Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction & HoH – Week 7

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3 the next eviction vote will reveal whether Bobby or Brittnee will be evicted and which two Houseguests will follow them out the door soon after.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

We are on the brink of a shake up in the house, but that could fall flat if the couples alliance keeps the HoH power in their circle when it comes time for the second round of nominations and eviction. Kevlar have traded off the crown for the past two weeks and it’s not impossible to see it happen again.

Kevin will be vulnerable as the outgoing HoH but he’ll have protection from his alliance and the benefit of a bigger target in Zach that should give him a good shot at surviving the night. Then again, with two going he could tag right along.

The ladies are looking close to forming a girl-power alliance so the chances are good they’ll have each other’s backs and we could see three guys head out tonight. So many possibilities that it’s hard to make a good guess as to what will happen, but that’s what’ll make it so much fun!

Join us back here tonight at 9/8c when we’ll be live recapping tonight’s BBCAN3 eviction and HoH competition. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 9PM ET.

Eviction Prediction – Vote for this week’s evicted HG:


  1. Gender based alliance crap again? Gross, get that outta here, I don’t think anybody needs that now.

    • It could go that way…your right we don’t need that right now…but it be a first for BB. Imagine the girls band together to get rid of the guys showmances or no showmance. If the other side gets on the right conversation stream with the showmance girls..they can change them… all they have to say to them is…do you think they are keeping you around for comp domination…or because you’re a sure vote for them?…do you want to be used or are you here to play you’re own game?

      • The thing is though, there was already an all-girls alliance that tried to get formed earlier, and what happened is it made the guys get an all-guys alliance together out of necessity to counter it (since obviously not being girls, they’d be targeted by it) and people got really double-standard-y about it.

        • yes sir that’s correct…but I don’t think it will’s just wishful thinking on my part. It would definitely be a different game!

  2. Get those spoilers up to date for the people who can’t wait…the three evictees names are already on facebook!

    • Matt would rather treat this upcoming and taped eviction show as live than knowing who were taken out tonight.

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