Big Brother Canada Have-Not Eats: Beaver Tails Or Bubble Gum (POLL)

Big Brother Canada Have-Not Eats

It’s time for a little viewer voting on Big Brother Canada. You get to help decide if the HouseGuests selected as the next Have-Nots should be punished with either cotton candy & bubble gum or poutine & beaver tails. Since only one of these offers any sort of nutrition hopefully the choice is clear, but considering how some viewers enjoy sticking it to the HGs we may see some hungry hamsters.

You’ll have to jump over to the Slice Big Brother website to place your votes by spending your “points”. You can also vote in our very non-official poll as well right below and we’ll see if what we vote here matches up with what Big Brother Canada tells us the unlucky Have-Nots eat next week in the house. Vote now!


  1. Agree, these actually sound like rewards to me! Unless they are counting calories…perhaps then, LOL

  2. poutine really? how is that punishment? lol…its fries with gravy & cheese! beaver tail well ok that’s not too kosher

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