Big Brother Canada 4 Start Date Announced

Global has announced the Big Brother Canada 4 start date on March 2, 2016 giving us just four weeks until the premiere of the new BBCAN4 season!

Big Brother Canada 4
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

New episodes of Big Brother Canada arrive on Wednesday, March 2nd at 9PM ET/PT with the weekly schedule continuing on Thursdays at 8PM ET/PT and Sundays at 7PM ET/PT so it’s a different time every day it’s on. Make sure you write that one down. The episodes will show up the next day on and the Global Go app as well if you miss them.

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are back and still free which means still full of interrupting, blaring video ads ready to help you miss those critical conversations. I’d still be willing to pay for a premium, ads-free version of the Feeds if only they’d take our money!

Returning this season will be both Big Brother Canada After Dark and the BB Side Show, but there are some changes on the latter. After Dark’s schedule will be nightly starting at 3AM ET on Slice with the first episode of BBAD on Friday, March 4th.

Side Show has picked up Sarah Hanlon, winner of BBCAN3, to join Peter Brown from BBCAN1 and host Arisa Cox, but they’ve lost Gary Levy, also BBCAN1. Their show will be on Fridays at 10PM ET and Saturdays at 8PM ET, both on Global.

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  1. Side Show is airing twice a week? Happy about it as they won’t have to follow the eviction episodes every week. I do hope it means a cleaner edit by the time they broadcast.

    Regardless, production booboos due to short editing time before transmission should be avoided completely. BBCAN has proven to be inefficient on that area, that’s not even a live broadcast.

    Speaking of live broadcast, it’s more than high time for BBCAN to do live shows, something that has been overdue since the very beginning. I wonder what’s stopping them from doing so?

    • From what I’ve heard, they stopped doing live shows because Danielle cursed on live TV. It might be wrong but idk. For BBCAN4, I actually hope they do live shows, improve their editing, and stop with the cliffhanger HOH (unless its endurance of course). Nothing is more annoying than them not finishing an HOH that can be done during the eviction episode.

      • Live broadcasts have a three-second delay system that can prevent any cussing from making it in air. It’s a fairly common practice.

        It’s what BBUS does all the time whenever they go live.

        • Well the rules in Canada might be different than the US. I heard some F bombs slip a couple of times on BBCAN. I don’t know if the Danielle rumor is true but that is what I’ve heard. I do hope they do live shows, I hate being spoiled on evictions/HOHs.

        • I don’t know if the Danielle rumor is true but that is what I’ve heard. I heard some F bombs slip a couple of times on BBCAN. I do hope they do live shows, I hate being spoiled on evictions/HOHs.

          • Depending on how censorship laws work in Canada, certain cuss words are allowed to be uttered, at least on cable from what I’ve noticed in the first season when it was still on Slice.

    • The sideshow is airing at Friday on Slice, and Saturday on Global. I don’t think it’s twice a week, sounds like just a repeat.

      And live shows could be challenging, since the house isn’t even directly attached to the studio. (It takes a few minutes for the evicted hg to get there). And the last time I was there, they had to reshoot a scene like 4-5 times. There’s always production issues.

      • I fairly remember back in BBCAN2’s Side Show, they showed what happens after an HG got evicted. He/she gets greeted by members of production plus a psych before being allowed to open the door that leads to the studio. the house is basically two doors away from there.

        With that said, kinda lame that they can’t do live shows for whatever reason there may be. Just about every other BB around the world have done it without much trouble even though the margin of error is greater. Heck, I’m fairly certain the version aired in Quebec have done so without issue.

  2. I am actually glad they got rid of Gary. He doesn’t really contribute anything to the sideshow. It seems like he doesn’t even know what is going on. At least Sarah will know whats going on in the house. I wish Peter would go too (I find him annoying), but whatever.

  3. It’s that time of year again! I’ve been waiting for news on this season, and this is just what I needed to make my day better~

    Question, when do they usually do the cast reveals? I seem to remember it being around a week before the episodes air, but I’m not certain

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