Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 5/6/2015

Fans and Houseguests settled in for a wild ride on Big Brother Canada as we prepared to say goodbye to three more players in the mad rush to knock out players and get us closer to the season finale.

Brittnee and Bobby on the block on BBCAN3
Brittnee and Bobby on the block on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Bobby and Brittnee started the night as our two nominees with things looking bad for Bobby, but just wait because it’s about to look bad for a whole lot more of them. Following the first eviction a new HoH was crowned and three more players would go up on the block with two of those heading out.

The show was taped much earlier today and results are out in the wild, but let’s pretend like production does that this is live and see how it all plays out.

Eviction Vote – Week 7 – Round 1:

  • Bruno votes to evict Bobby
  • Ashleigh votes to evict Bobby
  • Pilar votes to evict Bobby
  • Godfrey votes to evict Bobby
  • That’s it. Bobby has been evicted.
  • Sarah votes to evict Bobby
  • Willow votes to evict Bobby
  • Zach votes to evict Bobby

By a vote of 7-0, Bobby Hlad has been evicted from Big Brother Canada 3.

Head of Household Comp – Week 7 – Round 2:

  • Round 1: Brittnee & Zach get a point
  • Round 2: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 3: Brittnee & Bruno get a point
  • Round 4: All but Zach get a point
  • Round 5: All but Will get a point
  • Round 6: All but Sarah get a point

Brittnee Blair wins Head of Household. Congrats to Brittnee!

Nominations – Week 7 – Round 2:

  • Zach
  • Kevin
  • Pilar

Bruno, Sarah, and Ashleigh join the three noms in the Veto comp. Brittnee is excluded because… I dunno. Players are running back and forth in lanes. They could have had a third play.

Power of Veto – Week 7 – Round 2:

  • Bruno wins the Power of Veto
  • Bruno gives Zach the PoV
  • Willow is renom’d

Hah. After Arisa is announcing the whole time “Zach is in the lead. Kevin is now in the lead.” Bruno was the one to win.

Eviction Vote – Week 7 – Round 2:

  • Zach votes to Save Pilar
  • Sarah votes to Save Pilar
  • Godfrey votes to Save Pilar
  • Ashleigh votes to Save Pilar
  • Bruno votes to Save Willow

Pilar stays. Willow and Kevin have been evicted.

What do you think of tonight’s BBCAN3 results? Were the right choices made?


  1. If I didn’t know, I would have no idea who she has in mind. Will someone get in her ear during the break.

          • You can I guess, I doubt the vote is goefenced. THe vote is for the 2 HNs for the week. These 2 will compete for a secret veto power that in hidden in the floor of the HNs room. That veto could be use right before the eviction to remove one or two of the nominee.

  2. Geez sarah way to overthink it and not save willow. Nobody saved Kevin at all and your vote for Pilar sent Willow home. Welcome back to the bottom.

  3. I always do this thing with my family we all bid up 20$ and we have to choose a player who we thought were gonna win and the winner collects the money

  4. I didn’t see it coming, but a brilliant move by Bruno and Sarah made the stupidest move ever. Your closest ally is on the block and you don’t choose to save her? Bruno now has Zach for a bit and now Bruno has a clear road to win this game

    • I guess that had something to do with her conversation with Brittnee before the nomination. Brittnee said she didn’t trust Willow.

    • I think Sarah did the right thing. The vote was 4-1 and nothing could of saved Willow. Pili is gaurenteed to be in the final 2 and no one is going to vote for her. Willow is a beast and can easily beat Sarah at the game, it was better for Willow to leave for Sarahs sake. Also the Britnee-Willow fued would of distroyed the girls alliance.

      • Ummmm… if Sara voted smartly she would’ve voted to save Wilow… she was LITERALLY the dagger in Willow’s back as her vote would’ve saved Willow!!!

        • I think it all comes down to loyalty. Sarah feels obligated to stay with Britnee and if we think about it, Kevin and Pili would have probably made an influential voting bloc in jury.

          • That’s a very valid point, however BB is a game of numbers and who has your back. I think Pili, Ashleigh and Britnee are the three best options to bring to the end, because they’ve done nothing(with the exception of Brit winning last night) and should have no chance of winning. But now I’m getting off topic LoLz

            … what was I saying again 🙂

          • Out of those three, Britt seems like a good enough winner if she somehow made it to the end with those two, having made good if not great moves whenever she’s in power. She single-handedly destroyed an alliance’s dominance which never really bit her in the butt, and she took out the most socially-powerful player in the game after so many past attempts by other housemates to send him packing.

            There’s a lot to consider for jurors. At the same time, anyone who lands a spot in the final 2 needs to sharpen their persuasion/courtship skills to sway votes in their favor.

  5. I hate how BBCAN is all about surviving the twists and not being a good player!! Even the bests : Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will and Rachel Reilly probably wouldn’t make it to jury with all of that crap. The real players are all out… Maybe if we are lucky, Ashleigh will win BB, lol!

    • i disagree. this is the show, expect the unexpected. and it makes it fun to watch! Bruno is an excellent player and he’s still there, could argue Zach and Sarah are too even tho they have made some mistakes. they are all super fans so they should all know that this game is crazy.

        • I’m with Eric Jay. I want to see these guys have to strategize their asses off. I want to see someone live up to the Dan funeral move. With all these ridiculous twists, it’s a game of chance and not terribly interesting.

          • Then again, the original format of Big Brother is largely down to chance. There isn’t much strategizing involved anyway, since open discussion of game play (that includes nominations) is strictly forbidden.

  6. I hate this new have not twist thing. Sarah is getting the power so that means either Zach or Bruno is going home 100%. Unless we can vote that Sarah doesn’t get it but that seems unlikely. I’d rather give it to Britnee who has actually won something.

  7. Dream Week:
    HoH: Bruno
    Noms: Sarah and Godfrey
    Veto: Literally anyone BUT Zach
    Renoms: Doesn’t matter
    Twist Power: Godfrey/Sarah/Britnee
    Renoms pt2: Zach and Ashligh
    Evicted: Zach

    • Change the Evicted house guest to Sarah and we’d be on the same page. Zach can go after her. GO BRUNO!!!

          • I thought Sindy was awesome. I wonder if Jorden will forgive her for getting him voted out.

          • She played the game wayyy to hard and scared the HG’s. I think JP will forgive her.

          • Yeah, you’re right. It just took so long for anyone to do anything it was a relief to see someone actually play the game.

          • I think he will…Willow however will for ever hold a grudge against Sarah…. Its going to be very hard to gain her forgiveness

          • If she would only stop the “with an S” as it was the MOST annoying thing on ALL of television. It’s like she was trying to brand herself for the future.

        • But Sarah hasn’t even done ANYTHING in this house except make out and theorize about what a good game would look like. She hasn’t executed ANYTHING she wanted to do, just talked about it.

  8. Boo bruno and zach….even though game move it was smart.. So thought zach bye bye ..saving zach for Godfrey too boot out the door i guess

  9. personally I find some of these twists for this season and last season do not seem to care to the house guests! Maybe because I am a fan of Kevins lol but I just did not think the trickle of action was fair! Just like last season, my mind is blank but someone didn’t even get to try and when the vido and they got sent home! I totally forget who it was,my mind has drawn a blank lol but anyways whoever it was from last season, definitely unfair. & I am very very sad to see Kevin.

  10. some of these house guests are bird brains! They had the chance to eliminate two powerful players who could go to the end! And they evict Kevin and Willow? I mean I totally get Kevin! Even though I’m a fan of his it was a smart thing to do but willow!
    why not Kevin, Sarah & Godfrey?? Pilar!!! Willow!!! a lot of dumb moves by a lot of different people! I don’t know who to cheer for now!
    Bruno I guess but it will probably be Zach and Pilar at the end! exciting!! Not! I love her, she is super sweet and funny and kind, and she is just loving being there but she won’t win the game!

    • EXACTLY!! Pili is sweet and all but as of right now it looks like Bruno could take the win home


    B won HOH again, took a gamble and nominated Pili, Zach and Kevin.

    And then lots of unexpected stuff occured right after:

    1. I thought Zach would win POV for sure but Bruno suddenly came from behind and won!

    2. I thought for sure Bruno wouldn’t use the POV but HE DID! I guess, he’s grasping at straws at this point and salvaging what’s left of the Chop Shop.

    3. AND OMG!! I thought Kevin had a convincing pitch to let the boys take control of the vote but it didn’t work. He didn’t received any votes.

    I was really kinda hoping Willow makes it but Pili made herself such a good goat to bring towards the end.

    Man oh man, my jaw dropped so many times, everything just happened so fast and I just had to pause and rewind to see if all I’m seeing were true!


        • I agree with you two completely. The only drawback to that show was the host … blanking on her name. I can’t stand when she tells us how we should be reacting. I find it really awkward.

  12. I think I missed something…? Bruno saved Zach, instead of breaking up a power couple? Yes, Ashleigh might not be good at comps, but Bruno literally kep someone in the game who has someone else playing for him 100%.
    His smart move would have been to not use the veto. Then the house would have sent out Kevin and Zach and the Bruno/Godfrey(Sara/B/Willow) side of the house would have had the numbers and strongest players. Also, it would have left him and Godfrey as the strongest physical players.

    He might have Zach for a bit, but that won’t last and this could cost him Godfrey.

    • I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when Bruno saved Zach…total idiot!!!

      • I was shocked as well. Does anyone have any theories as to why he did that? Zach was the last person I expected him to save. And then B putting up Willow? That seemed really personal. She should have put up Ashleigh. That would, she would at least still have a shot at breaking up that power couple.

        • My guess would be that he’s trying to stay Chop Shop strong? Or hoping Zach will feel indebted to him? It’s hard to say really. I know is him and Godfrey could have had the numbers after losing Bobby and he’s basically gven the game away.

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