Big Brother Canada 4: Who Came Back, Who Won HoH, & Who Was Nominated Tonight 4/3/2016

It was a big night of results for Big Brother Canada 4 as we were waiting to find out who came back and who won the next Head of Household competition to set this week’s noms.

Big Brother Canada 4
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

The choice was up to the HGs as to whether or not they wanted Loveita or Kelsey back in the game, but they all had to agree on who it would be.

Blah. HGs picked Kelsey to come back and she immediately climbed right back on to Jared’s arm along with bringing in everything Loveita trained her on during their week in the Secret Suite. The biggest bombshell she had was that Mitch had been working every side of the house and that set Raul off to blab it back to Mitch and that really upset Jared & Kelsey.

Head of Household – Week 6:

Things headed straight on to the HoH competition was an endurance battle where everyone had to pick a Greek mythology punishment including balancing a sword, balancing a ball, and running on a treadmill. The last three in the comp were Raul, Mitch, and Nick.

Raul is the new Head of Household after outlasting the others and will soon name nominees. He also has to name the Have-Nots. Maddy, Joel, the Brothers, and Ramsey.

Nominations – Week 6:

  • Joel
  • Mitch

Feeds return tonight after the show and we’ll soon learn who won the Power of Veto competition over the weekend. PoV Ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Update: Veto spoilers are in for the week. Find out who won PoV.


  1. All I have to say is I am very surprised how quickly they chose Kelsey. I mean even if they were there for hours, I would expect at the very least for them to sleep on it unless it was an easy yes for Kelsey. And that would be a huge surprise! I am very very surprised Kelsey is back in the house, I thought for sure it would be Loveita but I am happy it’s Kelsey. She’s already stirring s*** up…. From what I saw on the episode anyway.

  2. Can someone fill me in on the new alliances??? How Joel is reacting to being on the Block and who you think is going home? Who’s Kelsey’s Target? But I guess I should go read the comments about the veto because Joel or Mitch might have it or someone else and maybe it’s being used.???!!! I will go read that now LOL

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