he had a hand in everyones eviction except for Gary evicting him obviously. JILLIAN deserved second and GARY deserved third. Terrible ending to a really good season.

    • why allow anyone back into the house who was evicted ? the voting was never verified as authentic and could well have been a ploy by production to do what they wanted regardless of the vote. I discovered myself that you could vote as many times as you wanted as long as your cleared out your cookies….. that in itself makes the voting a farce. Let’s hope its a lesson learned for production and they don’t make it so obvious they want to steer the game in THEIR direction of choice. (I’m glad gary lost)

  32. I heard Jillian say she could not play in the HOH comp tonight so what changed? One thing that bugs me is that Emmett cheated AGAIN! He yelled out the subtraction mistake. So BBC is fair fair? Gary should have won. Cheating all season…disappointing!

  33. Jillian has nothing to be proud of …she won by default. This will make the up coming talk shows more interesting!

  34. Not sure why people keep ragging on Gary for being put back in the game. Historically on BB that has been a huge disadvantage, and Gary is the first to have converted the opportunity into a final two, which makes him a superstar in the ranks of Dan Gheesling.
    As for the *win* I suspect that Jillian will change her mind in the morning cos she won’t get any sleep tonight.
    The difference between Emmett’s DQs and this is that the DQs were as a result of something Emmett himself did. He screwed his own self, but in this Case Gary was a victim of silly bitter Topaz. Gary is the true winner, and as much as I dislike Peter, he’s right in saying that there will forever be an asterisk beside Jillian’s name.

  35. This whole production has been a sham! Totally boring until the finale two, then that orchestrated mis-vote by Topaz! Totally finished me. Will never watch the Canadian Big Brother again. Soooooo obviously tainted by production even saw evidence of this with Emmett talking on his mike to BB on the live feed. Sick and a real slap in the face to all the fans. We’ve been played folks.

    I was hoping for Jillian….but
    There should not have been room for error in deciding who is the winner! The game is over once it gets to the jury vote! the producers should have had a way of voting which a mistake could not have been made! or if one was made to correct it ASAP! Mistakes are made…but making Gary pay for it is wrong! The producers are at fault. Gary should win – even though i was hoping for Jillian!!!!!

  37. Ty Big Brother Canada! Jillian deserved final two because her head was in the game. Gary deserved final two because Canada had a voice and he knew the game. Sure she got the big big big prize thanks to Topaz but he got $20,000 as second prize. To a person that doesn’t drive or own a home $20,000 is a great finish. Two questions though? Any guesses as too how many times they were told to “Stop talking about production” and are they finally allowed to talk about it now? I counted 7 in one hour of Afterdark.

  38. Jillian deserved to win because she got the votes. Period. Doesn’t matter why. The vote was what it was. Topaz’s fault. Not production’s. Not Jillian’s. I feel bad for Gary. He deserved to be there – earned his spot in the final 2 because he played the game by the rules. If Topaz had voted right, he would have deserved the win too. But the person that deserves the win is the one that got the most votes. That’s Jillian. Doesn’t matter why. Congrats to both.

  39. Ok I am very upset about the way things went tonight.. OK guys really a revote should have been done, Gary would have won had the mistake not happened. Never the less as a Big Brother fan ( I didn’t miss a show) I am very disappointed in the way this mistake was handled.. It was very apparent that she was going to vote for Gary she said so when she said that her vote was 150% She did not like Jillian and there was now way that she was going to vote for her. She made that very clear also.. I really think that Big Brother Canada got it wrong and as a fan of Big Brother I guess that I will be watching the US version and not Big Brother Canada.. I think that something should be done to rectify this as a lot of the people watching feel the same way I do. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WE THINK A REDO ON THE VOTING SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE !!!!! GARY SHOULD BE COMPINSATED PERIOD.

    • Turn off CAPS please. Especially if you’re talking for others but don’t actually represent us! I personally think Topaz got what she deserved. She didn’t listen, didn’t pay attention, and obviously thought she could be objectionable & mouthy enough to get a re-do on her mistake. Sorry Topaz, but in the adult world, people don’t get many ”re-do’s” and we don’t get positive attention for poor listening skills. You’ll just have to face Gary and see if he forgives you. If so, then he truly will be a richer man (without the money).

    • No way voting eas completly explained and is the same voting process as the last 14 seasons of bb usa so suck it up Topaz error npt the showsso let her pay gary


    I was hoping for Jillian….but….
    should not have been room for error in deciding who is the winner!
    The game is over once it is in the hands of the jury! The producers
    should have had a way of voting which a mistake could not have been
    made! or if one was made to correct it ASAP! Mistakes are made…but
    making Gary pay for it is wrong! The producers are at fault. Gary
    should win – even though i was hoping for Jillian!!!!!

    • the producers tried to “FIX” the game for gary to win, he was brought back after being evicted, his numerous violations of his veto comp requirements, the finale comps slant to his advantage, yet KARMA prevailed and the weirdo from T.O. was squashed like the bug he is.

  41. Oh well the show is done and over with and no matter who should or shouldn’t have won, it kept our interest all though the season. Good show good job to all the houseguest you were all entertaining. We probably not know them after a few seasons, just like Big Brother Season 1

  42. Final 3 comps.
    1. endurance which Jillian could not win.
    2. advantage Gary, height advantage on the bars.
    3. at best a crap shoot; or method to give it to Gary.

    However, all their attempts fail when Topaz cannot do a simple thing as vote. I call this ‘Karma’

    • They did not give one away during the season, the winner (Jill) gets one along with the prize money

  43. Oh boy, if ever there was an award for laziest & slow-witted player, it would be Topaz hands down! Poor girl, she made Talla seem like a genius tonight! :p

    • lol… Sometimes, things work out the way they were meant to just to reveal something to those involved. I can only imagine Topaz might want to use her listening and learning skills more, while using her opinions and nappy times less.

  44. I can’t say that I liked him on the show, but I do have a lot of respect for Gary and I think he was a great player, however in my opinion he was brought back way to late in the game to be the winner. I also think bb Canada made absolutely the right call in letting Topez’s vote stand, they all knew the rules and It was her own fault for not paying attention to what key she picked up. Not a great way for them to end the season but I don’t see what they could have done different. Also I think Jill did a terrible job talking to the jury she had a couple people (Peter and Andrew) that wanted her to basically just admit to lying as part of her game and she completely skirted the questions. Or in Peters case answered it exactly the way he wanted her not to .

  45. I hope Jillian’s win gets recorded with an asterisk (won even though 4 of the 7 jury members DIDN’T want her to win).

    Yes, Topaz made a huge mistake, I understand the production’s decision, but to me Gary has won the season, even if it wasn’t “technical”.

    • Gary was placed back into the house by a production decision to have a “fake” vote to bring him back (ratings maybe), he just shouldn’t have been allowed back into the game at that late stage… glad he lost … whewwwww.

  46. I just moved to Canada and am a huge fan of Big Brother, Never missed a US season. I love reality tv shows, but the finale to this season, which I enjoyed, was the worst finale i’ve ever seen. I will never watch this show again and will tell others I met that I can describe this show in one word… PATHETIC! … Worst ending to a reality tv show I’ve ever seen!

  47. I’m actually pretty happy that Jillian won, and yes, even if it was by mistake. She won four HOHs, she had zero votes to evict her, she pretty much played a flawless game. She lied and back stabbed, everything that Big Brother stands for. Topaz shouldn’t feel too bad, she did vote for the right person in the end.

    • She never was even nominated. (Not counting a final HOH “nominaton” because that’s really just symbolic)

    • Agreed. Definitely not my choice for Canada’s sweetheart, nor would I trust her as a friend. But as a game player, she was tops and she can at least feel successful in that. I don’t like how you got there Jillian, but you managed to get there in the end…congrats.

  48. Did anyone notice Talla was confused when she voted? Then when she put the key in, she still looked confused..I’m NOT blaming her, but maybe something happened there? Try to watch Talla vote again on TV, plus it’s the same area Topaz puts her voting key???

  49. Topaz just pissed me off!!! How can anyone vote like that 150% screw up!!!! Gary deserved it!!!!!

    • Gary deserved NOTHING, he was voted out fair and square… he shouldn’t even have been let back in.

      • What was he suppose to do ?? Say ” no thank you Canada …you want to see me back in…but I’ll pass .
        C’mon not even you with be stupid enough to do that. He went back in, and made the best of it, getting to final 2 !!he deserve at least second place.

  50. Topaz may have picked the wrong key on purpose so that everyone’s attention would be on her at the end of the show. Some people are like that. If the spotlight isn’t on them, they’ll find a way to steal it.

  51. OK, Ok… WTF??? I am 2 hours behind (MT Time Zone) so I am just getting caught up on all the drama and then I had to take 30 min to calm the Eff down! The BB rules are Vote for who YOU WANT to win I think I heard Arisa say that at least 2 times! Judging by Topaz’s (such a stripper name) reaction she seemed to be clear on the rules but chose/grabbed the wrong key by accident. I don’t think the jury members rewarded the house guest they wanted with the 100,000 dollar prize; ’cause clearly 4 out of 7 of them wanted Gary to win. So I feel like everyone lost tonight. I feel especially sorry for Gary (Who must feel absolutely robbed) Topaz for making a 100,000 dollar mistake (hopefully Gary can forgive her) Jillian for technically winning but not really winning and the other house guests Aj, Alec, Topaz and Peter who feel as though their vote was null and voided and that the person who they wanted to win did not. But what makes me feel some what ok with this is that Jillian was also deserving (even though I still say Gary is the real winner of BBCAN)… Wow Canada what can I say… A lot of people talked about how boring BBCan was but it sure as hell went out with a BANG, a Twist and a dash of Drama! LOL! I love being Canadian.

  52. I am super upset about the ending. I think there should have been a revote! It was clear that Topaz was not ever going to vote for Jill. Jill should be ashamed for taking the prize. She literally stole it from Gary knowing he was the real winner. But then we know she has no integrity!

  53. You know what, I’m a fan of Gary & I did want him to win this game,
    but rules are rules. If I were in Garys spot I would of done the same
    thing as him, I would’ve been INCREDIBLY disappointed but Arisa DID make
    the rules very clear before the voting even started. I really hope no one
    is hating on Jillian about this, it wasn’t her fault. On a
    technicality & legality standpoint, Jillian won. Obviously Topaz
    INTENDED to vote for Gary, but its all about what is actually done. She
    did vote for Jillian to win

  54. You know what, I’m a fan of Gary & I did want him to win this game, but rules are rules. If I were in Garys spot I would of done the same thing as him, I would’ve been INCREDIBLY disappointed but Arisa DID make the rules very clear before the voting even started. I really hope no one is hating on Jillian about this, it wasn’t her fault. On a technicality & legality standpoint, Jillian won. Obviously Topaz INTENDED to vote for Gary, but its all about what is actually done. She did vote for Jillian to win.

  55. Nooo! Worst season finale ever! Emmett should have won, I dont think either Jillian nor Gary were the most deserving. Gary only because he had a really unfair advantage coming back into the game which affected the outcome. He was playing with a handicap, he should have been sequestered entirely and not given outsider information. I dont think Jillian is deserving AT ALL, I know everyone is anti-Peter right now but I still agree with him %100. She STUMBLED her way through this game, and her only redemption was HOH. She had zero foresight, no exit strategies or plan Bs and absolutely no social game. Part of being a winner is having the Jury’s support and Jillian didnt have it because she did not have the intelligence to work people for their votes before they left. She had many opportunities for damage control and she never had the wherewithal to take them. She WAS wishy washy, lied, went back on her word and this is all because she had no idea what she was doing. Lying and backstabbing are part of the game, but they need to be justified rationally to be respected. Her moves were made on thoughtless whims and she couldnt even muster up a half intelligible jury answer or final speech. “I put you up as a compliment!” She may have dominated comps but in terms of being a good ‘gamer’ she sucked big time. What a huge letdown this season was. Also, if I NEVER see Alec make the Shield sign again, it will be too soon.

    • Emmett was a fool not to evict Gary when he had a chance. Talla was not going to win. And he just pissed of his girl, Jillian, in the process… bad move milkman

  56. Topaz’s vote really made for “TOPAZ TWIST! “Best twist ever! Big Brother could not have created a more shocking finale. Having said that I enjoyed every episode. Hats off to everyone!

  57. The right person won! The sour grapes of Peter(YUK), Alec and Topaz were disgusting. Jillian earned this!!
    Don’t let the sore losers ruin it for you!!!

  58. I still can’t believe that Gary got so many votes. Contestants weren’t voting for who played the best game, they were voting like pouty little children who didn’t get their way. I’m glad Topaz messed up because Jillian was by far the best player. I feel Emmett should have won and can’t believe he voted out Talla instead of Gary

  59. I totally agree that Gary shouldn’t of been brought back into the house. I like the guy but he had a very huge advantage knowing who the jury would vote for and that i my case isn’t fair. Well Topaz what a stupid move. Didn’t she watch any of the bb usa finally’s. Plz i quess carma is a B and what goes around comes around. I wanted Emmitt to win but i think production also rigged the final hoh’s for Gary to win. Poor emmitt didn’t have a chance with any of them if they had of won that final hoh. Andrew, lulu and gary would of taken Jillian. I think only Jillian would of taken Emmitt. I don’t mind twists but production almost interferred every week and why have a hoh if thats the case. Let the game play out the way it should. It isn’t right to cheat out someone of the 100,000 if they deserve to be there. WTG Jillian, if Emmit couldn’t of won it then i was voting for you too. Im from the east coast and well i might be a bit biased but i truely believe one of the deserved to win. They were both in the hoh room for a total of 6 week in a row and lying is the only way to get to the end. I was tired of hearing all of them complain about Jullian lying all the time. What about Gary saying emmitt and me in the end. He lied totally too and so did all of them. Grow up people its a game.

  60. I think it was a screw up ,topaz was in the mode to vote jillian out ,not realizing she is voting to let her win.I think BB after looking at the Tape should redo the voting process.Having a jury shouting out like that is ridiculous.Everyone saw that hiccup.

  61. everyone is criticizing topaz but i want to thank her for not only making great tv with probably the funniest/stupid thing to ever happen on bb but also for crowning the deserving winner of bbcan season 1 Jillian

  62. Peter, Alec and Topaz need to take a cue from the BBUSA jurors. I’ve seen most of the BBUSA seasons and most of the jury members let go of their bitterness and resentment once they’re out of the house. They realize it’s a game and they will often vote for who they think actually DESERVES to win, even if that person screwed them over or got evicted. To rip Jillian apart and embarrass her on national TV just because she lied to you to further her game is incredibly rude and classless, and is something most BBUSA jurors have never stooped to. To ask her to say why she deserves to be there without using Emmett and comps as a crutch is a joke — that was her strategy! Winning comps and getting herself into a killer, dominating alliance! What was your strategy, Peter? How’d that work for ya?
    Also, I wonder if Peter realizes that outside of the house, the way he talks is weird, awkward, and frankly, WAY too smug.

    • Although, BB 14/US was a perfect example of a “Bitter Jury,” nobody had called Dan an idiot. A player that’s already in the Jury house and still playing. He was the idiot.To me he was a lightweight compared to Jill’s game play. He’s just not good. period.

  63. The game is called Big Brother, I mean people focus on the fact that Big Brother sees everything but sometimes people lose sight of the fact that Big Brother also knows what is best for you, so ultimately in the true Orwellian meaning of Big Brother, you are at the mercy of the producers. A bunch of people got screwed/saved by various twists during the game so Gary getting screwed by his BFF being too dumb to follow the rules is a perfect ending to the season.

  64. A lot of people on here keep saying production should come up with a different way to vote at the end, however survivor has used a similar method for every one if its seasons as has bb US and its never been an issue. I think Topez for sure knew what she was supposed to do but as she was busy talking she just plain grabbed the wrong key.

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