Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

We have your Big Brother Canada spoilers as this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony is over and revealed on the Live Feeds to give us this week’s final nominations ahead of Thursday’s eviction show.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Sunday’s show left us off with Raul’s nominations but the Feeds have caught us up on who won the Veto and now what happened with it at the meeting. Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

Jared decided not to use the Veto, just as he had promised. That leaves Mitch and Joel on the Block and one of them will go home. Well nuts.

Mitch can likely make a more convincing argument over Joel to the Houseguests for keeping him around as an ally, but really at this point if he’s the top target for the Third Wheel thanks to this latest twist then his game is probably sunk.

Joel has played decently well, but he may not come off as intimidating to the other HGs and that would be appealing when trying to decide who you want to keep around and face off against later. And if Kelsey spreads what she and Loveita discussed about Mitch then it might be even more tempting for the HGs to keep Joel over Mitch.

Ugh. What a week we’ve got here on BBCAN4. Let’s see who works their magic inside the house. Who do you want to see go home between these two?

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  1. Wow from the looks of it the brothers and Nikki can just ride on through to jury since they’ve seem to be able to keep themselves off the radar

    • I’m good with whoever but I lean more towards Joel. He blew up his own game but alligning with Dallas… Lol… Ok ok ok! I know… I know!
      It wasn’t just Dallas. Joel made his own bed by going against the Kelsey trio when he was HOH but, you have to eventually pick a side. He just happened to pick a side that wasn’t doing that well. Now paybacks a biatch!

      Mitch, however, leans slightly closer to my ‘stay’ meter. I know Raul is hurt but really get over it Raul… It’s a game! I am kinda pissed that BB basically blew up Mitch’s game but again…. These are all adults making their own choices of how they play the game. I’m not fond of that twist but it is what it is! Now watch Mitch will get a leg up cuz everyone’s freaking out about poor Mitch. Probably be slated to win now. If he does I called it here first! Hahaha!

      I know I do lots of Lolol & hahaha but I really think my posts are funny! So I’m having fun anyway!

      I really want Tim & Nikki out soon & Cass who I really liked a week ago needs to go too. She’s playing ALL sides of the house. Don’t like that at all.

      The bros will continue to float as will…. geez who’s left? Joel or Mitch? ohh yaaaaa…. Mandy, who’s representing Vancouver so well. Oh & the 2nd or 3rd guy she’s been with, Ramsey…. I do like him but, again a floater.

      At this point I’d like to see Jared or Kelsey win. Really Kelsey bcuz she really is a smart player. Very strategic!

      What does everyone else have to say?

  2. As Lovita and Kelsey mentioned to each other, while still in the secret room, Mitch definitely needs to go bye bye. Kelsey can easily make that happen … even if she has to lie a little bit. Utilize that week away from the house to create whatever, ‘exaggerations,’ she may need to grab Maddy, Ramsey and turn Nikki and Tim to their side too.

  3. I think its amazing how everyone just takes Kelsey at her word that Love told her mitch was working with her etc.
    Mitch should of flat out denied it instead of trying to come up with excuses.

    The smartest thing for love or kels to do would have been to make up a lie against someone outside of your alliance that the whole house would vote out because of said lie that the other girl told them.

    These houseguests are pretty weak at the game sadly.

  4. Sadly it’s smarter to evict Mitch (although the three-headed monster could make a deal with him, do you think he would align with them?) Joel did put up Kelsey and Raul! I am not saying for pay back, I am saying he’s not afraid to do it and he will do it again!
    I honestly feel bad for Mitch. Yes it’s a game but this whole fake double eviction and what not REALLY ONLY screwed him and I guess Loveita (sorta!)

  5. Not sure where my really long message went lol probably deleted because it’s too long haha did I do or say something wrong Matt?

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