Big Brother Canada: HGs Await Week 9 Eviction

Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

Another week, another eviction in the Big Brother Canada house. This week we’re back to another round where just two votes deciding Thursday night’s outcome but unlike last week there’s still some debate as to just what should happen. Read on for the latest discussions from the Feeds.

The final nominations for this week are Talla and Andrew after Monday’s Veto ceremony. The votes will be provided by Gary and Jillian with Emmett standing by as the tiebreaker if needed. I doubt it’ll come to that as Jillian and Emmett are sure to present a unified front by Thursday night, but right now they’re still discussing the decision.

Jillian continues to push for keeping Andrew while Emmett wants him gone. Jillian’s perspective is focused on the inevitable endurance competition should Talla make it to the Final 3 spot. Emmett is more worried about all the other competitions between now and the season finale. Neither seems ready to give in on their position, but considering Emmett is the HoH he could ultimately cast that deciding vote and take his pick. With that in mind I suspect Jillian will cave and go with the eviction of Andrew.

As of now Andrew doesn’t suspect what’s coming his way, but if he catches a glimpse at these plans then we may see some serious campaigning and deal making. Considering Gary thinks he’s in good with Jimmett I don’t think he’ll risk opposing them to keep Andrew and form a 2-2 battle next week (although he should considering it’d be 2-1 in the next HoH comp). Instead both Gary and Talla think they have a F3 deal with the power couple. Someone is going to go home unhappy.

Who do you think should be evicted this week on Big Brother Canada? Would you want Talla out or take this chance to evict a stronger player like Andrew?


  1. I really hope Talla is gone, but I doubt she will be. I just dread how boring things could get without Andrew in the house.

    • Freaking about Gary still here !
      And he doesnt deserve to be.
      Gary is sooooo annoying.
      Bummed out about these goofy twists!
      Only recourse is to turn off the tv.
      You won’t see me watching gary in a final. Garanteed.

      • Gary does in fact deserve to be there, he was voted to return. Keep in mind that the contestants are ALL pawns in BB’s game.

  2. So the finale is next Thursday. There will be 4 houseguests after this Thursday. I have a feeling there will be another Chevrolet Powershift (Instant Eviction) airing on Sunday, or maybe it will go really fast and we will be down to the final 3 by Sunday.

  3. Think I’ll chime in on my latest theory! Be for warned my prediction rate on BB14 was my worst season ever. Less than 50%. BBcan I’m not running much better.
    Since Arisa is yet to mention the double eviction that should logically be coming if the BBusa 3 part final comps are to run between Thursday and Next Thursday’s finally I came up with a different final week! No laughing!
    So what if they pair the last 4 off in couples. Each set of 2 plays a seperate comp. The two winners go directly to the final. No POV or saves. No HOH and lets say production even fixes it so Gary versus Lala and Jillian versus Emmit. 🙂 It would make for a heck of a final week.
    What I expect is Arisa to state a double eviction on Thursday tomorrow night and the 3 part final start right after the second HG is eliminated on Thursday. Now you may start laughing.


      • Sorry Matthew, never saw your first warning for your information,1. where are the rules writing that we cant use caps to write ??? 2. When did you give a warning ???? when I write an opinion I dont necessarly go back to it, when you use caps letters it is to bring your attention to the message, nothing more.

        Is spelling BBC ok or if we have to do bbc ???
        not trying to be funny, just want to understand if you are a site administrator, can you talk to big brother for us, to ask them to make a special twist and get Garry out, like they brought him in ????? he hurted his eyes tonight with glass, it would be time to make a major twist to bring back the game to a fair game

        Will check back eventually to check out your response

          • Thank you for your response, never read nothing of these commenting rules, and first time in my life that I do comments concerning something on the internet, because dont have time for that, but BB is a show that I truly love…

            an you talk to big brother for us, to ask them to make a special twist and get Garry out, like they brought him in ????? he hurted his eyes tonight with glass, it would be time to make a major twist to bring back the game to a fair game

      • Hy Matthew, I just shared to a friend your comments of warning that I found very strange for a start. He explained to me that on the internet when someone use the caps letter is that hey are mad or would be scremming……wooo…didnt know that at all and I find it verry my field of work when we want to grab the attention in a worksheet or text we do use the caps letters,,,So if this is the reason why you told me that could you confirm it to me, that this is why ??? or if you have another reason…still never saw your first warning ???? when or where is it

  5. BBCanada needs to get Innovative fast as time is winding down and send Gary back to where he belongs along with the rest of the evicted members of the jury house. This would give legitimacy and fairness to the game and the deserved surviving players who have made it this far on their own merit, Talla, Jillian, Andrew, Emmett. Gary seems to have broken every Big Brother Canada set forth rules regarding his current tasks, ie; constantly falling asleep, washing his face, hot tub and other Indiscretions contrary to BBCanada Instructions. Rules being broken need enforcement and consequence because it’s ruining a very entertaining reality television show that many people are enjoying In season one Big Brother Canada.

  6. Gary has to leave the game somehow, put In a final shocking surprise twist to the game so he can depart back to the jury house. Let the final four be Jillian, Talla, Andrew, Emmett so they can fight it out to the end individually.

  7. People, have got to stop complaining about the game, the season ends May 2nd. Gary is back, deal with it, no going back, a ton of people voted for Gary and a ton of people voted for Alec, they were neck and neck, but at the end of the day, Gary is in the house, and has every right to be there, just cause some people find him annoying or whatever you wanna call him, at least he is there to play the game and not lay back and let people carry him. Thats why I liked him, he got Tom out when no one else would of! I am very impressed with all these twists Big Brother Canada has unleashed into the house, at first I thought the instant eviction twist was unfair to Topaz as everyone heard her thoughts, but Topaz was the one who opened up loudly and expressed how she felt, when she should know, the only space that is private is the Diary Room, but other than that, I am really enjoying Big Brother Canada, and hope that Big Brother 15 steps up their game! Been a fan since the first US season, and will always be a fan till it ends, same goes with the canadian version! 🙂

        • yea and look where that got Andrew now, as Gary is back due to canada voting him back in! And also to point out, Gary was up against Topaz, of course Gary would be evicted first, Topaz was not a threat against Gary. Thats why Gary was evicted in a 5-0 vote. But now he is back, so that makes Andrew’s “big” move out, nullified. (not trying to be rude in anyway, don’t want you take it that way) 🙂

          • Canada didn’t vote gary back in, a majority voted for AJ,but the vote was ignored. The fix was in at the start.

      • If Gary would have been the first evicted or evicted when they where 10,9 or 8 in the house maybe, but it is not fair to bring him back when they are 4

      • BB production should “review” the videos and see how much Gary has not done what he should have to earn the Veto , take away the veto and put gary back on the block BB.

        • Gary has made a farce of the whole POV. Let me mention drinking wine. Since when does a have not get booze? Using powdered choclate and pancake syrup. They aren’t on the allowed have not list. Add to this calling woman in the house bitches to there face. How is degrading woman acceptable in the rules? Then the other infractions others have mentioned. Nothing will be done as production is a fraud on how it applies rules randomly and unequally.

          • cause he was allowed to have booze, Big Brother has allowed houseguests to drink booze while on slop, remember the Apris Ski Party they had, all the have nots were allowed to eat an drink that was provided for the entire house. And also calling them bitches, there is NO rule in the BB handbook, saying they can’t call other houseguests names, remember Evel Dick who won Big Brother 8. And I have seen from past seasons, that the ingredients houseguests can put in their slop can change from time to time, its never always the same.

          • You incorrect on this level. The ski party was a 1 off event. He drinks every day booze is available including yesterday again. For your information booze is NOT allowed if you are a have not. Only a won task like the weekly house task would be an exception and not always. Because it’s Gary cheating is allowed.
            As for the ingredients they were given the list the 1st time there were have nots. Salsa, salt, pepper ect. Several sites have the feeds when Andrew read the card out loud in the kitchen. Do you just make up the lies as you go along? You better stop taking drugs it’s frying your brain idiot!
            By the way I’m a BB watcher since season one. I can never remember slop rules changing during the season except for have not extra foods voted by the fans. Have not/slop rules can change year to year in BBusa but it is rare.

          • The difference between Gary and Emmett is the gary was already evicted and has not been penalized for violating some rules (drinking alcohol while a havenot, failing to wear the ball and chain, calling other female HG”s degrading names ~bitch, etc etc) Emmett was caught violating some rules during comps and paid the price of disqualification…. the comparison between the two is like night and day. EXPEL Gary ! ! ! ! ! ! !

          • I don;t see you or anybody else complaining about that. Emmett has pretty much played this entire game on the edge and will push the boundaries and do as much as they let him get away with. He should have
            been gone long ago.

          • You must be old. Language evolves and words can be conveyed with different meaning (sarcastically or as part of a shtick etc), have multiple definitions in many instances. Gary has also referred to himself as a bitch. He isn’t being malicious or anti-women when he says this, there is no evil intent being purpotrated. It is also used as a term of endearment and affection which girls use with one another. I am neither condoning or condemning it, but his use is not derogatory. If it were I’m sure the women he is living with would have addressed this (or the males should they take offence), and he would promptly refrain from doing so. Peace.

          • Ah but you see it’s not only ”young” people watching the show, so it actually is degrading for many people to listen to the mouthiness and tone of Gary. Having said that, us ”older” people might need to remind ourselves that although Gary is (by our standards) mouthy, disrespectful and childish he represents himself and those like him so we need to relax a bit. Remember, reality television takes the ”extremes” from society and highlights them for our entertainment. That’s why some people fall in love with some characters more than others… Personally I was hoping for the Shield cause I related to them the most, but meh, what’s done is done…

          • Again with the rules. There are NO rules. Other than nothing illegal or inhumane, these people signed up for whatever twists production chooses to throw at them. If the people actually playing dont like whats happened thus far, they are free to self evict.

    • I think people really are complaining about production “creating” this “twist” at the last minute and doing something which totally screwed over the remaining four houseguests. No evicted player should be given this type of “favourtism”. Besides, there is no proof the voting results were even used, or verified as accurate. Production has shown time and again that they create, change and overlook rules at their whim to steer the game. No wonder there is such an outburst by BB fans of foul play. It’s like allowing a race car driver who crashed on the fourth lap to re-enter the race on the final lap and not caring that he is really missed out on most of the race… it’s just not right !
      Also, gary IS annoying, a liar, a backstabber, and a cheat (he can be seen on the live feeds without the ball attached to his ball and chain on many shots… do I hear DQ from the veto BB production? Come on and review the tapes and take away Gary’s veto, its only fair to Emmitt(dq’s 3 times).

        • the other players dont’ have to keep a ball and chain attached to their ankles, Gary does and since he hasn’t adhered to this, he should be forced to forfeit his veto, and Andrew should get it as the next highest point getter.

    • Sorry, No brains, no endurance, no skills, no social game,
      screeches too much, attention hoe, horrible laugh, no personality at all, just a boring, loud, babbling fool,alcoholic that doesn’t deserve to win the boogie prize. Probably the stupidest person I ever was forced to watch. Love the show, hate the player. Emmet to Win!!! Go Emmet

  8. Why is gary back in the game if he just is going to do the same as everyone and team up with jimmett?Pointless Twist!

    • Gary is back in the game because the producers are all gay and want to be represented in the game no matter what.

  9. Seriously people! Big brother have nothing to do with it but the houseguest! Blame the houseguest not big brother!!!!! I don’t care about Gary,Andrew or Talla! All I want is someone to break Jillmett!!! Who with me??

    • NO one is with you on this one “JustSaying”, It has everything to do with Big Brother production doing something totally wrong by introducing such a biased twist at the end of the game.

      • It’s a game. Was it fair that Topaz went the way she did? Of course you should expect twists with reality television, but players get caught up in the game. Gary won out only marginally and it was Canada that decided ultimately. It is up to the Gamemakers (production) as to ‘the rules’ of the game. It has been said all along that there would be twists, and it is up to players to adapt. Survival of the fittest, life throws a curve-ball. Whatevz. Having said all of that I do totally get how it would be annoying for you if it isn’t one of your favourite players at advantage, I just disagree with this being unethical or ‘wrong’.

        • it should be a game for the houseguests, not a free for all rule changing game for production, it’s just not ethical

          • that’s the point tami is making, production creates these twists that are outside the normal rules of the game, it just not the way any games should be played, Can you imagine if the head of the NHL decided to make a rule change in the middle of a hockey game (like there is no penalty for too many men on the ice)… the game would be chaos.

          • NHL hockey has a clearly outlined, specific set of rules. Im simply asking the question, is there a set of “Big Brother rules” that can be referred to in order to determine whether or not these twists are within the boundaries of these rules.

          • there are some rules with regards to the conduct of the houseguests and some other rules about general game play. A complete set of rules does not exist and twists do not appear to have rules nor are they ever mentioned prior to their introduction into the house by production…. sweet deal for production…. make up the real rules as we go along !

          • So its safe to say that Big Brother any country, is in no way comparable to the organization and guidelines of the NHL, because there are no guidelines in which PRODUCTION must adhere to. Simply, they cant have the houseguests do anything illegal, other than that, fair game. There are no rules, therefore none have been broken.

          • you are probably correct, there really are no rules, but it can therefore be argued that this is not really a game of any sort then as it can and is fully scripted from start to finish with the Houseguests just being used as rats in a maze. It’s a sad commentary on BB, that is then so obviously FAKE.

          • Basically what Im getting at is that no reality show, is in fact reality. Its the reality of the set and the people your playing against. Not the reality of the rest of the world. All of these “reality” shows are controlled in one way or another.

  10. gary is going to forfit the pov because the camera caught him a couple times with out the ball and fell asleep a couple times in the 24 hour those are infraction of the rules maybe Andrew will get it in default because gary should lose point he gained in pov compation and I had a dejavoo about this too lol
    feeds are down now so I could be going on now lol leave it to last moment I now the pov already played out but with the feed down now there could be a twist lol

      • we can only hope that garys infractions will DQ him from the veto, but the BB after dark has not shown any action on this , but you never know what’s going to happen at the eviction ceremony until we get there. we already know gary pulled himself off the block and talla is the replacement so changes about the POV may not happen.

  11. I really hope it’s Talla that gets evicted, so I can stop fast forwarding everytime she’s on the screen!, I want Emmet to win hands down. He deserves it! I hope Jill and him stay together after the show, they’re such a sweet couple.

  12. I would hate to see Andrew go, even though he is a bit whiny about Gary coming back. It is a game, and the mantra is “expect the unexpected”. I was disappointed Gary went straight to Jemmet instead of considering his other options. I don’t understand why all the houseguests are leaching to jemmet because ultimately it will get all of them nowhere (j and e will take each other) and they have the numbers to shake things up and tip the balance.
    I certainly don’t think Talla deserves to be there, because she has won nothing, done no strategizing and really complains a lot for someone who has been carried through the whole game. It would be brutal if she makes final three and then somehow finally wins a comp and gets into F2. I think Gary should really be teaming up with Andrew rather than Talla, because if Andrew does get evicted there would be some resolution to their bad blood.
    Someone needs to break up Jemmet!! ASAP!!

  13. I hope Gary wins and then takes talla off. Then Gillian will have to go up and Talla and Gary can send Gillian home. How exciting would that be?

    • Gary did win and saved himself, Talla went up as a replacement… there is no more veto’s to be place… duh

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