Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

The Power of Veto competition was held over the weekend while the Big Brother Canada 4 Feeds were down but they’re back and spoilers reveal who has won the PoV with the chance to change up the noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Would the Veto be used this week to change up Raul’s noms of Joel and Mitch or would they roll on to the big eviction vote? Spoilers show which way this will go.

Jared won the Power of Veto for Week 6 of BBCAN4.

Yep, the Third Wheel alliance got back their third wheel, won HoH, and has now won the Veto. Kinda one-sided, boring week this time around and it won’t be changing until at least Thursday. Jared has confirmed that he will not use the Veto during Monday’s meeting. Well, unless Raul tells him otherwise, says Jared. Hmm.

Think Jared will change his mind? If not, who will be the next evicted from BBCAN4?

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  1. *sighs* RIP Mitch. His game ruined because of a twist. BBCAN always does this to a player every single season through a twist or some sort of interference. It’s annoying and sad.

      • I don’t think Kevin’s game was screwed because of the twist. If it was a regular double eviction, he would have went up with Zach. Lets say Bruno won the POV and removed Zach than Kevin would have still went out. I think that last year Bruno was screwed by the twist, and so was Jordan since Sindy had a lot of info on him & Zach.

      • Yep and the year before that it was… Crap forget his name but the funny guy with dark hair and facial hair LOL that narrows it down haha but yeah Big Brother production and their twists always end up screwing someone badly!

    • I completely agree with you! Big Brother Canada every season has done something to screw someone else over. Last year it was Kevin and the year before that it was someone another guy I just can’t remember and the year before that again another guy got screwed. Mitch was playing a perfect game until Big Brother production blue it all out of the water! Completely in the open! Completely ruined his game! I think it’s very unfair but they do have to expect the unexpected so I guess they should always be prepared but I don’t know how Mitch could have been more prepared unless he didn’t create an alliance. I feel bad for him.

      • Its a Game….big brother doesn’t screw people over, they screw themselves by the way they play….they just dont know about the twists so it screws them in the end by there own game play….lol

        • Mitch can possibly go out, not because of his game play, (GP is awesome) but the information about HG that was discussed by Kel/Lov while in the secret rm. Not to mention their actions were being watch through a big screen…I’m only critiquing the “twist” itself. I like twist in the game, but there’s a lot of weaknesses on this one.

      • Kevin wasn’t screwed by production in my opinion, he would have still got evicted had it been a regular double eviction. But yes BBCAN ALWAYS screw over houseguests. They screwed over Aneal, Topaz, Emmett, the First 5 Alliance from S2, Bruno, Jordan, Zach, Nick/Phil, and now Mitch. I get they want to do twist to shake up the game but I personally don’t like seeing people’s game get screwed over. If they want to do a twist it should be a casting twist (like Rivals, secret pairs, etc..) or a twist that gives everyone a shot at winning it (like Mike’s coup de tat from BB7).

  2. Horrible twist..Fake eviction and fake sequestration also. Coming back to the house, with all the knowledge that she has on basically every single player is so powerful in this game. She came in so believable, and most of her observations were spot on… On the other hand…she’s also a target.

  3. What was Raul’s reasoning for putting the brothers, Howell, Maddy & Ramsey app for Have Nots?? Did he give them a reason and was that reason fair? Just wondering because that does get blood on your hands also. Are people already regretting voting Kelsey back in the house?? The three-headed monster is alive and going very, very strong! Clearly they’re week!!!!
    Kelsey’s back, Raul gets HOH and Jared gets the veto!! The three-headed monster could not have asked for anything better!
    I don’t think they will play the veto because why would they? Who is there Target? The only reason to use it I guess is to backdoor someone but then Joel & Mitch stay strong and United. Unless there’s bigger fish to fry?

    • Haha yea and that fish is Tim, but I don’t think no one is smart enough to see him as a target and nominate him, other than Mitch of course

      • Yeah I ended up seeing that on Sunday’s episode. Poor Joel LOL
        Sadly it looks like Maddie is going to skate through to the sequester house! Lame! She should have been gone already. I was excited to see what Kelsey did to her coming back but from what I’ve seen, nothing has happened! Boring! Great twist BB absolutely nothing came out good with this fake eviction!

  4. balance a ball was a joke custom made win for raul, he would have been one of the first out if he had to balance the sword or walk the tread mil, was rooting for phil or mitch at the end. another annoying hoh for the next week zzzzzzzzz

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