Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 2 Eviction

The next Big Brother Canada eviction doesn’t arrive until Thursday night’s “live” show but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking at which HG is most likely to follow Kat out the front door.

Thanks to HG talk on the Live Feeds we have a pretty good idea of the next HG to be evicted. If you want to find out then read on. Otherwise, get ready for tonight’s Veto show and avoid our Big Brother spoilers.

Danielle and Tom on Big Brother Canada

Last night HGs Tom and Liza spoke privately about the upcoming eviction and are anticipating a near landslide against Danielle who is currently semi-confident that she’ll be sticking around for at least another week. That would mean HoH Jillian’s original nomination of Aneal would be survive this turn on the chopping block.

The next pending drama is just how big of a target the showmance of Jillian and Emmett (can’t think of a good way to mash those two names) are creating by constantly sneaking off to the Big Brother Canada HoH bedroom for makeout sessions.

Emmett and Jillian making out on Big Brother Canada

Do you think they’re putting themselves in trouble or just having fun with little else to do?


  1. I though Jillian was smarter and wouldn’t make out ghangnam style. She always spreading her legs around him. Like seriously grow up. I think jillett needs to be subdivided and get rid of the skank . It’s pathetic to know she is a teacher

    • Same thing that happens behind closed doors all across Canada! lol That said Jillian is terrible at plating this game. Liza much more strategic, she and Tom will backdoor her before 9 so she is not on the jury IMHO.
      PS Teacher have sex too! Shocking isn’t it!

  2. Another reality romance…so early in the game doesn’t seem smart. If it goes sour and yet somehow they’ll get kept in the house – drama ahead for sure, LOL

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